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The Offerthis story is part of the FanClub (ff:group, 4350 words) [1/3]
Author: MandyMomma Picture in profileAdded: Apr 25 2013Views/Reads: 23252/15940 [69%]Part vote: 9.72 (25 votes)
Donna is asked to let her husband have a threesome with two other women. Will she say yes or no?

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The Offer Part One By Mandymomma 

DISCLAIMER: If you're looking for "quick sex", please move along. This
is a "story", and there‘s something to be said for ‘anticipation‘. You 
have been warned! 

There isn't a time of year I love more than summer. Warm weather, plenty
of sun, time at the shore, flowers in my garden, kids outside. I 
especially relish the last one. The kids are out of school, but both of 
them are old enough now that they spent most of their time over 
friend's houses. This allows me to spend less time cleaning up after 
the messes they always seem to create, and more out in the warmth of 
the sun. 

It was a lovely July Saturday, and I was tending to the multitude of
flowers that surround my front porch. Without fail, there is always an 
annoying collection of weeds, leaves, bugs, or some other hazard to my 
lovely flora that needs taking care of. I can quite literally spend the 
entire day arranging, pruning, fertilizing and pampering my prized 

I sighed, though. It was a Saturday, and the one thing that was missing
was the familiar sound of the lawn mower running in the back yard. 
Actually, that had become something of a trend the last few weeks. My 
husband, Paul, had been doing home renovations for a couple of his 
co-workers since the second week of June. He spent almost every 
Saturday and Sunday, as well as some weeknights, doing a number of 
major jobs he'd been offered. 

Not that I was complaining. The owners were paying him an excellent
salary. And Lord knew we could always use the extra money. But I still 
missed his company around the house. Despite being married now some 
eighteen years, I love him just as passionately as the first day I'd 
met him. And his job keeps him away enough as it is. 

"Actually, that's not the biggest problem," I thought to myself. "The
thing that drives me crazy is that he's working for two women." I knew 
I shouldn't think that way. Paul has been faithful to me, and was 
completely up front with me when the two women had first offered him 
the job. 

Erin and Valerie were secretaries in the government office building he
supervised during the day. They were both single, Valerie having 
divorced once, Erin not even dating, as far as Paul knew. Add to it 
that both of them were in their mid-twenties, and I couldn't help but 
wonder sometimes. I hadn't actually met either one of them in person, 
but they had called the house and spoken with me occasionally on the 
phone. They seemed nice enough and they'd often invited me over to see 
the work Paul had been doing. I just didn't want to give the impression 
that I was jealous and/or just a bit suspicious at times, so I'd 
politely declined. 

I was broken out of my reverie by the sound of a truck pulling into the
driveway. At first, it has sounded like Paul's pickup. But, when I 
lifted my head from the ground, I spotted an unfamiliar beige Ford SUV. 
The doors opened, and two young women hopped out of the doors. They 
smiled and waved, immediately heading over to me. 

The driver was almost five inches taller than my five-six. Long straight
blonde hair streamed out behind her, which looked as if it hung to mid 
back when still. She wore dark sunglasses and showed off a deep tan. 
The passenger was only an inch or so shorter than me, with a short cut, 
light brunette hairstyle. The style reminded me of the one wore by 
Catherine Bell, the star of TV's "Army Wives." It didn't so much as 
curl under as it ‘rolled' under gently, framing a graceful jawbone and 
piercing blue eyes. Both women wore sundresses, the blonde a beige 
color similar to the SUV, the brunette an emerald green number. 

I immediately felt somewhat self-conscious. Compared to these two
attractive women, I must have looked like the typical house Frau. 
Knowing that I would be working in the weeds and dirt, I'd opted for a 
pair of grungy old blue jeans and a beat up gray sweatshirt. My hair, 
which was permed in a loose wave normally, was pinned back to keep the 
hair out of my eyes. I had mud and dirt everywhere on me. As they two 
approached, I wiped my hands furiously on a rag I'd kept in my pants 

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