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Open stall at the glory hole placethis story is part of the FanClub (mm:anal sex, 2504 words)
Author: dekk0rAdded: Aug 31 2012Views/Reads: 13162/9397 [71%]Story vote: 9.40 (15 votes)
A glory hole adventure. Exhibitionism, Threesome, Group, Anal, Oral.

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I hadn't gotten any at home for a while. Wifey was too busy with other
things and I wasn't really that into her at the moment, to be quite 
honest. One saturday she took the kids to visit her mother's for the 
weekend. My devious mind immediately went to my favorite place; the 
glory holes/adult theatre in the adult book store. I hadn't sucked a 
dick in quite a while and I certainly was aching for it. 

My plan was to go there at 5pm or so, when I knew there'd be a crowd
itching to be sucked off. Sadly, that didn't work out. I got a call 
from work and had to do some emergency fixes. I could work from home, 
luckily, but it dragged out and it close to 8pm when I was finally 
done. I sulked for a bit, knowing the place would be nearly empty by 
now. But, I was a bit stubborn and decided to take a chance and go 

I stripped down and got a quick shower. I got out and decided that if I
was gonna play naughty - or at least hope to play naughty - I might as 
well go all out. I took out my newest thong, garter and fishnet 
stockings I had purchased and hidden away earlier in the week and put 
them on. Not sure if I looked sexy, but I felt like a slutty little 
cock whore and that was my plan. The thong was made of stretchy fabric 
so it'd be easy to simply move to the side in case I wanted to finger 
my ass. 

I put on jeans and a T-shirt over my slutty outfit and headed out the

I was anxious to get there and probably drove a little too fast, luckily
I didn't get caught. Would have been less-than ideal to be pulled over 
in my current outfit - you could clearly see the garter belt through 
the jeans when I sat in the car since the jeans stretched over them. Oh 

I got to the naughty store, parked and went inside. I didn't waste any
time so I bought a pack of condoms and a ticket to the theatre. The 
lady behind the counter smiled one of those 
want-some-cock-in-that-pretty-mouth-huh smiles. I smiled back and 
quickly went inside. 

Fucking empty. Bah. Figures. Well, there was one old guy lurking around,
but he looked to be one of those shy idiots who scares easily. And old. 
So... no. 

I walked around, looking around the stalls, hoping to find a locked one
so I could join the adjacent one. No luck. 

At the far-end, there was a slightly bigger stall where instead of just
a chair, there was a sofa. I went in there and decided to at least jerk 
off - get some value for money. It had a glory hole too, of course. I 
found a decent channel on the screen and sat down. My dick hardened 
quickly as I watched two guys with big, clean-shaven cocks bury 
themselves in a twink, one in the ass and one in the mouth. My 
favorite, I thought. 

I stripped down, put my clothes on the sofa next to me and pulled out
the lube and started jerking off. I was getting really horny as the 
fishnets felt really great against my legs and I loved how the thong 
fit nicely between my cheeks, caressing my little asshole. I brought a 
finger down and slowly touched my most sensitive area. A shiver ran 
down my spine as I continued to jerk my cock, slowly fingering my 

I was getting really into it and was really craving a dick. I fantasized
about the glory hole to my left being filled with a big dick, urging me 
to suck it deep into my throat. I got more and more horny, closer and 
closer to cumming. My left middle-finger was now buried in my asshole 
and it felt soooo good. 

Suddenly, and door in the stall next to mine closed, and the hatch
locked it. I stopped jerking off, suddenly very aware of my state of 
undress. In a matter of milliseconds though, I realized that's 
precisely what I wanted - to be watched and hopefully get whomever is 
on the other side, horny enough for him to stick his dick through. 

I heard a belt-buckle become unbuckled. Then a zipper being unzipped.

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