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Quite A Surprisethis story is part of the FanClub (mm:seduction, 1378 words)
Author: ThikkOne Picture in profileAdded: Sep 06 2012Views/Reads: 10363/7027 [68%]Story vote: 9.12 (16 votes)
An older man is surprised and delighted by the sexual interest of a young neighbor man.

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I was sixty-two, very active and still fit. We moved into an apartment
project as the very first tenants. It was great. Everything was brand 
new. My wife and I loved the small town and quiet atmosphere. Up to 
this point I had been mostly heterosexual in my experiences (a few 
male/male sexual experiences scattered throughout my life). 

As time passed and tenants came and went, a mother and her son moved in
next door. He was in his mid-twenties, very slender with a nice smile 
and shock of light brown hair. As we got to know them, it seemed he was 
more than casually interested in knowing me. I began to wonder if it 
was my sexual desires rising to the surface. I was beginning to wonder 
what his cock might look like hard. Many times a young slender man has 
a large penis. 

One week my wife was out of town, seeing her friends in Washinton. I was
up early, making coffee when I heard a knock at the door. It was Jeremy 
from next door, touseled hair, t-shirt and oversized pajama bottoms, 
riding low on his hips. "Hey Dave, can I bum a cup of coffee? Mom 
forgot to get some a the store and I really need something to get me 
going this morning. I mean if you have time to sit and chat. I don't go 
in until noon today (it was about 7:30)." 

I realized I was very aroused at the prospect of he and I spending a few
hours alone in my apartment. "Sounds great Alex, I'll put on the pot."  
A few minutes later we were sitting on the couch sipping coffee and 

"Something I couldn't help noticing, Alex is your amazing fitness. You
seem to have rock hard abs and muscles every where. Is it natural or do 
you work out?" I knew this would either take us to something exciting 
or end right here. 

Blushing, Alex said, "Actually, so far it is all natural. Would you like
to see me without my shirt?" I was getting hard and wondered if he 
could see my bulge. I'd love to see you naked....I mean without your 

Setting his cup on the coffee table, Alex sat up and slipped off his
shirt. Of course I had never seen his naked torso. It was quite 
stimulating for me. I knew I was rock hard and showing. 

"Alex I have never seen a man as fit as you are in person. You seem to
have no body fat at all. Every thing is muscle. Can I ask a question 
without you thinking I am just a dirty old man?" "I would never think 
of you as a dirty old man, Dave. I think you are very kind and 
handsome. What is it?" "Thanks Alex. That's very kind of you. I want to 
ask this, can I feel your muscular body. Can I just take my time and 
feel the contours and details?" 

"Ummm. I've never had that question before, Dave. It is thrilling,
actually. I'd love to experience that. How would you like to do it? I 
could strip and lay on your bed for you." I couldn't believe he was 
willing to make my dream come true. I knew he wanted me to touch him 
all over. "Yes, let's go to my room and I will put on some soft music 
for us." 

As Alex got up from the couch, his hard cock was pushing hard against
his pajamas and it was long. As I looked for a CD I heard him get on 
the bed, waiting for me. Selecting a CD I turned to see him totally 
naked, laying on his stomach, legs slightly spread, his balls visible. 
I tossed off my clothes and joined him. 

I had scented oil and began rubbing his muscular body from head to toes.
It was thrilling. I was leaking precum like a faucet, thinking of what 
lay ahead for us. All was muscle, including his buttocks. He had 
rounded cheeks hard as rocks. I took my time there, enjoying every 
inch. Finally I moved down his legs. And then I moved back to his inner 
thighs, moving my hands in circles, spreading his cheeks with each 
rotation. I reached for is sack and gently massaged his testicles. He 
was getting very excited. So far I was imagining what his cock would 
look like and how it would feel. His groans told me he was close to 
ready. I nudged him to turn onto his back. 

WOW! His cock was huge and rock hard. He was at least ten inches of
rock-hard penis.  I knew he wanted me to take hold of him and begin 

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