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Ravishedthis story is part of the FanClub (bi:male domination, 1352 words)
Author: Nymph'n'MeAdded: Jan 27 2014Views/Reads: 12168/7787 [64%]Story vote: 9.05 (19 votes)
My most erotic story to date....

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Most boys grow up dreaming of all the crude and lust filled things they
want to do to girls when they were old enough.I was never one of 
them.My fantasies began when at the impressionable age of 12 my grand 
dad a belt to my bare bottom after I had gone splashing in the lake 
over on his neighbor's property.Even though it wasn't all that 
painful,I sat in the dark thinking over how it had made me feel and I 
had my first wet dream that night. After that pretty much every day for 
the summer I would do stuff to get myself in trouble so that I could 
feel that switch on my little backside then in the nights I would think 
about it while playing with myself until I came all over my fingers 
while trying to stifle my grunts. 

After I started high school,I tried to forget my earlier escapades but
it was never truly forgotten as I would later find out in college.I was 
a regular girl's man.Fucking girls who had low self esteem and who 
would suck my dick and do anything I told them to.They were so willing 
and eager and I did a lot of things to them while secretly wishing I 
was the one getting all of that action.This continued in college and at 
one point I took one of my girlfriends on a hiking trip.Upon reaching a 
clearing we made camp.That night I stripped her naked,using my hands 
and my tongue I made her become mindless as her desires took over.I 
sucked and licked her pussy but never allowing her to come.  
'Please,please Stan,make me come' she moaned over and over as I thrust 
three of my fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her while sucking on 
her clit as her juices flowed into my mouth. 'You wanna come babe? I 
asked her as I continued to finger her. 'Mmm yes,pleease stan' she 
whimpered. 'Ok babe,but you have to do something for me.I said as I got 
up and dragged her against me and slid my big long cock between her 
legs rubbing it back and forth. 'I'll do anything for you..please' she 

Getting up I fetched a robe I had brought,using it to tie her hand and
then I brought her to a tree and tied her her so tight to it that her 
hard nipples were pressed against the roughness of the tree and this 
caused her to moan even more as I tied her ankles to the tree keeping 
her completely immobilized as I used my cock to slap her on her ass 
cheek she thrashed about wildly and this caused the bark to rub her 
sensitive nipple even more causing her to moan even louder.Opening her 
ass cheeks even wider I used my tongue to fuck that little hole as she 
moaned and squirmed.Not caring that about the tree that was rubbing 
against her,she was so mindless with pleasure.Using my tongue I kept 
sucking and licking until her muscles were relaxed then I pushed my 
entire length up into that tight passage and started to fuck her while 
her moans filled the air. 'Ohhh yeah! Fuck me! Tear that ass up you 
fucking fucker! She moaned,straining at the bonds to take all of me 
inside her.Fulfilling her wish I thrust my cock into her harder and 
harder as my balls slapped her pussy her juices running down her 
legs.Feeling myself about to come I started to increase my speed and as 
if from a far away place I heard her scream of release as I came 
shooting loads of come into her tight little rear end.With my cock 
still inside her I slumped against her until the shocks had subside 
then I untied her and pulled her into me and gave her a long searing 
kiss. 'You were great babe' I whispered as I kissed her on the neck. 

Just then I heard a rustling from some nearby bushes.Thinking it was
some animal,Lisa moved towards the tent.But out of the bushes comes two 
naked guys that  I had never seen before. 'Hi we were camping nearby 
and we heard the noise so we came to investigate they said as they 
stood checking me out and I did the same. Their skin was a wonderful 
shade of chocolate and their body was well muscled and athletic built 
and their stomach had a little trail of hair that went straight to 
their cock.That cock was a beautiful masterpiece and I couldn't stop my 
eyes from staring at that dark chocolate that stood proudly between 
their legs.I could feel my self growing harder.Moving over to me the 
one with the longer hair said, 'I'm Nick and this is my partner Jon'  
'Nice to meet you,I'm Stan' I replied 'and this is my girlfriend Lisa'  
I said as I suddenly remembered her standing there gawking at their 
massive cocks. 

'You've been a naughty boy doing that to your poor little girlfriend! We
were watching you know' he said. 'Was he rough with you Lisa?' he asked 
and she nodded,catching unto what was unfolding before her.  'We're 
gonna make you pay for what you did to her' Jon said as he got the rope 
and tied my hands together then bent me over and tied it around my 
ankles.Sitting on a nearby stump Lisa watched the scene with eyes wide 

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