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So...I got drunk at a hotel pool.this story is part of the FanClub (bi:group, 1533 words)
Author: hotnwet91Added: Oct 16 2013Views/Reads: 7841/5179 [66%]Story vote: 8.94 (18 votes)
I'm not 100% sure how I ended up in a footballer's hotel room, but I certainly won't forget what happened after.

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Pool parties always made me horny.  Half naked boys and girls walking
everywhere, plenty of booze and something about the summer sun was 
liberating.  I was trying to eat when a particularly perky pair of tits 
in a blue bikini distracted me from my lunch,  they belonged to a 
chubby young girl with long red hair who had been flirting with the 
older boys all day.  I just rolled my eyes when she sauntered up to a 
muscly footballer and asked for a sip of his drink, kids these days I 

I was on holiday, my phone was somewhere deep in my luggage, and I'd
pretty much just packed bikinis and shorts.  All these islands looks 
the same to me,I thought to myself as I looked up and down the beach, 
just a bunch of drunk Australians making the locals rich.  Not that I 
was in a position to complain, sipping on my fifth Long Island Iced Tea 
wearing an Australian flag bikini. 

The beach was pretty crowded for this time of year, the usual rowdy
Australians were teaching some local kids how to play beach cricket 
down on the hard sand, a German couple took a thousand photos of the 
sunset as they walked up the beach in long pants and sneakers, the 
occaisional local selling jewelry and wood carvings moved from group to 
group, and a football team on an end of season trip sat around the 
poolside bar telling increasingly loud and lewd stories.  I could tell 
they were footballers because not one of them was under six foot, with 
rippling shoulders, and deliciously wide arms. 

I don't really remember too much of the night after that, I know I
sucked at karaoke, and lost a game of battleshots.  But it's still a 
little foggy how I woke up in the warm arms of a footballer. 

As I surveyed the scene I recognised my bikini top hanging from a
lampshade, the minibar was still open, and suspiciously empty.  I 
recognised the tattooed arm wrapped around me from the pool yesterday, 
one of the footballers, but I couldn't remember which one. His enormous 
biceps wrested heavily on my side and his wide hand cupping one of my 
boobs.  I could feel his warm semi-erection against my arse and 
wondered what we'd done last night. 

With my free hand I gently stroked his thick cock, it twitched and his
breathing changed as my hand softly moved up and down the growing 
shaft, it rapidly swelled so much that I couldn't touch my fingers 
around it.  The thought of such a massive cock was so arousing I was 
desperate to see, but I had decided not to turn around, I wanted to 
fuck a stranger.  I let his penis slide between my arse cheeks as I 
slowly rolled my hips, now my hand was free to roam between my legs.  I 
was already wet and warming up fast but the sheer length of the penis 
against my back was driving me wild, a groan from behind told me he was 
waking up, the sleepy groans turned to sighs as he pushed his hips in 
rhythm with mine. 

The throbbing hard penis nestled against my back bounced and I felt the
wet end brush against me, his strong moved from my chest slowly down my 
body, sliding over my belly and wrapping easily around my narrow hip.  
The sticky tip of his cock moved down my body as he moved me easily 
into position, his hairless balls brushed over my arse followed by the 
long, hard shaft.  The suspense was killing me, I shivered as the 
smooth, sticky head parted my arse cheeks and moved further down.  His 
hand moved now over my thigh, up between my legs and into my boiling 
slit.  With one leg raised and my back arched I quivered, entirely at 
the mercy of this stranger I desperately wanted his dick in me now! 

The stranger's fingers slid through the slippery mess between my thighs
and I gasped as he hit my clit.  While his fingers gently destroyed any 
reservations that might have remained, his cock still slowly moved down 
my body, now the head passed over my little butthole and into the flood 
of juice I'd made.  With his hand around my hip again he pulled me onto 
him, a quiet moan forced itself between my lips as he opened me. 
Sleepily he slid in and out of my red-hot pussy, he had a huge cock to 
match the big arms wrapped around me and I was loving every inch.  I 
was vaguely aware of more movement in the apartment but I was too 
preoccupied with the dick inside me to care.  It wasn't until I heard a 
girl giggling in the bathroom that I paid attention, over my shoulder I 
could just see the young redhead with big tits I'd seen at the pool 
yesterday kneeling beside the bathroom sink with her hand around 
another footballer's cock.  She was wrapped in a towel and her hair was 

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