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The beginning (bi:first time, 4553 words)

Author: His Featherwood Queen Picture in profile
Added: May 12 2018Views / Reads: 436 / 369 [85%]Story vote: 9.83 (6 votes)
Kenzie is sexually frustrated wanting to fuck her boss Brandon and his wife Raina, then Raina comes over to play inviting her husband and best friend to the party.

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Kenzie, after a long day at work was beat, she just wanted to go home and relax. She loved her job but she was tired tonight, she was a research assistant and sometimes by the end of her day her eyes felt like they were permanently crossed. She let herself into her apartment tossing her keys on the table by the door, she set her purse and book bag on the floor. Walking to the kitchen getting a glass out of the cupboard she made herself a drink. Thinking of her boss Brandon and his sexy wife /assistant Raina made her sigh in frustration. Kenzie had come to terms awhile ago that she wanted to fuck them, maybe she would one day but these days but she had no idea how to even broach the subject.

Kenzie and Raina we're really good friends there were many times that she would swear up and down that Brandon and Raina both were attracted to her but she wasn't quite sure until she walked in on them a week ago. Kenzie always knocked before walking into Brandon's office, this time for some dumb ass reason she didn't knock. Kenzie opened the door and they were both fucking, it was the hottest thing she'd ever seen. Brandon his back to her had Raina high up against the wall fucking her hard, Kenzie would never forget how hot and sexy they looked fucking like that. Raina was a beautiful woman, Brandon was gorgeous both of them tall movie star types.

Before Kenzie could walk out of the room Raina caught her eye as she took the savage fucking from Brandon she blew her a kiss. Then she held up her finger so Kenzie wouldn't leave the room. Raina asked Brandon what he thought of their sweet Kenzie. Brandon never lost momentum as he told her that if she started talking about Kenzie he would cum way to soon. Stripping out of her clothes Kenzie thought about them, she needed to fuck so badly. Walking into the bathroom, she headed for the shower. She stepped into the shower the hot water raining down on her. It felt great grabbing her soap she began to wash her body. Washing her large round titties was such a wondrous feeling. Kenzie could feel her pussy start to ache with even more of a need to fuck. Kenzie could hear the doorbell ringing, ‘are you serious right now?' she thought to herself. Turning the water off, she stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around herself she walked to the front door. Looking into the peep hole she was surprised it was Raina at her door.

"Hey girl, what's up?" Kenzie asked her opening the door and letting her in.

"Hey Kenz, sorry to barge in like this but Brandon said he may have left some papers with you he needed me to file into the system tonight. Did I interrupt your shower?" Raina asked her. She thought Kenzie was beautiful, sweet and so much more. You could see just how big her titties were behind the towel. Raina could feel how wet her own panties were becoming. Raina and Brandon wanted to ‘Play' with Kenzie but did she want to ‘play' was the big question. It had been a week since Kenzie walked in on them and Brandon and Raina could hardly think of anything else. They wanted to fuck her; they both brought each other to the most intense passion they had ever experienced when they thought of Kenzie. Their orgasms were completely mind blowing. Brandon and Raina had to have her.

"Brandon did? Really that's weird; I didn't see anything extra in my file let me check." Kenzie said noticing the way Raina was staring at her tits. Kenzie turned to get her bag purposefully letting her down fall to the ground. She heard Raina gasp out loud.

"What is it?" Kenzie turned to look at her standing in her naked beauty.

"Kenz, you are so fucking beautiful." Raina told her looking at her in awe.

Kenzie stared at Raina, her pussy clenched at the way Raina was looking at her. She couldn't breathe for a moment.

"Thank you." Kenzie replied bending down to pick up the towel.

"No please Kenz, don't cover yourself. Just let me look at you," Raina said

"Raina, I think you're beautiful too, ever since last week I can't get

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Alan007 writes Wed 16 May 2018 17:11:

It's good to know that a woman feels, does, just as a man when the moment of ecstasy arrives, holding the woman to her sex, till the moment is finished, not caring if she can breath, only to finish.
Also why a man, has little choice in pulling the woman to our spurting shaft, in that same moment.

Darn good story, made me wish I had been there, and still want to be. Good Story Feather Queen.

Accept the gay part. still a 10 though.


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