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Role playing.this story is part of the FanClub (bi:other, 854 words)
Author: RichAdded: Oct 18 2013Views/Reads: 10661/8007 [75%]Story vote: 9.05 (22 votes)
A guy cums clean to his wife and it leads to his not needing a fuck buddy anymore!

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"Everyone has some bisexual desires", Larry shook his head and added,

"Well," Tina grinned, "if you want to think that, then go ahead," she
shook her head as well before finishing, "but I just really, honestly, 
totally, don't." 

"How do you know?"  Larry asked and before his wife could answer added,
"Have you ever given it a try?" 

"No," Tina answered and then threw it back to her husband, "have you
ever sucked a cock?" 

Larry had a smile that Tina hadn't seen in their 20 years together.  She
wondered just what he was thinking about and how he was going return 
her jab. 

"Maybe."  Larry spoke in a low, but certain, tone. 

"OMG, you didn't," Tina at first looked shocked and then her shock
turned into excitement, "you did, didn't you?" 

"Maybe."  Larry was relieved to see that his wife wasn't put off by his,
near, admission. 

"Who?"  Tina's mind was now in a whirl and she was thinking about all of
Larry's friends. 

"One of my buddies who would love to fuck you."  Larry knew exactly who
it was and he knew for certain that Jim did, indeed, want to fuck his 
wife because Jim had told him so a hundred times. 

"You're talking about Jim, aren't you?"  Tina was remembering the friend
who was always flirting and coming on to her.  "You sucked Jim's cock?" 

"Well," Larry realized that it wouldn't take Tina long to figure it out
but he never thought she'd know so quickly, "he actually sucked mine," 
Larry figured he'd better explain and just get it out so he explained, 
"he wanted to taste you and I agreed to let him." 

"You mean," Tina sorted it out in her mind and knew, "you went to him
right after we had sex?" 

"That's right," Larry admitted, "and, as a matter of information, he
loved your taste too." 

"So," Tina paused, "let me get this straight.  You let Jim lick me off
of your cock." 

"That's right." Larry repeated. 

"Did it feel good?"  Tina surprised Larry. 

"Hell yes!"  Larry admitted.  "And he didn't stop with just licking you
off of me either. 

"Jim?"  Tina was really surprised now, "Our Jim?  Mr. Womanizer Jim?" 

"Let's say Womanizer and Cocksucker, Jim."  Larry laughed as he said it.

"Did you cum?"  Tina was really excited now. 

"Not until after he did."  Larry admitted. 

"How did he cum?"  Tina though she knew already but wanted Larry to
confirm it himself. 

"After he sucked you off of me he got a little weirded out about what
he'd done."  Larry explained.  "So, what the hell, I figured I'd show 
him that I was OK with it and I sucked him off." 

"Could you tell if he liked it?"  Tina was so curious. 

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