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Don't lose a betthis story is part of the FanClub (bi:female domination, 9237 words)
Author: Becky and JohnAdded: Feb 27 2014Views/Reads: 10763/7790 [72%]Story vote: 9.58 (19 votes)
John and his very rich wife Alice make a bet about his cock size. The loser must be the sexual slave of the other for two months, doing anything and everything the winner wants. John makes a very bad mistake and takes the bet.

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"Well, it is almost, but not quite two inches limp, my tiny dicked
hubby." Alice said to him. "Now let's check to see how ‘long' - yeah 
right - how "short" it is when we get it hard." 

"I might have been wrong on the soft side, but I know it is almost seven
inches hard. I WILL win this bet, chickie and then you will be my "sex 
slave" for two very long and fuckable months!! Anytime, anywhere, with 
anyone. Nothing is ‘off limits' Just like we agreed." John said. His 
wife chuckled and started licking his cock while rolling his balls 
around in her fingers. 

"No way, Mr. Baby cock," she said taking her mouth off of his hardening
cock "I am going to be right, you tiny cocked fellow, and when I am, I 
own your ass for those two months. That was the bet, right? The loser 
is totally owned by the winner and the loser will do any and every sex 
act the winner says. You can have horses fuck me or have me run naked 
down Main Street for two hours singing a song or licking your ass. You 
can make me make love to as many women as you want while you post the 
video on Xhamster or somewhere. Anything is fair game. Right? But if I 
win, I can make you do anything I want or do anything to you, you gave 
your word. Right buttercup?" 

"That is right darling, nothing is off limits. No horses are going to
fuck you, but I will be fucking your asshole every night for the two 
months with my horse length cock as we agreed on. Oh and we will be 
going to that new sex club you told me about and you will fuck ten guys 
a night if I want. Now, keep sucking, my sweet little lady! Don't choke 
- and I mean that both ways! Don't choke up because you know you are 
going to lose and don't choke on my horse cock!" Alice smiled and slid 
her soft lips over his cockhead, running her tongue under his dick all 
the way until her lips hit his shaved pubic mound. She kept rolling his 
balls around in his hairless sack with her fingers with one hand, 
stoking his cock with the other and sucking on his cock like a baby on 
a tit. She continued rolling his nuts while deep- throating him for 
several minutes. Her hand increased the speed she was stroking him. He 
was close to cumming in her mouth she thought. 

"Okay, look at this. Is this as hard and as long as you can get, sweet
thing?" He nodded. She quickly slid the ruler along his cock, while 
playing with his nuts. It touched his public mound. "Look bitch! Look 
at your tiny cock. It is not even five inches. If I shove the ruler 
into your skin a bit, I can get it to five and a tiny bit. Not even 
five and a quarter. Look! I win bitch. I own your ass. Do you agree?" 

"I, I, er, I don't understand it. I cannot shrink. It has been over
seven inches for years. Every time I measured it. It does not make 
sense. You're measuring it wrong." 

"Okay, you measure it." He did,  with the same result. He shook his

"Makes no sense. It looks as big as it always does" 

"No sweetie, it looks as small as it always does. The ruler I gave you
to measure all though years ago, is not an accurate one. You have been 
so hung up on your tiny cock size, I wanted you to be more self- 
confident. Ever since you saw those manly cocks way back in gym class 
as a kid you have been upset about being so small. I know I get 
pleasure from your cock, but you never seemed to believe it until I 
convinced you that you were "hung" like a stud. I found a joke ruler at 
the comedy store that measured "larger" than it really measured and 
gave it to you. Your not-quite five inch cock measured in at seven plus 
inches and you were happy. Then last week when you were bragging to Tom 
and Bill that you had this massive cock and you stuffed me with it all 
the time and stretched my pussy out so much a tank could drive in it, I 
got pissed. That is the not type of thing you should say about your 
wife. No woman wants to hear her pussy is not tight, even if it is not. 
Now, loser bitch, you gave your word, so you are going to pay up no 
matter what I tell you to do or do to you, ‘Mister Soon to Have His Ass 
Stretched Out with my vibrating dildo', right? Not even a real five 
inches and you have the gall to say you stretched me so much a tank 
could drive into me. Hell, sweetie, I can barely feel you in me." 

"We promised each other, so yes. Whatever you decide, we do." John said
sadly and quietly. 

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