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Anieszka is liberatedthis story is part of the FanClub (ff:sex at work, 7371 words)
Author: JenniGee Picture in profileAdded: Mar 27 2014Views/Reads: 6269/4858 [77%]Story vote: 9.12 (16 votes)
From the east she was shocked by the freedom and the morals. Anieszka learned fast - maybe too fast - and lost her innocence

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Agnieszka ensured that every speck of dust was removed from the
furniture. Hers would be the best, most efficient cleaning. That way 
she would soon climb to the top. Her parents' sacrifices were not 
enough to send her to university. In her home country girls were taught 
that effort and diligence bring rewards. So with a heavy heart and much 
trepidation, at the age of twenty-one, she left for the West. 

This was Agnes' (she now used the anglicised version of her name) third
day at the sumptuous home of Mrs. Danvers-Wright, a very well-to-do 
woman. The first two days had her working under a supervisor but now 
that she had proven her diligence she was allowed on the upper floors. 

Six bedrooms or suites as they were called occupied the first floor of
what her English language dictionary called a mansion. Each suite 
contained a large room in which was a bed and furniture normally found 
in a living-room. En suite was a lavish bathroom complete with bath, 
shower and even a bidet. Agnes cleaned them all very carefully but 

Finally she came to the last suite, that of Mrs. Danvers-Wright. This
one contained another door. Agnes drew a deep breath of surprise and 
wonderment when she opened that door. Bright lights switched on 
automatically and she was faced with a large space full to brimming 
with the woman's clothes, shoes and bags, and everything necessary to 
make her look glamorous. At various places large mirrors had been fixed 
allowing a person standing there to see themselves from every angle all 
at the same time. There was even a chair to sit on when applying 

In those mirrors Agnes realised just how cheaply and how drably she was
dressed. When she had left her homeland she had brought only the cheap 
clothes that she and her parents could afford. Now looking around this 
place she suddenly grew envious - she blushed with guilt at such a sin. 

Agnes busied herself tidying and cleaning until the temptation proved
too much. Looking guiltily around in case she wasn't alone she slid out 
a purpose-made open-fronted drawer in which she could see bras. Not the 
cheap ones that she, herself had brought with her. Her fingers 
fluttered over the material of the bras. Bras of every colour and 
design. What size were they? Dare she... Agnes picked  up a bra, it 
seemed brand new and unworn - if only ... A voice called her name and 
she guiltily returned the garment to its place. 


Throughout the following days Agnes pictured that room full of wonderful
clothes. How would she look when, as she was determined to do, she had 
an income to allow her to dress finely - not as fine as Mrs 
Danvers-Wright maybe because she was so obviously rich. The dream 
started to take on the proportions of an obsession. Each night in her 
tiny bedsit room Agnes stripped off her clothes then redressed in fresh 
linen imagining that each garment was on that day shop bought and of 
designer quality and design. 

This satisfied her for the first few days then, having redressed she
carefully returned the clothes to storage - other than panties as she 
had to wear each combination of clothes for two days - she had not the 
means to afford a launderette. The first day she wore one set then the 
next day another. The third day the first set was worn again to be 
followed by the second set on the fourth day. Agnes prayed that on the 
second time of wearing that the clothes were not odorous even though 
she showered twice a day. Then Agnes tarried at the stage that found 
her naked. 

A strict upbringing that had taught her that she should not remain naked
for long and to never take pride in the state of nakedness caused Agnes 
a frisson of shame and stress as she studied her naked body on the full 
length mirror attached to the door of the ancient wardrobe. But hers 
was a beautiful body - after all, she had seen such described in the 
women's magazines so openly on sale in this country. Some of the 
content of those magazines had caused her to blush when she had first 
opened one in a dentist's waiting room. But she was intrigued. Openly 
discussed there, were subjects that she would have difficulty 
discussing with a doctor and then only in the presence of her mother. 

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