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Jan Prins is one of ES.com's longest serving authors, publishing here since April 2001 when he posted "Naomi," he says, "late at night; tired and needing to get this 'let's write an erotic story' thing out of my system..." Since then a dozen new stories have appeared, although they don't always stay online for long! "My most recent one was 'Crazy', inspired by somewhat true events... That I recently deleted, so the latest one is 'Beefcake'." Oh well, self-editing is an author's prerogative!

Q: Now, is there anything you'd like to tell us about yourself?

A: I am somewhat of a geek: I collect action figures. My collection of Vintage Masters of the Universe action figures being my absolute pride and joy. And I have an 18 inch monster. This guy made a lot of naked girls scream! I am referring to my Jason Voorhees action figure. Why? What on earth were YOU thinking about?

Q: How and when did you begin writing erotic stories?

A: How? I sat in front of a PC one night, very late, mind you, and yeah... there it went. I wrote Naomi, my first story and submitted it I think at about 1 am...

Q: Have you published anywhere other than ES.com?

A: I have looked at other sites, but found that eroticstories.com is the best. I have done the Kindle thing, but seriously, the interaction one gets from readers on this site is awesome. Also, Art is a good guy, and he has helped me quite a bit in understanding our readers mind. And until he decides to take down the site for whatever reason, I will support ES for as long as I can...

Q: What is it about writing erotica that you most enjoy?

A: Okay, that is difficult to answer. I guess the sad reality is that my job which takes up about 12 hours of my day is seriously a spirit killer. And when writing erotica it gives me chance to escape a bit. Get lost in the world I am creating...

Q: What is your favorite category to write in, and why?

A: At the risk of sounding indifferent, I cannot honestly say that I have a favourite category. Depending on the mood I am in, I may end up writing stories across a variety of categories. I have written lesbian erotica, which I like, but then again, I enjoyed writing Neill, which is a story filed under the gay section as well... And then the male/female stories as well.

Q: How much of yourself do you include in your stories?

A: Quite a few of the incidents that happened in my life are in my stories, or things that I see happen to other people in my life. And mostly, from these stories, it is a what if type of scenario. Scorned for example, was based off a couple that did go through a break up and reconciliation, but I asked, what if the wife had other plans?

Q: Is there anything that happens in your stories that you would really like to try in "real life", but haven't yet been able to?

A: At the risk of getting shot, no. But okay, seeing you ask so nicely... Shark cage diving would be a good one. And then making love to a beautiful woman afterwards, with that fear and adrenaline still fresh in your system... Though, I think the guys on the boat may complain a bit. Yeah, I'll put that on my bucket list.

Q: Does your partner or any of your friends know that you write? What do they think?

A: My partner knows I write, but dislikes the idea

A: But that is just because erotica is not her cup of tea

A: But she allows it, because she knows I do it for fun, and in real life I am a far cry from what I write in my stories.

Another good friend of mine is the pastor of a church, and I somehow cannot see him engrossing himself in the latest adventure of Jodi and Devon, for example.

Q: What, if any, difficulties do you face when writing - erotic writing difficulties and general writing difficulties? And how do you overcome them?

A: Silly as this may sound, I find writing the sex scenes actually difficult. How do you write a scene that is not straight from a Hustler movie? And how do you give a reader enough sex without overdoing it? To me, there is a fine line between erotica and porn. And I try and stay away from porn scenes as much as possible. So if I write a scene, and I see the opening titles as Larry Flynt Presents, then I backtrack a little...

Also, the best advice I read one day was: Forget about the sex for a while, and focus on the story you want to tell. And that makes it difficult. I am honestly tired of the guy meets girl and they fuck stories. Yes, that is what erotica is about, I suppose. But I strive to give my readers a bit more than that. There has to be a bit more to it than: Wow you are hot. Let's fuck!

Q: How about in more general terms - how do you feel about the "outside world"'s perception of erotic writing?

A: I am by nature not a very social person. And believe it or not, when I talk about erotica I blush. So my intellectual conversations I had with other readers of erotica are somewhat limited.

Q: One thing that I love about ES is that you very quickly build up a community of fans, who enjoy writing to and hearing from their favorite authors. Do you have any favorite topics that have surfaced in these "conversations"?

A: The one where a bucket list of guys thought I was a woman. Seriously, I found this model that I had in mind when I wrote the female character for Beefcake, and I stuck this pic of her breasts on my writer's profile. I mean, this is an erotic stories website, so sure a pair of boobies is not going to cause anything, would it? Bah. Next thing I know my mailbox is FLOODED with mails...

