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My wife's MMF with two young hot co-workersthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:threesomes, 2825 words)
Author: RudyAdded: Nov 10 2012Views/Reads: 4941/3633 [74%]Story vote: 9.11 (36 votes)
My wife and I have had the fantasy of us having a mmf with me being one of the males. Well after work one day she slipped into a mmf with two young co-workers who seduced her. She came home and told me all about it!

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My wife works for an insurance company and being a top producer they
promoted her to management.  As such she goes out on the road to 
client's houses with new hires to train them.  They'll shadow her for a 
couple of weeks until they are ready to go out on their own.  Her most 
recent trainee was a young guy who she initially described as very good 
looking and that all the women in the office thought he was hot.  
Through her physical description of him I could tell he was her type.  
I was a little jealous that they were spending all day together driving 
around in the car and going to appointments.  She admitted she thought 
he had the older woman crush thing going on with her.  My wife is 40 
but looks 30 and is beautiful, long gorgeous hair, long legs and big 
firm chest so she turns heads everywhere she goes.  I don't mind her 
getting the attention, I actually love it and have always had this hot 
fantasy of watching her with another man.  We've talked about it and it 
turns her on and we've come close a few times. 

I leave the house an hour after she does so I always lounge in bed
watching the news and enjoy watching her get dressed.  Well, one 
particular morning she got dressed and put on this black lace bra and a 
button down blouse that was kind of sheer, I could see the lace bra 
through it.  She's very reserved so it came as no shock to me that she 
put on a button down sweater over it.  What did come as a shock was 
that the next item she put on was a pair of crotchless pantyhose and 
then black lace panties over them.  I asked her what was up with the 
pantyhose.  She said she wanted to wear pantyhose with the outfit but 
being on the road all day its so much easier when she goes to the 
bathroom if she only has to pull her panties down and not her pantyhose 
and panties.  Made sense to me and looked really really hot.  Then a 
business skirt that was nice and snug and high heels.  She looked 
really sexy. 

I heard from her during the day but not in the afternoon and then she
came home about 2 hours late, buzzed up and looked disheveled.  I asked 
her if she was okay and she told me to have a drink and sit down.  I 
had a couple of drinks and we had some small talk and I was dying to 
know what was coming.  She finally came out and asked me if I'd be mad 
if my fantasy happened without me there.  I instantly knew what had 
happened and was initially furious and then within an instant I felt 
turned on and asked her to tell me what happened and not leave out any 

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