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Yin and Yangthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:one-on-one, 2982 words) [1/2]
Author: Jay Picture in profileAdded: Jan 25 2014Views/Reads: 3282/2387 [73%]Part vote: 8.92 (13 votes)
I'd never done anal before, and my new lover made sure I enjoyed it. (could also be romantic)

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My name is Jake. I'm 28, but I only realized I was gay a few years ago.
For various reasons, I hadn't actually done much sexually since then. A 
couple months ago, I met Todd at a pool party in our apartment complex. 
Because of their insurance policy, they didn't serve any alcohol, so 
Todd invited me to his place for a beer. As soon as I closed the door 
behind me, he asked, "You're gay, right?" 

"Yeah. How'd you know?" 

Todd had gone to the refrigerator and taken out two cold Schmitts. "At
first I wasn't sure, but I had a hunch. Then when we all heard about 
Patty's top coming off in the pool, I noticed that you didn't react." 

I opened the top on mine. "I'm not a peeping Tom." 

"I mean you didn't look at her or away from her. I'm gay, too, but I'd
seen her in a swimsuit a few minutes before, and anyone who's remotely 
interested in tits would want a look at those." 

"So you figured I'm gay because I didn't want to see a woman being
embarrassed in public." 

"Well, there was one other thing. As soon as I invited you in, I noticed
the wrinkles come out of your trunks." Todd put his beer down. He put 
his hand on my thigh, and my cock pointed straight out. He moved his 
hand back and forth over it. 

"Like yours," I said. He was wearing jeans, but there was no mistaking
that he was as hard as me. I did the same thing to him. 

Todd's about six feet to my five-ten. He's black, but it's the skin
color that's a little lighter than any candy bar I've seen. "I haven't 
had a date in months," he said, and he pulled me to him. 

"Me neither," I complained. 

Todd kissed my Adam's apple, my neck and my shoulders. I already had my
shirt off, but Todd's was still on. I lifted the hem over his head. 
When he had it off, I motioned him toward his couch. We sat down on the 
couch, and I opened my mouth. Todd leaned in to kiss me while he 
continued rubbing my shaft. I nibbled his ear. He reached under the 
pant leg and started stroking me directly. I kissed his neck and 
shoulders until I couldn't stand the wait any more. "Turnabout is fair 
play," I told him. I pulled his hand off my swimsuit. I reached down 
and unsnapped his jeans. Todd unzipped them, and I pulled them down 
along with his underwear. I looked down and wrapped my fingers around 
his cock. It was a little bigger around than my own. 

"Did you wonder?" he asked. When I didn't say anything, he continued,
"Lifelong fantasy?" 

I didn't understand what he was asking at first, but then I got it. "Oh,
you mean a black dick! It's been so long since I saw a dick other than 
my own that I didn't even think about it. But I saw enough of 'em in 
the showers in P.E. that I didn't think about the color." I started 
stroking it. "It's beautiful," I told him, "but it's not shrouded in 
any sort of mystery." 

Todd put his hand behind me and leaned forward. I moved backward with
him, and soon he was on top of me. We kissed wildly, and I ran my hands 
up and down his back. I could already feel his cock touching mine 
through my swimsuit, and when he started thrusting his hips, I felt it 
getting inside on occasion. When his cockhead touched mine, it gave me 
an awesome feeling. "Lift your hips," Todd grunted. I did, and I felt 
his hands under my ass. He wasn't probing my asshole, just rubbing my 

"Ooh, I like that," I told him. I put my hands on his butt and pushed
down to do the same to him. "Damn, I need to work out. You've got an 
ass of steel, and mine is more like a pillow." 

"I like your butt the way it is," Todd assured me. "But don't let that
stop you, if you really want it." When we rubbed our butts at the same 
time, our crotches ground into each other, and I could feel his cock 
against mine again. "In fact, I like it so much, I want you to take 

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