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Rasheed’s First Time (fm:female domination, 5090 words)

Author: Anonymous
Added: Jul 16 2018Views / Reads: 1159 / 709 [61%]Story vote: 8.67 (6 votes)
Rasheed desperately wants to lose his virginity, but maybe he should have learnt to control his urges!

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Note from author: I'm a virgin in my 20s and the only girlfriends I've ever had are my left hand and my porn, so I don't know what pussy tastes like so the description later down is gonna be not so good :) Also, this story is more about describing sex, and the SPH and femdom elements are not so focused upon.

It was 11pm. Rasheed was horny. He had been stroking his circumcised cock to porn for the last hour, edging himself. As he watched a video of a brunette with big tits being fucked in her ass, Rasheed felt aroused but also depressed at how he was a virgin at 23. He should have been writing up a report for his boss to be given in tomorrow, but his cock's needs were more important. Rasheed wished he had a girlfriend like his colleagues who he could fuck whenever he wanted, but his looks and his tiny 3.5 inch cock didn't help his self-esteem. Another hour later at midnight, Rasheed, sitting naked in his chair, finally grunted and ejaculated his spunk under the laptop table, letting jets of semen land on the carpet as he usually did, not being bothered to catch it with tissue.

The next morning, Rasheed sleepily went to work as usual in Central London. During his lunch hour, he locked the door to his corner office, pulled down the window blinds, and got naked before sitting in his chair and starting to stroke his penis, first with only thumb and index due to its short flaccid length and then with one hand. Initially, he thought of the sexy asses of some of his female colleagues in order to get erect, how he wanted to make them suck and jerk his cock, titty fuck, pussy fuck and ass fuck them and then cum all over their bodies, but then he switched to porn on his office laptop. Halfway through his hour, he came across a porno in which the actress was pretending to be a prostitute. Rasheed suddenly got an idea, and he considered going to a prostitute in order to lose his virginity. Searching online for escort services, he quickly found a website featuring ads from many women. He found one he thought he liked, ‘Katie', a 35 year old buxom blonde with a fine ass according to the sexy pictures she had posted which made Rasheed increase the pace of his stroking. He picked up his phone and dialed the number. After three rings a woman with a lovely northern accent answered.

‘Hello?' she answered.

‘Hi Katie, I saw your ad on the escort site?' replied Rasheed, his voice nervous and his cock close to critical at the fact that he was talking to a prostitute.

‘Yes, baby, what can I do?'

‘Um...what do you do for the normal £100 per hour price, baby?' breathed out Rasheed.

‘Blowjob with condom, sex with condom,' replied Katie.

‘What about blowjob without condom?' asked Rasheed.

‘That's extra £20, baby,' replied Katie.

‘Ok, um, what about rimming and licking pussy?' Rasheed asked bravely, having to slow down the pace of his wanking as he didn't want to cum over the office floor, and he was indeed close to the edge due to the explicit nature of the conversation.

‘Licking is fine, but for rimming, you mean licking my ass?' asked Katie.

‘Yes, baby, you are so beautiful and have a nice ass,' replied Rasheed, feeling he might have a heart attack if this conversation kept going.

‘Oh, thank you, but that's extra £10. Total £130?' replied Katie.

‘Ok, I'm also into small penis humiliation, and are you ok with slapping and punching my penis?' asked Rasheed, drunk from arousal.

Rasheed heard a slight giggle on the other end, which only made him hornier.

‘Ok, no problem, baby,' replied Katie, ‘What time are you coming?'

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Jo Jo writes Mon 16 Jul 2018 13:13:

Love it

JO xxx


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