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My massage in Thailand this story is part of the FanClub (mm:men at work, 3162 words)
Author: Jamie VickersAdded: Sep 25 2012Views/Reads: 13405/10449 [78%]Story vote: 9.25 (12 votes)
After flying to Thailand and being stuck in a cramped office for a week, I needed releif. A coworker game me a card and I called for a massage

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My massage in Thailand Written by Jamie Vickers 

This is my second story, please be a little kind. Since I'm new at this,
I would appreciate any and all feedback. Wow, it's a full time job 
keeping up with emails and social media but I enjoy feedback! Guess you 
can say I'm a slut for it so freaking email me! 

Warning, this is male on male erotica. 

While I'm thankful to have a job that pays handsomely, at times I wished
that I didn't have to travel so much. Now that I'm 26 I'm starting to 
think about family and other aspects of life and hoping that I get 
promoted to management and a desk job. My current project was to 
perform an audit on one of the hard drive manufactures. I had been in 
Thailand for a week and was feeling crappy with too much pent up 
energy.  This time of year was monsoon season, which meant the days 
were oppressive, humid, and hot. Thankfully, the hotel and office had 
great air conditioning. 

Now my first week in Thailand was amazing as the county is beautiful and
exotic as are the people. I'm bi-sexual and find the people very 
attractive. One of the things that I find funny about traveling is how 
easily it is to spot tourist and on this trip I wasn't sure who was 
drinking more, the American's or Germans. In a way, they were having a 
contest as to who could consume more liquor and be louder than the 
other group. Needless to say, I did my best to avoid the tourist traps. 

I've been in Florida during the summers but rain over here was more
intense. its almost like a flip switches and the sky becomes liquid. 
People deserted the beaches in favor of the shops and bars. The 
nightlife was still fun but pouring rain put a damper on the daytime 
fun and walking around meant you were going to wear a plastic poncho or 
get soaked to the skin. 

One of the wonderful things about traveling is to relax with a massage.
In Thailand, there must have been a hundred massage parlors within 
walking distance. AT first I was leery about these places as feared 
they would be some sort of sex club but one of my coworkers told me 
about a spa that he had been to which set me at ease. 

I was pleased when my business associated handed me the parlor business
cards. Then he went to describe how relaxing the massage was where he 
almost fell asleep from the masseurs hands. All I could think about was 
an experienced masseuse and to feel his oiled fingers massage all the 
knots out of my back and neck. I called the number and scheduled an 

Traveling was taking a toll on my body and I would visit the parlor
every day and quickly became a regular. My favorite masseur had a 
remarkably beautiful young man with raven hair, big lovely brown eyes 
and coffee-colored skin. 

Yesterday I was a little bored and didn't have anything to do until work
the following day. The rain was coming down in a constant downpour. I 
had worked out until my muscles and joints were hurting and needed a 
break. I decided to take a walk when the rain lightened up. 

I walked through the parking lot and asked if there was an opening.
Because there was no-one waiting and the lady at the desk said this 
masseuse was their best, I scheduled a two-hour block with her. They 
led me to a back room, quiet and private. 

There were windows up high letting in a soft warm breeze and a radio
softly playing some Thai music; the table was covered in immaculate 
white sheets and some nearby incense smelled like lavender. Very nice. 
The receptionist instructed me to undress and lay on the table, and the 
masseur would be come to me in a couple moments. 

Most oil massages I had there were in the nude and the lady was blind,
so off came all of my clothes and I settled face-down on to the padded 
table, placed a towel over myself, listened to the music and let my 
mind wander. A few moments later there was a soft knock at the door and 
in walked a young man dressed western style with tan shorts and a tight 

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