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Party Caught (1) this story is part of the FanClub (bi:fetish, 1305 words)
Author: CatrionaMAdded: Aug 13 2013Views/Reads: 4713/3284 [70%]Story vote: 8.75 (16 votes)
A seductive stranger met in a club bathroom, a door in the mind opened, an opportunity missed, again. Entirely male-sub PoV & MM scene --- to be continued if inspiration allows.

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He was washing his hands, ready to go back to the bar and the
dancefloor, his mind a little blurry with the few drinks he'd had but 
nowhere near drunk, when he caught in the mirror the sight of the guy 
at the urinal behind him. He was just about to avert his gaze, 
conforming to that unwritten code that forbids eye contact between male 
strangers standing in a semi-public place, bare cock in hand, lest a 
wrong impression is made, when the guy smiled at him, unmistakeably, 
strangely, one could say seductively if it wasn't such an absurd 

Jack just stared for a few seconds, for some reason unable to break that
mirrored gaze, then turned partially, shaking the water off his hands, 
his eyes drawn to the other man. 

The guy was standing a few metres away, there was no sound indicating he
was urinating but he didn't appear to be doing his trousers up either. 
He turned round slightly towards Jack and it became apparent that he 
was slowly stroking his semi-erect cock, now noticeably filling out and 

Jack stood frozen, wanting to walk out and yet unable to; terrified that
somebody would come in any time and catch him watching a stranger jerk 
off and yet acutely aware of his own cock swelling uncontrollably in 
his jeans. His own hand travelled automatically towards his crotch, the 
sudden wave of arousal almost overwhelming. He placed his hand on the 
outline of his erection. His cock under his fingers felt hot, hard, 

The other man's hand moved faster now, his hips swayed a bit and he
reached with his other hand and cradled and stroked his balls. 

Jack pressed harder through the fabric of his trousers, curled his
fingers around his dick, desperate to get it out, but still casting 
nervous glances at the bathroom door. 

The other guy was now leaning against the wall, his hips pushed
outwards, his hand a blur, his eyes half closed. 

Jack tried to swallow, but his mouth was too dry, his tongue needy, his
breathing fast and ragged. He bit his lip, hard, and realised that as 
he did it, an inarticulate moan escaped his mouth. 

It took all the effort he could muster not to start beating off there
and then and perhaps there weren't enough sense left in him just to 
walk out. He just stood there, his right hand gripping his own 
throbbing cock, his eyes fixed on the stranger brazenly masturbating a 
few feet away from him, unsure whether he wanted to be doing the same, 
or maybe -- just maybe -- he wanted to be standing, no, kneeling by 
that man, Jack's hands replacing his on that hard cock, his mouth open 
to take it in, to feel it rammed down his throat until he gagged, until 
tears streamed out of the corners of his eyes, until the thick, warm 
jism exploded inside him. 

The guy came in his hand with a low groan, then walked towards the
washbasins without doing up his trousers, his softening cock untidily 
tucked back into his boxers. 

Jack removed his hand from his dick, still rock hard and throbbing, and
turned round to face the mirrored wall again. Just as he reached out to 
wave his hand under the tap to get the water flowing -- he didn't 
really need to wash his hands again, but it was something to do, and 
they felt sweaty -- the guy stopped next to him. Jack could smell him, 
the mixture of woody masculine cologne, citrusy soap, sweat and cum. 

The hand on Jack's shoulder felt sudden and unexpected, even though he'd
stood inches away. A strong grip, a slight push that forced him into a 
half turn. He was a good two, maybe three inches taller and looked down 
at Jack as he allowed himself to be manhandled like that. 

'Wish you'd joined me, eh?' 

A neutral accent, almost sliding into mid-Atlantic. Slow, low, confident
tones; playful. Satisfied. 

Jack shook his head even as he knew he was lying, his mouth so dry he

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