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Camping Outthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:first time, 2058 words)
Author: Horny ManAdded: Sep 28 2013Views/Reads: 3673/1544 [42%]Story vote: 8.89 (18 votes)
Married man gets first bi-experience with friend while camping out in the woods.

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My name was James and I'm 52 years old and married.  I'm also bi-sexual
curious and have always wanted to suck a cock and have a guy fuck my 
virgin ass. 

My buddy was Ken and he was 51 years old and also married. 

It was June and Ken and I decided to go on a guys camping weekend.  So
we packed up my tent, our sleeping bag and the rest of the camping 
gear.   We headed out on a Thursday afternoon and arrived in a secluded 
area of a national park in the northern area of our state. 

After we had the tent set-up and the campfire going, we just relaxed and
enjoyed the twinkling stars while he drank some beer.  We laughed and 
told dirty jokes and then our discussions led to talk about sex with 
our wives.   We both confessed that our wives wouldn't let us cum into 
their mouths or perform anal sex.  Since we both were a little drunk, 
we both mentioned that we wanted to experience cumming in a female's 

It was time for bed and we both had to pee in the worst way. 

We got up and walked over to a nearby bush.  We both whipped out our
cocks and the stream of piss sprinkled the leaves of the bush.  While 
he peed, I couldn't resist and glanced over and took a peek of Ken's 
cock.  Nice!  I thought to myself while he held his flaccid dick in his 
hand.  It looked to be about the same size as my cock.  But what I 
didn't realize was that Ken also snuck a peak of my cock while I was 

So after we peed, we stripped down to our boxer shirts and climbed into
our sleeping bags for the evening.   While we lay on our back in our 
sleeping bags, all I could think about was the sight of Ken's cock.  
Then those thoughts of his cock gave me a boner. 

It was two hours later, and some commotion outside me up.  I looked over
and Ken was not inside his sleeping bag.  I got concerned so I got out 
of my sleeping bag and went outside the tent. 

The campfire was nothing but glowing coals and I looked around for Ken. 
Then the full Moon provided enough light and I saw him by some trees. 

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