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The Devil is in the Detailsthis story is part of the FanClub (ff:asian/oriental, 3732 words)
Author: Ghelia Picture in profileAdded: Oct 25 2013Views/Reads: 13442/9073 [67%]Story vote: 9.00 (16 votes)
True story about a lesbian couple.

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The Devil is in the Details 

This is a true accounting of my ex girlfriend, and our life together.  I
think sometimes, when you get to a certain place, it is good to look 
back on things and examine just exactly how you got there.  This is my 

I grew up in a foreign country, having moved to the United States nearly
7 years ago with my family. It is exactly what you would think it is.  
A beautiful land with unimaginable natural beauty and harsh reality for 
the majority of its citizens.  I would not say I was typical, being 
lesbian in any country, no matter how accepting the people are, 
automatically makes you different.  However, my parents loved and 
treated me the same as my sisters, never once regretting how I turned 
out, and I am very, very thankful to them for this.  The point I want 
to draw from this background information is that my parents are typical 
Asian parents.  They are very strict, with education always the 
priority and family being the only asset we possessed.  When we came to 
the US, it was like hitting the lottery.  Even with all the good 
things, we carried our values and customs with us. 

Eventually, my father taught me how to drive and I was slowly given more
freedom, as we came to understand life in the US.  This may sound 
normal, but when you consider I was 25 years old, then you see the 
problem in that.  I was not completely naive, but I was still very, 
very inexperienced when it came to love and dating.  I was not allowed 
to date when I was in school, which ended kind of badly in my country 
as I was not able to make the grades and had to stop going.  This meant 
I was 21 years old before I had my first kiss and had only had a very 
small number of sexual encounters before we came to the US. 

About a year after we arrived, my father told me it was time for me to
try again in school.  He knew that it is not my strength, but always 
advised me to keep trying and earn any kind of degree I can manage.  
So, he bought me a car and I started school in a large town about 2 
hours away from my parents.  I would be lying if I said I had not done 
this somewhat on purpose.  I wanted my freedom and to learn what life 
was all about.  I was able to get a job, move off campus and have my 
own apartment.  I felt so grown up and rich!  I was very pleased to 
discover how blunt and open a lot of Americans are about dating and 
sex.  I had no problem finding lesbian bars and social groups.  I dated 
several girls and was enjoying it all.  Then I met Jasmine.  She was 
tall, to me anyway, slender with the feminine type body most people 
desire.  She had a great sense of humor, was very intelligent and 
seemed to have all the good characteristics. 

We hit it off pretty good.  Two weeks in to our "dating", all fronts of
going out were pushed aside and we just went at it like you would 
expect two young, horny girls to go at it.  I developed a very high sex 
drive (who wouldn't!) and we were having sex 4 or 5 times a day.  It 
was amazing!  She was every bit as horny as I was.  I was naive and 
ignored some of the small things I should have been paying attention 
to.  She was bisexual and obsessive-compulsive.  I knew this, but she 
was worth it!  We explored our sexuality and she opened worlds of 
possibilities to me.  We eventually moved in together and it got better 
and better.  She taught me about toys and we talked about our fantasies 
and preferences.  She was a dominate girl, and we started playing a 
little Dom/sub in our sex romps. I know everyone will roll their eyes 
at this, not believing me, but she introduced me to anal sex.  She 
liked to use the strap-on dildo to me, and during one of our Dom/sub 
role playing games, she tried it, and we added it to our menu. 

Things were great with her.  My school was another story.  I was down to
the minimum number of classes to be considered full time (4) and was 
carrying two failing grades, one B and one D.  My two younger sisters 
were both very, very smart and they wanted to go to college here.  This 
may confuse some Americans, but the best decision for our family was to 
get my two sisters through college first. When they graduate, my family 
will be rich.  I am the oldest, so it is my duty to help them.  I 
dropped out of school and started full time in a restaurant working as 
a waitress.  I picked up extra shifts and never left early.  I was very 
proud that I had saved up over $7,000 in just over 5 months.  However, 
when my father told me it was going to cost us around $18,000 per year 
for the two of them, I was deflated.  My father worked very hard, and 
it is very difficult for him to find good work here.  He always 

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