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Thor (or) The Lucy Showthis story is part of the FanClub (bi:group, 3961 words)
Author: Joyce Picture in profileAdded: Mar 16 2014Views/Reads: 13624/9665 [71%]Story vote: 8.94 (17 votes)
After we had a threesome, we decided to get together with another couple. (follow-up to "My Hubby the Porn Star")

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Since the first time watching Joe with another woman worked out so well,
we decided to try a couple. Joe took the profile he'd created to post 
our pictures a few years back and updated his information. We wore 
headgear that made us look like an Egyptian pharaoh and queen, but we 
were otherwise nude with black bars over our eyes. Joe posted it with 
an invitation to any local couples. We got lots of responses from 
single guys, but only two couples answered, and we were only able to 
get back in contact with one of them. They called themselves Carl and 
Lucy. Their one picture wasn't very revealing, but it was still 
enticing. They were both naked, but Lucy stood in front of Carl and had 
long black hair that covered most of her boobs. Her hair and some of 
her facial features made me think of a friend of mine who's been 
mistaken for Asian a few times. I thought I made out a pubic hair at 
the edge of the picture, but I'm not sure. Lucy's boobs were the size 
and shape that women usually hope they'll end up with when they get 
breast augmentation, but when we met up, I was pretty sure they're 
real. Carl's hair was the same shade of blond as the guy who plays Thor 
in the movies, and he was almost muscular enough to play a Norse god 

Joe made a reservation at a nearby hotel, and we arranged to meet them
in the hotel's restaurant first. Joe wore a polo shirt and those pants 
they used to advertise as being "the men's answer to the little black 
dress." I wore a knee-length pink dress with shoulder straps. There was 
white trim around the top of the bodice that accented my bust. Carl had 
cut his hair since they took the pictures, but it was kind of wavy now. 
His white shirt was loose, but I could still make out his muscles. I 
could tell from the way his khaki pants fit that he had strong legs, 
but I couldn't get a read on what kind of dick he had. 

During our dinner, it came out that Carl works in admissions and
recruiting for the local state college, and he played football with 
them his freshman year. I asked Lucy, "So, were you the cheerleader who 
had his personal cheer that year, and that's how you met?" 

"No," she laughed. "My mom's a feminist and she wouldn't let me be a
cheerleader. She insisted that if I wanted to go into something, it 
should be as a player." 

"That's too bad," Joe said. "You've got the perfect body for the
cheerleader fantasy." I made that drooping-whistle sound that you 
sometimes hear in cartoons. 

Carl said, "Tell him what you went into instead." 

"I was a gymnast." Joe made the rising-whistle sound, and I could swear
I heard his cock getting hard again. 

"Hold on a second," I said. "No offense, but you don't look like a
gymnast. You look like a fully-developed adult female." 

"None taken," Lucy said. "You're right. I was a late developer. I was in
gymnastics till I was 15 or 16, and then I grew boobs and hips. 
Which the boys liked, but college athletic recruiters didn't." 

"Officially," Carl chimed in. Joe looked at him quizzically. "I've
worked with some of these people. Just because they don't do anything 
doesn't mean they don't entertain the same thoughts as anyone else when 
they see a girl with grace and a microscopic BMI." 

"I also played in a church softball league for a couple years," Lucy

"Church?" Joe asked. "That's a little unusual, considering how we met

"Unitarian Universalist," Lucy explained. 

"Gotcha," Joe said. 

"Actually, that's how we met," Carl told us. "The Baptist church brought
me in as a ringer. I tagged her out as she slid into second. I got a 
close-up view of her sexy ass, and she's had me wrapped around her 
finger ever since." 

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