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Interview with JenniferO (May 2005):

Welcome at this new item at Erotic Stories. For the first time in history of this site we are presenting you an interview with one of our authors. Depending on your enthusiasm, we will decide if we are going to keep making these interviews on a regular base. So any feedback from you people is greatly appreciated.

When we came up with the idea, first we had to think of some questions. After we received some help from the people who visit the forum, we made up a question list. That was the easiest part. Not much later the question came : Who ?

After considering a few names it became clear who would be the best first victim. Who could be a better first victim as Jennifer O, the most popular author on this site. A while ago she even posted a set of erotic pictures on this site with the help of Art. At first she doubted a little but we managed to convince her in doing this interview.

For a starters we asked her to write a short summary about herself, who she is and other normal regular stuff we might not know yet from her stories. This is what she had to say :

Jennifer : I'm single, never married, no kids. I'm 27 heading for 28 in November. I can't believe it going as fast as it is. I'm a professional artist, but I fortunate to be in the position of having not to work if I don't want to. My parents made some great investments in the 80's and pulled out of the market just before it collapsed in the 90's. They've both passed and I'm the spoiled only kid. I'd give everything to have them back, but life doesn't go in that direction, so I just keep on keeping on.

I'm into blues, I love it. I also have a thing for Euro lounge music. It's different, but when the mood hits, that's where I go. I love fast cars, I have a kit Cobra that my dad and I built. Well... the truth is that I hung out in the garage while he worked on it, but he seemed to enjoy my company so I suppose I did help after a fashion.

I do have a couple other cars including a big old Ford pickup that I love to drive around. A few years ago, I bought a Harley, but I was a bit too small to really feel comfortable on it, so I sold it again. I'm thinking maybe a V-Rod would be cool though.

When I'm not painting, I'm traveling. I split up my year that way. I sometimes think the only reason, I'm successful as an artist is because I don't need to be. I don't really feel any pressure to paint and so it seems to just come out well. I have no real reason to paint, other than I love doing it.

I'm trying to think of what else I can share, but I'm really kind of boring and just don't know what else there is of interest, I guess one other things, my stats. I tell them in most of my stories, but I suppose repeating here makes sense too. I'm barely 5 feet tall, I weigh 86lbs. I guess I have a kind of swimmers build... well... because I swim a mile every morning. I eat like a pig sometimes, so it's not my dieting that's keeping me trim. In truth though, I've never really had any weight problems other than trying to keep it on.

My measurements are 32B-18-31.

After this short summary about herself we decided to blast our questions at her. Here are the questions, mostly proposed by the people of the forum, and Jenniferís answers :

Question : Whatís the main reason why you write erotic stories?

Jennifer : Iím an exhibitionist and what better way to show off than to write about your most intimate experiences. It was cool to find a place to do that and retain some mystique. I love reading how people react to what I have to say.

Question : How did it all get started and what made you write your first story?

Jennifer : I guess it started online in some of the chat rooms. I would start talking and pretty soon, I had an audience asking for details. It got to the point that I would spend hours telling my stories. I finally decided to write full fledged stories. My early attempts were pretty weak, but I created a page on the old GeoCities site and became really popular. I even had some guest authors asking if they could post. Some did, some I didnít allow. Anyway, Yahoo found out about my site from a disgruntled author and they closed it down. A few months later I found this site and read some stories. I had never really compared what I was writing with anyone else, but after reading some of the stories on the site, I wondered if I would get posted. So I sent a story in and it was accepted. Then I started getting some feedback and I thought that was really cool. From that point on, I just wrote when I got the chance and posted them here.

Question : Do you write only fantasy or also true stories?

Jennifer : So far all my stories are pretty much true. I did add some elements to my earlier stories thinking that they had to be spicier. Now I pretty much stick to the truth of the situation. Timings change and sequences are sometimes altered, but the essentials are true. I think if you look at my writings, youíll find that as Iíve stayed closer to the truth, my stories gotten higher votes and now I realize that I have a fan base. How cool is that?

