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Accidental Sex - new edited versionthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:exhibitionism, 1313 words) [1/2]
Author: baycatAdded: Apr 09 2013Views/Reads: 9226/5842 [63%]Part vote: 9.09 (11 votes)
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Accidental Sex 

So what do I get him indoors for his birthday? The usual list went
through my mind; shirt, trousers, shoes, knickers, sexy knickers, 
dildo.... Oh well I thought, a trip to prowler to check out the options 
was in order... 

As per the boys serving were a gorgeous dream, out of my slightly
overweight, knocking on fifty years of age league, but welcome eye 
candy anyway. A quick peak at the books, left me wanting, a look at the 
DVDs was interesting, but the earth didn't move for me, the sex toys 
caused a stir, a minor groinal tingling as my mind imagined their use. 
Then. There it was. The full body leather harness, black with red trim, 
built in cock ring, adjustable straps and wonderful leather smelling 

My groinal tingling became a tidal flow of pressure as my cock strained
against my trousers. Boy the thought of my other half strapped into 
this, turned me on, my nerves fair twanged with my mental imagery. My 
breathing shortened and became shallower, I could hardly bring myself 
to ask the till boy the cost and what the sizes meant. 

‘The medium is a medium dear.' He responded. Though being a big boy
yourself, you might need a large.' 

‘Well it's not actually foe me.' 

That's what they all say dear.' He said with more than an impish grin,
‘You can try it on if you like.' 

I thought my heart would explode, I'd never done anything so naughtily
erotic outside the bedroom. 

‘Can I?' 

‘Yes use the little store room there. Let me know if you need a hand.'
He gave me such a lascivious look. That boy needs a spanking I thought. 

I went into the store room and pulled the curtain closed behind me, my
heart was going ten to the dozen and my breaths in short shallow sighs. 
I took off my tie and shirt, removed my shoes and trousers. I hoisted 
the harness over my head and felt the cool leather straps against my 
body. The even cooler metal buckles made me flinch as they touched my 
naked flesh. I tried the harness over my Marks and Spencer briefs and 
stood there wearing my socks - what a fright I looked, but it didn't 
stop it being a right royal turn on. 

I adjusted the straps to save myself bending like an hunchback and
couldn't wait to purchase an harness for dirty fun in the bedroom, 
bathroom, spare room and probably kitchen and dinning room too. 

‘How you getting on?' called the till boy from the other side of the
curtain. ‘Oh I'm fine,' I said breathlessly. 

Till boy then popped his head round the curtain. ‘Oh dear, that'll never
do, you need to try it on properly.' 

Before I knew it he was in the storeroom with me and adjusting buckles,
removing my briefs and socks, so that I could, ‘see what it looked like 

I don't know how often he did that sort of thing, but blimey he was
artful, he'd even gotten my cock through the cock ring in it's semi 
status, so that now it was protruding naughtily out in front and 
pulsating in a very lascivious way. 

Pleased with his adjustments, till boy, admired the harness and my
protruding cock. ‘Pity to waste that.' He said and down he went to 
sucking on my tumescent penis. Well I thought, they give excellent 
customer service here and ruffled his hair as he slid my rod in and out 
of his mouth. After a while I hauled him up onto his feet and kissed 
his neck and fondled his hard cock through his trousers. 

‘Will you get into trouble for this?' I asked. 

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