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Friday Afternoonthis story is part of the FanClub (bi:seduction, 3262 words) [1/8]
Author: hotnwet91Added: Mar 09 2012Views/Reads: 20855/13718 [66%]Part vote: 8.92 (12 votes)
Hot, Wet and Horny. The best weekend ever starts with the best Friday.

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It was a strange feeling, nothing like I'd felt before, nothing like I'd
even imagined.  I was in the changing rooms at the school pool, I'd 
been here a hundred times before, wet and exhausted, we had won our 
waterpolo match and everyone was excited.  Happy chatter echoed off the 
tiles and laughter bubbled like the overflowing drain, I stood in my 
usual corner still dripping from the pool.  It was all the same, 
nothing unusual but it all felt different somehow. "Great game Tiff" 
Cass, the new girl said as she put her bag next to mine to untangle her 
wavy hair. "Thanks" I replied "Nice pass at the end, you pretty much 
scored that last goal" I said, struggling with the mess my swimming cap 
had made of my own shoulder length hair. She blushed the same colour as 
her hair. "Thanks" 

Only two showers were working so I sat on a bench waiting my turn,
everyone was talking about the match but I couldn't focus, I just sat 
there fidgeting.  Kacy, our captain, had finished her shower but 
everyone else seemed so distracted that I decided to take my turn.  The 
showers just stuck out from one wall where the floor sloped into a 
drain, but only the two at the end worked, I moved in next to Sandra.  
Kacy left the water running as I stepped in, she had her team uniform 
one-piece rolled down to her waist and wrapped her towel around her 
hair, we weren't shy around each other but I suddenly felt embarrassed. 
 She just smiled and slapped my arse, I must have looked shocked 
because she laughed.  As I moved under the warm water she walked over 
to two girls who were obviously debating which of them was more 
responsible for setting up a goal and gave them a congratulatory hug.  
Why does this feel weird? I wondered.  I closed my eyes and let the 
water run freely down my face, let it wash the salty pool water out of 
my blonde hair, when I opened them again Sandra was finished her 
shower.  Cass was standing right beside me, the showers weren't very 
far apart and she had accidentally bumped my shoulder, her cool skin 
only touched me briefly but the sensations echoed out through my body 
giving me goosebumps despite the warmth of the water. "Sorry" she said 
hurriedly, blushing. "I'm sorry, didn't see you there" I replied 
calmly, but I felt my face burning. 

I turned around and let the warm water pour over me before stepping out,
when I turned around to pick up my towel I caught Cass watching me, I 
smiled, she blushed and fumbled with the shower handle, her body 
reacted immediately to the sudden burst of cold water so I could see 
her hardened nipples through the thin lycra, she spun around 
embarrassed.  I hadn't noticed before how big her tits were! 

All the girls in our team were fit and slim with small breasts and mine
were no bigger than most, but Sandra's were the biggest.  She was 
struggling into her jeans when I walked back from the showers and her 
big boobs were bouncing free, she caught me staring and winked "More 
trouble than they're worth" she laughed. 

I slipped my arms up through the straps of my swimmers and rolled them
down to my waist to dry off properly and I looked down at my own 
breasts.  They're a full "B" cup, small but soft, however right then my 
nipples were harder than glass, I guessed it was the cold air after the 
warm shower.  I dressed into my jeans and jersey, I didn't bother with 
a bra as they tended to hold themselves up and I preferred the freedom. 

I was packing up to leave when Cass came back from her shower, she had
wrapped her towel completely around her as she nervously sorted her dry 
clothes. "Don't worry" I said reassuringly "It's fine" gesturing to two 
topless girls brushing their hair across the room.  Cass just blushed 
even more and couldn't look at me. "How about I hold your towel up so 
they can't see you?" I asked, she nodded sheepishly. "I won't peek I 
promise" I laughed, she smiled at that and unwrapped herself.  She 
handed me her towel and turned around to pick up her clothes, I 
couldn't help myself, I had promised not to peek but her breasts were 
almost as large as Sandra's.  They jiggled around as she struggled into 
a small, pink pair of boyleg panties and jeans, her skin looked so 
smooth and her big tits looked so soft I just wanted to reach out and 
touch her.  When she had pulled on her school jersey she turned around 
and smiled "Thanks, I don't know why that freaked me out" she looked 
relieved. "It's ok, you'll get used to it." I said awkwardly caught off 
guard by my own train of thought.  "Hey, we're going to Kacy's place 
later for a bit of a party if you want to come along?" I asked "That 
sounds like fun, but I don't know where to go?" "It's ok, I'll pick you 

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