Question : Which ones do you prefer to write?

Jennifer : I have to write from experience, I write with too much detail for anything else to work. I canít imagine sitting there and making some of these things up. Iím fortunate that Iíve been a chronic diary writer most of my life, so I have a lot of stuff to draw from. From a story standpoint, I dated this guy Bob through Art School and he was truly a nut job, but funny as hell and wellÖ did I say crazy and a really good thing for me. He was a voyeur and I am an exhibitionist, it really worked well. He also understood and respected my need to maintain my good girl reputation. Thatís a reputation I still enjoy to this day believe it or not. Most people I know would be stunned to find that I post erotic stories on the internet. I sometimes feel like the hot librarian. You know like where everyone sees me one way, but if I take off my glasses than Iím smoking hot. That would be the comparison between my real life and some aspects of my sex life.

Question : Do you also enjoy reading erotic stories?

Jennifer : I do, but I find it hard to find stories that really appeal to me. I also have a very busy life and finding time is always an issue. If I had more time, Iíd find more stories that appeal.

Question : Which ones do you prefer to read, true or fantasy?

Jennifer : I much prefer stories that sound true to me. I donít really care if theyíre true or not, but if they sound true then I can imagine myself there and thatís hot. I try to get that in my writing. I want you there with me. I want you to feel things happening.

Question : Which genre does please you the most?

Jennifer : I guess maybe group situations or exhibitionist since those are the things I personally respond to.

Question : How long have you been writing now?

Jennifer : I guess maybe 8 or 9 years now, I think I started to write my adventures back in 1996 or 1997. Of course, Iíve been keeping diaries for years before that.

Question : Are all your stories posted on this site or do you have some secret stories you donít want to publish for the public ?

Jennifer : Thatís a hard one to answer. I mean I have stories that Iíve written but havenít posted. But the main reason is that I donít think theyíre ready yet. I donít even know why most of the time. They just donít have the right feel yet, maybe itís a word or a phrase in the wrong place, whatever the reason is, I wonít post until they are ready. My stories usually take some time to prepare. I write the basic story usually over a couple days. Then, most of the time, I get busy with other things and donít get back to it for a month or more. Sometimes, what seemed like a good story initially loses its shine when I reread it later. Other times, I know Iíve got a pretty good one, but itís just not right. Right now I have probably 6 stories in development. The next one that Iím trying to finish is called ďThe ShaveĒ, itís almost there, but not quite. I think Iím driving fans crazy waiting for that one to come and it will when itís ready. Iíve been working on that one on and off for just about a year. Thatís the longest Iíve ever worked on a story. I want the damn thing done so I can move on to the other ones that are also almost ready.

Question : How long does it take for you to write a complete story? How does the process go?

Jennifer : I touched on this above a bit. I generally write up the basic story in one first pass. Often, I start by outlining the story, then go back and write in the detail for each section. Once thatís done, then I go back again and start to blend everything, moving things around and trying to pace the story. I try to build an ebb and flow, I want to have the reader to get excited and calm down a little bit, then begin to build again until I finish with the grand finale ... Thatís how I like my sex and so thatís how I write it. If it doesnít excite me then it doesnít get posted. I love reading some of my older stories and feeling the excitement of the moment when those things happen. Thatís how I know that I caught the feeling of the moment. Iím most definitely not the best technical writer on this site by a long shot. But I do try to draw the reader into my world and make them understand whatís going on in my mind. I also want men to know that women find sex incredibly intoxicating. I often wonder how many other women have done some of the things Iíve done. I canít assume that Iím the only one who has. I think that most women just donít talk about it.

Question : What is the hardest part of writing a story?

Jennifer : Knowing what to leave in and what to take out is probably the hardest part for me. Itís really hard to have this great piece of writing and you have to take it out because it goes in the wrong direction either in tone or mood or sometimes, you just write yourself into a corner and have to start a passage over again. I find the same thing in my artwork. I have much more experience there and so recognize much earlier a wrong path while I can still correct it.

