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Real Rivals (fm:sci-fi/fantasy, 2514 words)

Author: Geminine Picture in profile
Added: Sep 10 2018Views / Reads: 526 / 366 [70%]Story vote: 9.57 (7 votes)
In the future, when sex is banned, a tough cop named Martha organizes a sex bust on her bitter rival, 'Deviant' Dee.

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Martha steadied her shoulder against the wall, near a door. A raygun clasped in her hand. The short cop's dark hair was tied in a tight bun. She flexed her jaw while talking into her collar device. "Is everyone in position?"

"On your move," a voice replied.

Martha showed a cocky smirk. "Ready to make the biggest sex bust in history?"


Martha stepped back from the door. With raygun in hand, she jumped forward and front-kicked the chrome door open. It twirled off its hinges. She rushed inside with the weapon aimed. As she crossed the threshold, Plexiglas slid across the doorway. She wheeled around, banged her fist against the acrylic surface, but to no avail.

"Well, hello there," a deep, sensual voice said from behind her.

"Deviant' Dee..." Martha said through grit teeth. A spotlight pointed the cop out in the dark recesses. She slowly rotated to the circular lobby.

With a single light above his head as well, Dee sat on his throne in the middle of the grand room. He wore a black cotton robe with a crown upon his blonde pompadour. In the shadows, surrounding his throne, naked bodies squirmed on the floor on top of one another. Moans, whispers, and kisses sounded from the shadows.

"You are all under arrest for this display of sexual deviance!" Martha shouted, but no one seemed to take heed. She pointed her raygun at Dee. "Did you use your patented pheromone toxin?"

"No. These people are my followers," Dee said. "Anybody that tries it can't deny it. Sex is too beautiful to be illegal."

"It creates disease and babies that no one can take care of." Martha eased down the aisle. Her gun remained forward, but her eyes darted from side to side.

In the gloom, a man buried his head between a woman's legs. Another couple, at their side, copulated in the missionary position.

"You've never been fucked?" Dee sat up straight in his seat, squared his broad shoulders. He had a look of pity upon his face.

"We're not here to discuss my sex life, Dee," Martha growled.

Dee carried on with his analysis anyways. "I mean... really fucked?" he asked. "No virtual helmets. No bodysuits. No SexWorld, no robots. I mean really, grunting, squirting, fucked."

"No." Martha continued forward. Her brows arched over a forbidding glare. "Filthy. I wouldn't e—"

"Oh, stop it. Don't act so prudish," Dee said. "Enemies know enemies well. Just like you spy on me, learn my habits, I do the same with you."

"What are you talking about?" Martha asked.


Martha slowed her steps, relaxed her stance a bit.

"That's right. I know you go to that sex amusement park." Dee smirked. "I wonder what fantasies you're working out in there. Robots or not, at least you're fuckin. It's unhealthy to keep it all bottled up, especially being on the police forc—"

"Enough!" Martha demanded silence.

"And by happenstance," Dee continued right along, "it's always before a confrontation, a bust."

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