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Filled by more: 5> Billís birthday bash (fm:group, 6253 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: May 31 2018Views / Reads: 2632 / 2089 [79%]Story vote: 9.85 (13 votes)
Attending Billís birthday party, in a sexy little black skater dress and little more, Roxanne noticed that she was just one of a handful of invited women, while the men, a good few of who were black, outnumbered them many times over.
Two Wrongs Make a Right (fm:one-on-one, 13887 words) [1/5] show all parts
Author: Fluffy_Kat Picture in profile
Updated: Jun 20 2018Views / Reads: 777 / 599 [77%]Story vote: 9.78 (13 votes)
Two people on the wrong side of the law are attracted to one another. Sparks fly. But can they find a way to be together with the law and dangerous enemies standing in their way?
A New Teacher's Welcoming (fm:threesomes, 11090 words)
Author: Friskee_cpl Picture in profile
Added: Jun 15 2018Views / Reads: 2844 / 2464 [87%]Story vote: 9.76 (45 votes)
A new teacher arrives in town and he soon discovers that life just isn't what he's expected.
Filled by more: 6> Cucked by 5 (fm:slut wife, 4439 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Jun 06 2018Views / Reads: 1842 / 1456 [79%]Story vote: 9.75 (16 votes)
Realising that her husband, Fred, is unable to fully satisfy her after sampling black dick at the office party, Anna persuades him to let her meet other men, mostly 1 or 2, for sex. Before too long, though, she craves more, on one occasion as many as 5.
Nurse Sally (fm:oral sex, 2516 words)
Author: Naughty Miranda Picture in profile
Added: Jun 12 2018Views / Reads: 2141 / 1699 [79%]Story vote: 9.73 (41 votes)
Sex at Work... adultery... oral... this quick game of real life Doctors and Nurses has them all.
Chioma, My Irresistible Wife (fm:one-on-one, 1858 words)
Author: Lisa J
Added: Jun 09 2018Views / Reads: 702 / 504 [72%]Story vote: 9.73 (11 votes)
About a man who loved his wife so much and usually engage in sexual intercourse. But suddenly his wife started showing attitude which made him think his wife has found another lover, but instead she's pregnant for him.
Her Name Is Holly 1 (fm:romantic, 7920 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: jwdoney
Updated: May 07 2018Views / Reads: 2730 / 1677 [61%]Story vote: 9.71 (35 votes)
The story you didn't ask for, and I never expected to write! Picking up the pieces from K IS FOR KENNEDY and S IS FOR SARA, any hint will spoil the surprise, and this one is all real... all too real... and the last thing I ever expected.
Pleasure Cube (fm:sci-fi/fantasy, 2456 words)
Author: Geminine Picture in profile
Added: Jun 03 2018Views / Reads: 1213 / 966 [80%]Story vote: 9.71 (14 votes)
(Inspired by Hellraiser) At a house party, two girls find a a golden cube and unlock the pleasure configuration.
Giving into temptation: 8> Robertís slutty stepmother (fm:slut wife, 6721 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Apr 26 2018Views / Reads: 6085 / 5412 [89%]Story vote: 9.70 (46 votes)
Although Robert had a long hatred for Tanya, his stepmom, in recent months, having turned 18, he hated himself for the way he thought about her. She noticed, of course, the stains on the bed sheets when she did the laundry Ė she was every bit a temptress.
Bridge Of Sighs (fm:older women/men, 5752 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Jo Jo Picture in profile
Updated: May 19 2018Views / Reads: 3251 / 2610 [80%]Story vote: 9.70 (68 votes)
A romantic trip with a near stranger twice my age to Venice. WOW
Filled by more: 2> My backdoor gangbang (fm:slut wife, 6440 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: May 10 2018Views / Reads: 4904 / 4403 [90%]Story vote: 9.70 (33 votes)
Having inadvertently overheard a plethora of flattering comments made between her husband and his card playing buddies, the next time they were over, Sarah did more than just confront them about their erotic intimations.
The Blind Girl in the Snow: Part 1 (fm:romantic, 4697 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: Cyanide56
Updated: May 23 2018Views / Reads: 1551 / 991 [64%]Story vote: 9.70 (30 votes)
Follow up to Blind Girl in the Rain series - read first.
