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The Awakening (fm:sex at work, 3450 words)

Author: Harleywire
Added: Apr 09 2018Views / Reads: 2222 / 1810 [81%]Story vote: 8.23 (22 votes)
After a long day at work, Lucy Paloma is ready to go home but finds her desk messy and decides to do a last minute clean up. She is happy all appointments for the day have gone well. All, except one. She wants to know why and asks her assistant Agnes why

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The Awakening

Lucy Paloma was getting ready to go home after a long and tedious day at work. She took a quick glance at her wrist watch, "Gosh! It's late. I better go home now." She hummed getting up and looking in the direction of her assistant Agnes Harper, who was busy printing out some documents, like she needed her approval to go home.

Agnes ignores her but looks up from what she was doing and nods. Lucy hurriedly prepares her bag, making sure she forgets nothing. When it is done, she sits down for a minute and checks her appointment book.

She scrolls through the list of appointments she has had for the day and nods as she reads each name out in her mind. It impresses her that out of 15 appointments, only one person has not made it and she wonders why.

"Agnes, Mr. Palmer‘s appointment is at 17: 00hrs. It's way past that time now and he hasn't shown up. Any reason why?" she asks Agnes.

"No idea, in fact I called to remind him but he doesn't return my calls." replies Agnes.

"Okay that settles it. I'm shifting his appointment." Lucy marks his name with the words, ‘appointment shifted.' "I'm through for the day. "She says as she closes the book.

Agnes gets up and arranges her desk. She is about to go home and grabs her coat from the coat hanger and puts it on while she looks at her boss. "Lucy, it's getting late. You should also go home too," she says while she buttons her coat.

"I know that Agnes. I want to put my desk in order before I leave. Will you wait?" "Wait? It's going to take you long to clean up your desk," Agnes stares at her with wide open eyes.

"Oh well, go home. I'll leave after I tidy up my desk." Agnes walks up to the door and opens it. She then turns back and stares at her boss.

"Make sure you don't stay too late. You need to get some rest." She says. "Thanks for reminding me," Lucy replies back. When Agnes leaves and she is all alone, she starts to arrange her messy desk. But just as she starts, the doorbell rings.

Agnes what have you forgotten again? She mutters to herself as she opens the door. She stops abruptly when she sees that it is not Agnes. Standing in front of her is a man she has never seen before. She stares at him. A tinge of shiver runs down her spine. She wants to close the door, but then decides not to do so. He appears very attractive and this sparks her attention. The man wears dark-shaded glasses to cover his eyes. Lucy can hardly see the color of his eyes.

But his athletic looking body impresses her. And it is visible from the t-shirt he wears which maps out his body. To add to it he wears tight leather jeans. For a few minutes she throws a strong stare at him hardly able to speak to him. She is stunned at seeing him such that she finds it difficult to ask him who he is.

Then he comes to her rescue. "Mrs. Paloma?" he asks "Miss. Paloma for your information," she is unable to take her eyes off him. "Ryan Palmer. I have an appointment...I mean if it's not too late." He tells her. "Ah, yes Mr. Palmer. You took you so long to come and I am about to go home now." She leaves the door for him to come in and walks away.

As he comes in and closes the door, he stands in the doorway. She turns when she sees him standing and looks at him. "This way Mr. Palmer." She beckons him to go into the waiting room. "Give me a few minutes and I'll attend to you." She adds as she lets out smile. Ryan nods. He smiles back at her.

Ryan steps into the waiting room. He sees a long brown cushion chair to the left side of the door and a single brown one placed directly opposite the door. The floor is fully covered with a Persian rug. A long center table with lots of past edition magazines lying underneath

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