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Hubby, Best Friend and Ithis story is part of the FanClub (ff:threesomes, 1380 words)
Author: Taboo69 Picture in profileAdded: Jun 06 2014Views/Reads: 8126/5923 [73%]Story vote: 8.97 (30 votes)
I worked at a local health club as the sales manager. Hubby worked from home. My best friend would come over in the mornings with her daughter to babysit while I was at work and hubby could concentrate on his. My girlfriend was on the way our with her

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So here's a reminiscent story from an experience my husband and I had. 

I worked at a local health club as the sales manager. Hubby worked from
home. My best friend would come over in the mornings with her daughter 
to babysit while I was at work and hubby could concentrate on his. 

My girlfriend was on the way our with her husband. She stated they
already had outside relationships and that she believed she was a 
lesbian. The interesting part is that she had told me that while she 
preferred a more masculine type female, for some reason she was really 
attracted to me. 

I wanted to be friends with her and did not really think about it too
much. She is about 5 foot 6, 130, 34C, blonde and fun to hang out with. 
She appeared a bit prude at times for some reason but based on her 
thought process; it was hidden. 

One afternoon, while the kids were napping, hubby and my friend were
chatting in the kitchen. Apparently he asked her if she wanted to have 
sex with me. She was of course a bit taken but replied she did. He 
asked her if one night she might like to come over, hang out in the hot 
tub and her and him would have sex with me. She said she would and was 
free later that evening. 

Hubby called me at work and told me that my friend would be coming over
tonight to hang out with us. Not thinking much about it, I said okay 
and that was that. 

Around 9, Jen came over. We poured some Reisling for us girls and hubby
had some beer. 

We hung out in the kitchen for a bit, chatting about my work and the
usual office drama. Hubby suggested we go into the hot tub. 

Jen was reluctant as for some reason she does not like her body. I never
understood as she has a flat stomach, nice legs, decent 

For some reason she was already wearing a bathing suit. No one had told
me the plan tonight other than she was coming over to hang out. Hubby 
and I did not care about suits and simply got nude and hopped in. 

Jen seemed shocked that we took off our clothes. She said, "Um,
wow...glad to see we are all pretty close now". Hubby said she could 
join us whenever she wanted. 

By now the bottle was about gone. Hubby had gone through six beers and
we were all feeling good. Jen still had on her suit at this point. 
Hubby asked Jen if she liked my tits. With confidence she commented 
that she always had. He began to then fondle them a bit in his hands, 
squeezing hard from time to time. 

Now here's where there little plan began to come together. He asked her
if she wanted to touch them as well. She jumped at the chance and came 
over and gently put her hand on my breast and smiled close to my face. 
With her other hand she gently pulled back my hair and moved closer, 
locking lips with me. Our mouths opened and her tongue entered my mouth 
as mine did hers. Hubby began to kiss my neck and moved down to my 
other breast, biting and licking. 

I felt both of their hands move down to my pussy at the same time. They
seemed shocked to feel one another's hands there together. 

It didn't seem to matter. She made circular motions with her finger on
my clitoris while he pushed his finger into my pussy. I was moaning in 
her mouth and in total bliss. 

I put one arm under the water and felt my hubbys rock hard 7" and thick
cock. I began stroking it the best I could. I put my other arm under 
water and felt my best friends pussy as I put my hand in her bikini 
bottoms. I made circular motions with my finger over her clitoris as 
well. Her and I were both moaning and hubby was having a blast. 

Hubby whispered in my ear, "lets go inside". We stopped momentarily and
moved inside. Hubby said to Jen that she probably should take her suit 

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