Filled by more: 3> Kate's revenge delivery (fm:slut wife, 4464 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: May 17 2018Views / Reads: 2197 / 1889 [86%]Story vote: 9.68 (19 votes)
Having discovered that her no good lazy husband was cheating on her, Kate, when three big black men delivered some furniture for his basement den, decided that a dose of revenge was in order as he watched the game upstairs.
Filled by more: 4> Paula pays the price (fm:slut wife, 6917 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: May 23 2018Views / Reads: 3362 / 2990 [89%]Story vote: 9.67 (24 votes)
Brian Little, the collegeís star quarterback finds himself in danger of being dropped from the team if his grades donít improve. His tutor, Paula Price, offers her help in return for that of Brianís. But can she trust him to keep it to himself.
The Cabin (fm:one-on-one, 3712 words)
Author: klondyke
Added: Jun 20 2018Views / Reads: 1171 / 971 [83%]Story vote: 9.65 (26 votes)
A group of friends go to a cabin and a storm one night brings two friends together.
Not That Sort of Girl (fm:oral sex, 2487 words)
Author: Naughty Miranda Picture in profile
Added: May 17 2018Views / Reads: 2669 / 1926 [72%]Story vote: 9.64 (42 votes)
She wasn't that sort of girl, and she never had been. No way. Until the night she met the sort of guy who changed her mind. Could also be filed under Adultery...
The Blind Girl in the Rain: Part 1 (fm:romantic, 3461 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: Cyanide56
Updated: May 19 2018Views / Reads: 1489 / 978 [66%]Story vote: 9.63 (37 votes)
When the company stud meets the girl of his dreams on a cold wet rainy day in Manhattan. A love story.
Uncontrolled Experiment: Evening News (fm:group, 8715 words)
Author: Ethereal
Added: May 14 2018Views / Reads: 2651 / 2323 [88%]Story vote: 9.62 (16 votes)
Madeleine gets called in for a special broadcast. What she discovers at the news desk opens her mind and changes her life...
Filled by more: 1> Privates on parade (fm:group, 4488 words)
Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: May 03 2018Views / Reads: 3775 / 3257 [86%]Story vote: 9.62 (34 votes)
Making out and getting hot and heavy with her soldier boyfriend in the barracks, they are presently disturbed and joined by three of his fit and muscular strapping army buddies.
A Cock in a Car (fm:oral sex, 1736 words)
Author: Naughty Miranda Picture in profile
Added: May 31 2018Views / Reads: 2151 / 1699 [79%]Story vote: 9.61 (36 votes)
We met at a club and we were driving back to his place. But I didn't want to wait until we got there.
The Hot Tub (fm:group, 3529 words)
Author: Lyn Picture in profile
Added: Jun 16 2018Views / Reads: 2250 / 1922 [85%]Story vote: 9.61 (36 votes)
I recently held a poll on whether my next story should be "Young Lyn" or "Older and bolder" or even "post marriage" - the most popular choice was the latter. So , here is a story with me and my husband, and another coupl
Achieving the Goal, Opened My World (fm:slut wife, 12078 words)
Author: Ann Stinson Picture in profile
Added: Jun 07 2018Views / Reads: 2136 / 1963 [92%]Story vote: 9.61 (33 votes)
Neglected married wife takes on fundraising role and successfully achieves the goal, leading to wild sex and fun opportunities missing from her life. Could fit many categories.
Fucking The Boss. It's Such A Cliché (fm:adultery, 7668 words)
Author: NoSayQuien Picture in profile
Added: Apr 24 2018Views / Reads: 5934 / 4902 [83%]Story vote: 9.58 (50 votes)
My husband's boss is a real "take charge" kind of guy!
Hotel Quickie With A Good Friend (fm:slut wife, 2382 words)
Author: oppy-n-rose Picture in profile
Added: Jun 14 2018Views / Reads: 2538 / 1988 [78%]Story vote: 9.58 (26 votes)
While spending a night at a hotel, I hook up for a quick fuck session with a close friend...
Birthday Party For My Husband (fm:cuckold, 9059 words)
Author: STE4funguy Picture in profile
Added: Jun 07 2018Views / Reads: 2387 / 2011 [84%]Story vote: 9.57 (28 votes)
Surprise 40th birthday party for a woman who found out her husband has been secretly reading wife sharing and cuckold stories without her knowledge and the party she plans in order to confront him about what it did to her when she found out..

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