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The Details Mean Everything (fm:female domination, 4413 words)

Author: lklrk4
Added: May 16 2018Views / Reads: 477 / 301 [63%]Story vote: 9.25 (4 votes)
The first time they have an opportunity to interact on a wholly intimate level. The nerves, the details, the dialogue, and the sex intensifies and they take it somewhere he never expected.

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Eyes wide open. Scanning the ceiling for any impurity to focus on, he inhaled as quickly as he exhaled. What a moment. What an experience. The dim light in the room makes it harder to regain equilibrium. Just as suddenly, she reappears within his field of vision and flips her long red hair over her head. Her eyes pierce the darkness and emit the light of the moment. A lighthouse in the middle of a hurricane. "How was your first taste?" she says. Trying to string together words to measure the energy and experience, he simply said, "More connection than I could've imagined." "Well, if you thought that was a connection... just wait until I connect with that ass!" She smiles devilishly and winks at him. He nervously giggles knowing that she isn't kidding. "I'll grab a towel." She turns away and jumps off the bed and moves toward the door. He lifts his head to watch her walking out of the room. "It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss." The radio blared on his way to see his potential paramour. Nerves infected his body like the season's latest flu. His drive interrupted with moments of panic, planning and hope. "Maybe she won't like what I wore? Do I smell alright? Relax, relax. She adores you. What's your go to move? She already knows it. She isn't like anyone else. Goddamnit! Fucking move car! I have a very important date! Breathe. She is into you."

Every white line that moves past his car is another one in his rearview mirror. In life there are public defining moments, like a wedding or graduating, and those that seem insignificant at the time, like the first chance meeting with the girl who seemingly was created just for you. The details remain fuzzy for all of these moments but are memorialized in images. His internal memory seems filled with all the snapshots of love lost and let down after let down. "This time it's gonna be different." Too many times before he had fallen short in his search for someone like her. The differences of many and the choice of our times have always been deeply concerning when it comes to finding the right partner. Yes it helps go through more people to find the perfect match, but when you find them it becomes difficult to keep them with the amount of choice available. His mind flashed to all of the previous women that have a small piece of his heart. Snapped back to reality and lay in front of him. Life on the road. Nothing in life is easy and the best things in life are worth working and fighting for. The white line was simply that. Another obstacle to hurdle on my way to what he knew was the most important date of his life.

The exits all look the same. Every number counting up or down to the destination. The anticipation beads down my temple. No amount of air conditioning will keep me calm or cool me off. Recalling every single potential scenario and move in utter panic does little to ease the unrelenting heat of the situation. The chest tightens and the stomach empties despite evidence of the contrary within each. His car approaches his exit and he closes his eyes for a sec to offer up moment of contentment before the storm of sensory stimuli bombards him.

His car pulls into a parking spot within walking distance from her place. He pulls down the blind to check his teeth once more. He sniffs his underarm to.... YUP. Ooof. More deodorant needed. Thankfully he carries everything in his car to be prepared for anything at any time. Deep breath. He counts his steps during the walk up. He rings the doorbell. Closing his eyes to take another deep breath. He opens them. Let's fucking go. All the stress melts away. It's his time now. It's his chance to seize the moment and show who he is and everything he can be. She peaks through the window to verify the gentleman before her. She swings the door open. Fucking dead. She is out of this world. Her hair falling to her shoulder, glistening in the sun. Her eyes, as deep blue as the open ocean, inviting me in. "Hey stranger!" she says. "Come on in for a sec." As she turns my eyes check her out completely. Top is on point. Yeah her breasts look great. Following down to her... yup. What a fucking butt. Short jean skirt with frayed bottom. This is why on the 4th day, God made it mini skirt Thursday. Also why on the Sunday, he made it a day of rest. Play it cool, play it cool. "Yes I will use the bathroom." the buffoon blurted out. "Oh. I asked if you wanted to see the place. I guess you can start in the bathroom. It's right there." "Oh shit, I hope he liked my outfit." she thought. She checks her teeth after the little bit of food she had just before he came in. "He is so cute. I just hope that he's as nice as he seems on the phone and in text. Just don't be an asshole. Too many assholes and hit it and quit guys. I'm so scared of being hurt again by someone I actually care about. I am the boss here,

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