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The Day at the Nudist Resortthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:exhibitionism, 1385 words)
Author: El Hedonisto Picture in profileAdded: Jun 13 2012Views/Reads: 6548/3174 [48%]Story vote: 8.91 (11 votes)
Not all goes as planned when I venture out to the local nudist resort on my own for the first time. But just because I didn't plan on the outcome, doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it.

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To introduce myself..I am a forty year man. 

Simply put, and there's nothing quite extraordinary about me. I have
though gathered some experiences that I feel I should indulge you with. 
I have been quite the hedonist in my day. 

It took my some time to figure out how to justify it all in my head, but
the simple truth is. I just don't. 

I enjoy some of the base pleasures in others I might find in my company
from time to time. 

I'll get to the point and begin with my latest misadventure to the
Nudist Resort. 

It was a day..week that had already pretty uneventful. It was Wednesday
and I took a day off from work, but I was determined to do something 
fun. My wife and I had already been to the nudist resort the previous 
summer and took to it as a fish takes to water. There's nothing I can 
write that can make you feel the warmth of the sun on your entire 
body..with no clothes on it's not a sweaty heat, but an all 
encompassing warmth through out the day. Jumping into the pool gives 
you quite the contrast, to feel the cool water move against your body 
leaving nothing untouched, and everything is exposed. 

Freedom..pure freedom. With no clothes on, you have no idea if you're
sitting and chatting with a banker or counter help from a fast food 
joint. There are all sorts of personalities to mingle with, and there 
are simply no body issues with anyone. 

This one day, I arrived to find a nice group of regulars who introduced
themselves and myself to everyone, again the exhilaration of being  
nude in front of a nude crowd. You can trace some of the ladies' eyes 
downward, some of the men as well. 

One guy in particular got friendly enough to draw me into the crowd.
Most in the group were familiar with each other already..most in the 
crowd had already shared each other and their spouses sexually. 

I was the new guy, so I knew better to kind of stay friendly and not to
try and mingle a little too closely with the others. Also, there was 
another single male trying to claim his stake with any woman available, 
and maybe not so available...but tried to stake his claim nonetheless. 

Regardless, the day was spent with a few drinks, plenty of fun
stories..lots of innuendo was tossed around. Late in the afternoon, we 
all went off to the hot tub, and I continued to talk to the guy who 
initially introduced me to the crowd, I got the hints and the brushing 
of bodies all day. I have to admit, I'm not afraid of men sexually. 
Every one in the hot tub got to explore and touch and aside from a 
great couple who I talked to, nothing else really presented itself. 

I was interested, and I was ready to do this for quite some time now. I
decided to exchange info with the guy. To spend the day totally nude 
with a group of nude people was great, I loved the experience and I was 
ready to finally take the final step in my long road of exploration 
with men. I was ready to let a man have sex with me. 

To know it all, you must experience it all. We left the resort that
evening in our separate vehicles with the knowledge that we would 
freshen up and I would meet him at his home. His stipulation as a 
nudist, I  must be nude once I walk through his door. 

I grabbed a burger and showered, I made the short trip to his house and
when I arrived at the slowly opened to reveal a dark house lit 
only with candles. As promised, he was already nude. I stepped in and 
immediately stripped down in front of him, making sure to bend over 
suggestively as I untied my shoes. My body was still warm from the day 
in the sun, we were both a nice brown and I was just glad to be naked 
again. It's difficult to get me to put my clothes back on after a day 
at the resort, but again I was thrilled to be naked with some one. 

We opened a beer and settled in on his couch, each of us exhibiting 
ourselves as prominently as possible, with the addition of some mild 
stroking. It wasn't very long before I finally worked up the urge to 

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