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The New Neighbors (fm:threesomes, 2933 words)

Author: MarshalMarmont1815
Added: Jul 08 2018Views / Reads: 3245 / 2346 [72%]Story vote: 9.00 (30 votes)
Kyle, a young student heading to college, gets more than he bargained for when he helps his new neighbors move in

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I groaned as my load blasted into my boxers. After two hours of porn videos, I had finally expelled the last gallons of cum in my aching balls. A knock ratted the door and I quickly pulled my pants up before my mother Rachel poked her head in. Her spaghetti straps nearly tore under the weight of her huge 44L breasts.

Her massive knockers rocked with each step, covered by her long auburn hair. She knew full well what I was doing, but unlike my strict dad, she never said anything to me. She gave me a knowing look and said, "I got a call from Marie. She was wondering if you would consider helping her move some boxes."

"Oh..." I replied, "Will you tell her I can't."

Mom laughed slyly. "Too late. She's already expecting you. She left a key under the doormat." She began to close the door but pointed at me, "Before you go, you might want to take care of that."

With a new hard cock growing, I decided to just take my chances and headed to my new neighbors' house.

- -

With the boxes taken care of, I went out to the backyard where Marie's roommate, Audrey swam in the pool. I watched her perfect body glide effortlessly through the water. Seeing I was finished, she came from the pool and I fully took in her body. Her gorgeous 42D boobs straining in her tight bikini.

I managed to tear my eyes away and slammed, "I finished moving all the boxes..." She smiled broadly.

"Perfect." She said happily, "Come inside and I'll get your money."

I was happy to be finished. I would have to jerk out a severe load once I got back home. Once we got to the kitchen, she sniffed the air and put her nose near me before gasping. A gigantic bulge was prominent in my shorts. "Wow... impressive..." she said, brushing her hand over it.

I moaned as she reached her hand inside my waistband, stroking my cock. "I don't think my mother would want you doing that..." I tensed as she lowered my shorts and boxers and jerked faster.

"No... but I bet you want me too." Audrey said. She exposed her soft huge boobs and said, "You think I don't see how you look at your stepmother? I see you get all these huge boners as you watch her sunbathing outside. I know my boobs aren't as big but..."

"But you can imagine I'm her if you want..." She continued pulling me to the sliding shower door and took my cock in her soft hands. "And if you do good, I might even help you get with Rachel."

She kissed me and rammed my dick into her pussy making her whimper. "You'll never need to jerk off again." She moaned out, "If you need to cum, call me!" She wrapped her legs around my hips and slammed her pussy down hard as the water cascaded over us.

She then dismounted and washed the dried cum from my cock. "I can't believe you haven't fucked anyone before. With a cock the size of a football field." Audrey said kissing my neck and shoulders, "But you probably won't fuck me anymore. I'll be too old for you to notice me."

I kissed her on the mouth. "I'd never stop fucking you. Even if you were 100." She smiled and we kissed. Seconds later, she was wildly riding my cock under the hot water as I sucked her stiff tits. "Oh god... FUCK ME!!!" She begged and I pounded upward into her groping her shaking tits.

She came hard, her juices running down the drain. She then rapidly deepthroated my shaft. Her throat was so tight. I finally forced her against the wall and shoved all my length into her ass.

She screamed loudly and begged me to go even faster. I then began furiously fingering her tight cunt as I sucked and twisted her tits madly. She screamed as another shattering orgasm hit her. She blasted

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dcbly writes Mon 9 Jul 2018 05:19:

I hope there is a part 2.


straight man writes Mon 9 Jul 2018 01:39:

Story is patchy, needs to flow better and a little more buildup of the characters


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