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Karen's First Timethis story is part of the FanClub (fm:first time, 2461 words)
Author: tony090909 Picture in profileAdded: Oct 03 2013Views/Reads: 5509/4128 [75%]Story vote: 8.66 (53 votes)
A shy virgin is deeply aroused by a voyeuristic incident.

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I'm fifty five and if I had to nominate the most memorable sex I had
ever had then I wouldn't have to think very hard, the choice would be 
easy. Note that I said the most memorable sex ever - not the best. 

It was back when I was twenty three and I went out with a girl called
Karen. She was very slim, with an almost boyish figure. In a short 
skirt her legs looked fantastic, but given her slim build it was pretty 
inevitable that she was distinctly flat chested. I have always had a 
preference for something that's a nice handful, though I'm not saying 
there isn't a case for small, perfectly formed breasts. If you're a man 
you've just got to love tits, no matter what size they are. 

The real problem wasn't the size of her tits, it was the fact that I
wasn't getting much else. We'd been going out for nearly two months and 
I'd got nowhere. Yes she'd let me feel her tits and eventually I'd 
managed to slip my hand inside her knickers, but that was very strictly 

The worst part of it was that she didn't really seem interested. On the
rare occasions that I got to touch her pussy she didn't give much sign 
of being aroused. She didn't get very wet and there was no heavy 
breathing, none of the sighs and moans that I'd been used to hearing 
from other girls. 

I was thinking she was a bit under-sexed or perhaps she was just saving
it for Mr. Right, because I was pretty certain that she was still a 
virgin even though she was eighteen. She was a nice girl, but shy and 
rather inhibited, and everything about her spoke of virginity. 

I have to be honest and say that inevitably I saw that as a challenge
and hoped that I would be the one who got to remove her knickers and 
claim the prize. I could certainly imagine that the sex would be very 
good - that slim build and boyish hips meant that she had a lovely 
tight pussy. 

Several times returning home after another night of frustrated fumbles I
had jerked off thinking how pleasant it would be to spread her legs and 
explore virgin territory. 

However it became clear that our relationship was going nowhere and that

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