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Our best friends go to the next level!this story is part of the FanClub (fm:group, 2644 words)
Author: outdoorguyAdded: Jan 12 2014Views/Reads: 6364/5023 [79%]Story vote: 9.46 (80 votes)
After a few vacations together, things get interesting between Tom and Vickie and Pam and I.

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It all began a few years ago when we moved into our new house.  We met
all the new neighbors and became friends with Tom and Vickie.  They are 
about our age,  and we had a lot in common with them.  Vickie and Pam 
began hanging out during the day while Tom and I were at work.  I had 
no idea how close the two of them had become.  They were pretty much 
inseparable and I had no clue that the two of them had begun to share 
everything about their husbands....and I mean everything.    At night,  
 my conversations with my wife somehow always managed to come around to 
our new neighbors.   I was shocked when Pam told me that Vickie was 
quite frustrated by Toms lack of sexual interest.   I layed in bed 
listening as she told me how horny her new friend was and that she 
loved getting fucked by Tom,  as he apparently has a very large cock. 

Over the next few weeks,  I would think about Vickie and how horny she
apparently was.  She is tall and thin,  and has a great ass.   Not much 
in the chest area,  but I have never been a boob man anyway and I began 
to fantasize fulfilling her need for cock.   I have to admit that I was 
having fantasies of fucking her as I plunged my cock into Pam.   She 
had no idea that Vickie was on my mind as I fucked her very wet pussy.  
 I always wondered if she was thinking about Toms big cock as we 

Tom and I decided to go on a fishing trip and once in the boat,  our
conversation turned to our wives and what they had shared.  We were 
enjoying some cold beers and the more we drank,  the more we shared.   
I told Tom that Vickie had said that he had a big cock,   and that she 
wished he would fuck her more often.  He was a bit taken by that,  and 
then told me that Pam had told Vickie that I was great at eating her 
pussy,  but she wished I had a big cock like Toms.   It is what it is.  
  We kept drinking and sharing and Tom told me that he really thought 
Pam was hot and that he would love to fuck her.   I was ok with that,  
and told him I thought Vickie was hot and that I had thought about 
fucking her many times since we moved in.    It was very erotic to 
share what our wives had said about each other.   We got back from 
fishing and both ended up fucking our wives like there was no tomorrow. 

A month later, we decided to go away for the weekend.   We decided to
share a hotel room with two beds.  Tom and I had a plan that we would 
start the night with our wives,  then switch.   I knew it was a dream,  

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