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Charna: Best Manthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:slut wife, 55761 words)
Author: Audio-visualAdded: Jun 14 2013Views/Reads: 3347/2313 [69%]Story vote: 9.44 (16 votes)
This sequel to Charna: Bridal Path is my fond memory of the escalating lust and romance between my bride and my best friend, the best man at our wedding.

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Charna: Best Man By Audio-visual 

My guess is that I am like most writers on this site, in that I write
for my own enjoyment about things that excite me. There is a sizable 
thread of historical fact mixed with a large dose of wishful fiction in 
my stories; therefore your feedback probably won't be of much value, 
especially if you want to waste your time telling me what you didn't 
like.  I don't care.  If it makes you feel better to get it off your 
anonymous, gutless chest, fire away. 

This story relates events that occurred in 1979.  It is a sequel to
"Charna: Bridal Path", which relates the initial attraction between my 
best friend, who was also the best man at our wedding, and my 
girlfriend/fiancée/bride. That initial attraction escalated into an 
increasingly more intense emotional involvement alongside the brazenly 
public sexual displays between my young bride and my former roommate.  
Seeing them together was intensely arousing, but hearing my bride's 
recounts about their time alone during this build-up period was the 
most exciting time in my sexual life. 

Naturally, Dick met us at Union Station on our return from our weeklong
honeymoon in Glenwood Springs.  When she spotted him, my bride sprinted 
with unbridled joy, and her enthusiastic leap into his arms barely 
preceded a passionate kiss reminiscent of the one they shared at our 
departure.  My role was aroused observer, and due to my emotional 
investment in both their lives, my reaction was the exact opposite of 
jealousy - for wont of a better word, pride probably came closest. 

Since it was a short six block walk to our apartment, Dick carried one
of the bags while Charna snuggled under his other arm.  I am 
considerably bigger and stronger than our Best Man, so I toted the two 
largest as I listened and watched their fondness for each other 
continue to bloom. 

The elevator ride to the 25th floor took us to the same apartment Dick
and I shared for the last three years.  The apartment Charna and I were 
to move into wouldn't be ready for another five weeks, so the first 
month of our married life was a continuation and progression of the 
innuendo and teasing exhibitionism during the months prior to our 

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