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Neighborly Seductionthis story is part of the FanClub (ff:seduction, 2445 words)
Author: HerPiggy Picture in profileAdded: Nov 30 2013Views/Reads: 15397/10883 [71%]Story vote: 9.23 (31 votes)
Nicole and Jennifer had only known each other a short time but openly lesbian Nicole knew exactly what buttons to push to get her sexy married neighbor into bed.

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Nicole's fat fingers grazed Jennifer's breast through her silk blouse
making her nipples stiffen and her mind reel.  Jennifer was a happily 
married forty year old mother of two and she had never been with 
another woman. In fact she had never considered it a possibility.   She 
wasn't sexually attracted to girls, though she could see beauty in most 
women more than in men.  Women were soft, sensuous and sexy but she 
liked dick and specifically her husband's big delicious cock. 

"I thought you said you weren't into women," Nicole teased in a deep,
somewhat maculine, voice as her fingers pinched and tweaked the sexy 
milf's pebble like nipples.  Nicole was openly gay and most anyone who 
saw her could tell her preference in an instant.  She wore her hair 
stylish but short and she rarely wore make up but had a pretty face 
without it.  Her body was thick and curvaceous with wide hips, broad 
shoulders, big tits but a surprisingly narrow and delicate waist. 

"I'm not," Jennifer croaked defiantly.  Her words were firm but it was
clear from her body language that she was enjoying the other woman's 
skilled touch.  She looked briefly into Nicole's eyes and her breath 
caught in her chest.  She had only known Nicole for a few weeks and she 
had felt inexplicably drawn to her from the start.  Nicole was a 
handsome if not beautiful woman with a stunning golden green eyes that 
glimmered like precious stones. 

"So you want me to stop?" Nicole asked playfully.   She had taken a
liking to her neighbor from the beginning and she could tell the 
interst was mutual but Jennifer was conservative and somewhat religious 
and she hid behind her faith. Nicole released the other woman's nipple 
from her girm grip and inched closer.   She watched the disappointment 
in Jennifer's eyes and smiled as she slid her hand between the other 
woman's legs pushing her short skirt higher and exposing Jennifer's 
white cotton panties.  The front panel of the fabric was damp and the 
musky scent of her arousal wafted up from between her trembling legs. 

"We shouldn't be doing this," Jennifer said in a low raspy tone.  Her
hands hung obediently at her side and her chest heaved betraying her 
excitement.  "I'm married and you have a girlfriend," she said weakly.  
There was no conviction in her tone and Nicole knew that her protests 
were just for show. 

"You're wet Baby," Nicole said in a soft smooth tone.  Jennifer wasn't
the first straight married woman she'd seduced.  In fact for several 
years she had dated married women exclusively.   They were, for a 
while, the perfect solution to her commitment issues but many times the 
drama as they wrestled with questions of their true sexualities and the 
guilt of being unfaithful made it difficult.   That said, the sex when 
a woman was discovering herself was raw and passionate beyond anything 
Nicole had experienced with gay girls. 

"I know," Jennifer said quietly.   Her cheeks flushed deep red and her
face felt warm.  She looked into Nicole's eyes and the final shreds of 
her resistance melted away.  Her eyes were the most beautiful things 
Jennifer had ever seen and she had been unable to resist their charms 
since the day she had met Nicole at the block party.  Nicole's handsome 
face and pretty eyes had invaded her dreams and while at first her 
subconscious had attached Nicole's face to a man's body, lately she had 
pictured herself making love to Nicole in all her splendid feminine 
beauty.   Nicole, of course, was far from feminine, but the curves of 
her body were the definition of feminine. 

"So you don't want me to do this," Nicole said calmly as she brushed her
lips across Jennifer's.   She slipped her fingers under the married 
woman's damp panties and felt the flood of wetness flow from her 
slippery folds as she broke the seal.  Nicole had always loved the 
feeling of a really wet pussy.  Her first girlfriend, Sarah, a college 
friend of her older sister's when Nicole was a junior in high school, 
had gotten so wet when Nicole went down on her that Nicole feared that 
she would drown and every time since then that a woman got really wet 
it took Nicole back to that first girl.  Sarah had been the only girl 
that Nicole had truly loved but she broke Nicole's heart and was, in 
Nicole's opinion, the impetus for her intimacy issues. 

"Oh god," Jennifer croaked.   Her strong runner's legs parted granting
Nicole easy access to her excited, molten sex.  She had never been so 
excited in her life.  The closest she could remember was the first time 

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