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A Fantasy Cum Truethis story is part of the FanClub (fm:first time, 1485 words) [1/2]
Author: rsqman69 Picture in profileAdded: Jun 07 2013Views/Reads: 8583/6424 [75%]Part vote: 8.62 (74 votes)
My fantasies about my daughter's best friend cum true

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A Fantasy Fulfilled 

A partly true/partly fantasy story. You figure out which is which. 

As my daughter was going through her senior year of high school in 1994
her best friend Brandi lived in the apartment behind us and spent so 
much time with us that it was almost like having another daughter. 
Brandi is 4'11" with shoulder-length brown hair, hazel eyes and a truly 
amazing set of breasts; large, full and firm. I knew they were 44-HH 
from peaking at her bra in the dirty laundry basket when she changed 
clothes at our apartment and I'd often fantasized about what I'd like 
to do with her. She was friendly, outgoing and easy to talk to but the 
opportunity never came up and it all remained just a fantasy. 

Late in her senior year of high school Brandi had a falling out with her
parents and came to live with us for a few weeks. Because of my work 
schedule I seldom saw her until one night after I had gone to bed and 
Brandi came into my bedroom to thank me for letting her stay with us. 
She was wearing a white negligee and her nipples were very visible 
making little tents in the fabric. She sat on the side of my bed and 
told me how appreciative she was for my generosity then she leaned down 
and gave me a big hug. Feeling her breasts pressed against my bare 
chest with only the thin nightgown separating us gave me an instant 
throbbing erection but nothing else happened that night other than me 
being able to add some incredible detail to my masturbatory fantasies 
about her. 

Fast forward to 2009 and the magic of the internet. I was working on my
computer when an incoming message button popped up from Yahoo. I 
clicked on it to find that I had been invited to become one of Brandi's 
friends on Face Book. My dick gave a lurch as my mind flashed back to 
the "HUG" in my bedroom oh so long ago. I quickly signed into Face Book 
and accepted Brandi's offer. I sent her a brief message along with my 
e-mail address and Yahoo Instant Messenger screen name. In just a few 
minutes I had an add friend request from Brandi on Yahoo Messenger. 
Once again I accepted and sent her a brief message..... 

"Hi gorgeous, thanks for adding me as a friend" I typed. "I wasn't sure
you would remember who I was after all these years" she replied. "How 
could I possibly forget?" I responded, "You lived in the apartment 

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