Question : How do you come up with your story titles?

Jennifer : My titles are really about as simple as I can make them, The Stag Party, The Wall, The SubwayÖ you get my meaning. By the time it comes to titling, Iím burned out on the story. I just name it what Iíve been calling it in my proof copy. By this point in time, Iím really hooked on the really simple titles though.

Question : The characters in your story are the based on true people if its a fantasy story?

Jennifer : They are all people in real life, names changed and all that, but real people. In fact, Iíve received a couple of emails from people who recognized themselves. One was one of the guys who were with me in the Dark Car story. It turns out that they wanted to drop off my girlfriend first and take me off somewhere for some more adventures. She wasnít aware of what had been happening, sheíd been sleeping the whole time, but she was having no part of them dropping her off and then turning around and driving back 20 minutes to drop me off. She mustíve sensed something.

Question : Do you have a favorite author on ES and if so, why?

Jennifer : I have a couple of authors that I follow when I read their stuff. I like Juleeís work. She has pretty cool concepts and is a good writer. Thereís another writer, Inkydo, he only has a couple of stories but I really like them a lot.

Question : Do you also publish your stories on other sites and if so, why?

Jennifer : I do publish some of my stories at another site. Sometimes, itíll be a request from someone who has a story site and reads one of my stories. I generally will allow them to post a couple stories and see how it goes. Most of the time, it ends there, I never get any feedback and honestly, thatís what I write for. I want to know what people think of my stories. My hope is that Iíll get a different perspective offered. if you only post on one site, you never get a different viewpoint or at least not enough of one to really help. At this point though, I havenít seen any real difference in the comments.

Question : Have you ever published a story on paper?

Jennifer : I havenít yet, Iíve been thinking about something though. Iím considering self publishing a book of my stories accompanied by some of my B/W pictures. Mostly a limited edition signed sort of thing. I was going to offer it on EBay, but I think thatís probably a dead idea now since they have stopped allowing adult content.

Question : What do you like the most and the least about writing erotic stories?

Jennifer : I like being able to share some of my crazier experiences with people and not be judged a bad person. I dislike how hard it is to do properly, I wish I was a better writer and could just say what I mean.

Question : Have you ever done research for a part of a story you didnít have any knowledge about?

Jennifer : Yes, sometimes I need more information about areas or geographies. Iím not very good with directions and such. I know that we are someplace but not generally how we mayíve gotten there. In that event I usually will look over the area so that my timings can work. I donít want someone reading something and saying, ďhey, thatís not rightĒ.

Question : Have you learned anything you would like to share since you started writing erotic stories?

Jennifer : I found that I like to write, I never wouldíve guessed that a few years ago. I mean I could write when I had to, but not for entertainment.

Question : Does it give you a good feeling to be the most popular author on this site? Do you have any other feelings about it perhaps?

Jennifer : I really donít know what to make of it. I feel good obviously that so many have enjoyed my stories. I was frankly stunned a couple of days ago to find that I owned that honor, I was stunned and still am. There are a lot of authors here who I think are technically better writers. I just write as honestly as I can and really try hard to put the reader in the driverís seat. Itís nice to see that they seem to like that as well. Iíll just continue to write and see how it goes. Iíd like to thank all those people whoíve read my stories and enjoy what I write about. I especially like to hear from people. I try to answer most of my emails. I donít typically answer those emails from people who are just writing to let me know that theyíd like to screw me. There isnít much to be said there after that. Otherwise, I love to hear from fans.

Now that was our first interview with one of the authors of Erotic Stories. I hope you enjoyed and remember : feedback is always welcome. The more feedback, the bigger the chance that we will do this kind of interviews more often. So let us know what questions you would like to see in the next interview.

Please read JenniferO's stories, you can find them here.

With kind regards,

Amanda Marais

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