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First Time with Randythis story is part of the FanClub (mm:threesomes, 2020 words)
Author: TimmyAdded: Mar 13 2014Views/Reads: 6870/3393 [49%]Story vote: 9.30 (10 votes)
After a long email exchange I finally introduce Randy to Steve's cock

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I was sitting in a booth when Randy came though the door.  He was
wearing the yellow sweater to identify himself like I had asked in the 

He can follow orders I though to myself happily. 

He looked around the room and I jestered him over.  Steve had given me
strict orders that I make sure that this Randy guy was OK to join us.  
I had been email Randy for over a year after he contacted me about my 
story on a web page.  I feared he sounded like the usual frustrated 
overweight married man that just wants to blow his load over a web cam 
but after a few exchanges I got to know him better.  I soon realized 
that he was even more of a cock slut than I was.  He vividly described 
to me how he wanted to watch Steve's cock fuck me and then lick out all 
of his creamy goodness from my ass.  We wrote back and forth about our 
mutual love of cock and I finally brought it up to Steve that we should 
meet.  Steve has always more cock than I can take so he was pretty 
turned on about having two eager cum sluts to fill with his magnificent 

And now Randy was sitting across from me.  He looked like your average
run of the mill anybody in OK shape and well groomed.  I caught a whiff 
of his cologne as I checked him out. 

"So we finally meet" me smiled. 

"Yes, and I must say I am very happy that you were honest with your
descriptions" I said. 

The waiter came over and we got drinks and chatted about our lives.  The
hour sped by quickly and I realized that we had to get ready for Steve. 
 We paid our bill and started to walk over to my apartment.  It was 
pretty exciting and my cock was already twitching at the thought of 
what would happen tonight.  We got into the elevator and just looked at 
each other.  I wondered what was going through his mind as he was being 
lead up to a strangers home to get fucked by a man he had never met.  
The doors opened and we walked into my place. 

"You should take a shower as Steve is very picky about being clean" I

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