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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am a registered user, but I forgot my password! Help!

Please check out our password service.

Q: I used the password service, I am SURE my password is correct, but still can't log on!

Check, double check and triple check! Also, do not only take care that the password is correct, but also carefully type the USERNAME! In many cases, people type the correct password but make a typo in the username. Obviously, that doesn't work either..

Q: I used the password service, but it can't find my email address!

Are you sure you used the same email address to sign up for the account? And did you add an email address to the account in the first place? Please check, and possibly try other email addresses you might have used. If you still can't find the account, it is likely that your account was removed due to inactivity, or that you never added an email address to the account.

Of course, you can simply create a new account when this has happened. It only takes a minute!

Q: What is the meaning of the reads/views that I see for each story?

A view is counted when a registered user looks at the first page of a story. If that user then clicks on the link to read the rest of the story, a read is registered. This can be an interesting statistic, because it shows how many users liked the story enough to read on after the first few paragraphs.

Stories that are so short they fit on one page (usually a poem) can only register views for this reason. There simply is no second page to go to.

Q: I have a website and would like to use your stories. Can I?

First of all, all stories on this site are submitted by the authors, none of them were written by the webmaster. We have permission to display the stories on this site. But it ends there. The stories are not ours to give!

The copyrights stay with the authors. If there is anything you want to do with them, other than reading them here on the site, you will have to contact the author for permission. We know from experience that most of them will gladly work together with you.

Q: I've seen one of the stories displayed on your site in many other places. It's a rip-off!

Are you sure? The fact that a story is shown in other places, doesn't say a thing. It's probably a popular story. We can't act based on that. We take copyrights very seriously. But I'm not going to chase ghosts.

Please contact the author of the story if you have doubts, and have the original author contact me in case of any copyright infringements. Original authors will get all the support they want from me. The story will be gone from my site before you know it, and we'll try to track down the infringer for the author.

Q: What's up with the votes for multi-part stories?

Votes for multi-part stories are stored separately for each part. As a reader, you can vote for each part individually. The system calculates the average over all parts and uses that average to rank the story. If you see the text "story vote:" for a multi-part story, it means that you see the average vote. If you see "part vote" it means that you see the votes for that particular part only. (For example if you click a "show all parts" link, you will get to see the votes for the separate parts).

The number of votes that is displayed together with the "story vote" is the number of unique users that voted for that story. So, if a certain user votes for two different parts, it will only count as one unique vote in that total.

Q: For an older story, I saw the number of votes go DOWN?!

The votes that are registered in our database are closely linked to the users (or better: user accounts) who gave these votes. If a user account is removed from the database, the corresponding votes are removed as well. As a result it is possible that an older story, that doesn't get many new votes anymore, has some votes removed while not getting any new votes. The end result is that the total number of votes (still) in our database goes down. This should only have a very minor effect and is nothing to worry about.

Q: How do I submit a multi-part story to the site?

Simply submit the story as you would do otherwise, but mention that it is part 2 (or 3, 4..) of the story. You can mention this in the title of the story, or in the comment box of the submit form ("comments to the webmaster").

Q: I have some stories published on the site, but I can't log on anymore!

Please check out our password service. If your account can't be found anymore, it may have been removed due to inactivity. Your story will not be removed, but your user account WILL.

If this has happened, you can simply create a new user account, and email me with 1) the username of your newly created user account and 2) the author name / story titles of your published stories. I will then again connect those stories to your user account. That will give you full control over the stories again!

Q: Why don't you have incest, underage, rape etc.?

It's a sliding scale. With those subjects you easily slide off into stories that I consider to be highly distasteful (to put it mildly).

This does not mean that all stories that contain such things are distasteful or bad. There are some really good and tasteful stories that cover such subjects. They are, however, always forbidden on this site!

There has to be a limit somewhere, and instead of going into grey areas and look at each individual case, I decided to stay on the safe side and set clear rules that are easy to interpret and won't cause difficult discussions. So, no incest AT ALL, no characters younger than 18 in sexual situations, and so on.

If you want to read about such subjects, I suggest you visit my sponsors. They cover just about everything that's still legal.

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