Guys, sorry if the pic was a bit misleading... It was never meant to give the wrong impression. Hopefully you liked my stories more than the pic...

Q: How do you feel when you receive negative comments or very low votes from readers?

A: I do not mind negative comments or low votes. As much as I would love to, I cannot keep all the readers happy. Of course, getting a score of 6 for a story you liked writing is not a good feeling. But I will not jump off a bridge for that.

What I really like though, is honesty. If a reader gives me a low score for a story, and he can motivate that score, it is great. Recent feedback I got from a reader on a story was: Way too wordy and not enough sex. That is great feedback. I can build on that.

But then again, and I am sorry if I step on some toes here, I recently got a comment that read: Kind of a silly story. I wanted to respond to the guy and say: Kind of a silly comment. Readers need to know we write for them, our audience. And in keeping their comments honest and constructive, we can and will write better stories for you.

Q: And do you read, and respond to, other writers on the site? Who are your favorites?

A: This is one of the things that make me cry at night when I go to bed. I love reading, but thanks to a very full daily roster, I have to prioritize a bit. That does not leave a lot of time for reading other authors stories.

I did read a very good story from sexyblonde, Handcuffed that I liked. (A story since removed from the site I see.)

And at the risk of sounding like a suck-up, I love Naughty Miranda's stories as well. Just love it...

Q: Thank you. (Shuffles her page of questions, trying to find her place.) Do you remember the first pornography you ever saw?

A: Bad Girls. Starring Janine Lindemulder. My first thought: So by the Gods, they DO stick it in!

Q: What's the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

A: There was this circus clown midget, a lion and a whip... Kinky? I wish...

Q: Do you have any fantasies that you would like to fulfill?

A: I REALLY would love to live Hugh Hefner's life for a month or three. The mansion, the girls... the parties... Lame I know...

Q: What is a major turn on for you during sex?

A: A girl that can lose herself in the moment. This one time, not at bandcamp, I met this girl that never heard about Metallic

A: So I brought along the Black album one night, played it to her, and well. They say a gentleman never discusses these things, but suffice to say I will never forget that girl...

Q: How about a major turn off?

A: Bad body hygiene. If you want me down there, ensure that you do not smell of dead rat or something... That had happened once...

Q: How do you feel about same sex relationships, both personally and as a writer?

A: The short answer would be I have no problems with same sex couples. If I did, I would be a hypocrite, as quite a few of my stories features same sex couples. Also, if I did not approve of them, I would feel too much like I am exploiting something precious for other people just to give readers a hard-on. And in my writing, I try not to exploit. Yes, I want to give readers a hard on, but not at the cost of something dear to someone else.

Will I ever be in a same sex relationship? No. It is more a case of been there, done that, but it honestly was not for me.

Q: Do you explore these feelings, positive and negative in your stories?

A: One of the things I am guilty of I think, is that I do not internalize what my characters are feeling. For example, in Jodi and Devon, Jodi ends up having sex with her stepmom. Now, I hoped to get the idea across that Jodi and her dad got along very well, and that she loved him. So, if you think about it, there could have been a lot more guilt from Jodi's side. But, I also want to write a story that readers find to be a feel good story. The last thing they want to identify with is guilt. So I let it slide a bit, in the hopes that the readers enjoy the story a bit more.

Q: How long does it take for you to write a story? Could you talk us through the process?

A: It can take me a few good hours to actually write a story. And unfortunately, I find that I can be distracted easily by an Ipad, a phone or something silly. That makes the writing take that much longer.

But the process is something like this:

I get the idea for a story, and whilst driving to work for example, I will work on it in my mind a bit. Let it play out, see where it is going and what is going to happen. Part of the challenge for me, especially now is trying to break out of the Hustler groove. A sex scene does not always have to start with a blow job, then progress to the woman getting her pussy seen to good and solid and then sex.

When I have the basic story, I will sit down in front of the PC and write.

Once that part is done, I submit the story. Yes, I do not edit a story, and I know that in the publishing world that is a carnal sin. Maybe it is to my own detriment, maybe not.

Q: What do you think is the best story you have published here?

A: I hate blowing my own horn, but the story I like the most has to be Beefcake. And Scorned comes in a close second.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview and your fans? Now is your chance...

A: TO all the fans, thanks for reading and thanks for all the votes that came in on my stories. It is great to write and see the appreciation or lack thereof. But keep your comments honest and the scores as well.

Q: Finally, do you have a website or a blog, where your fans can visit and maybe learn more about you?

A: I do. But alas I do not keep it up to date as much as I should really. You can head on over to ekisjan.wordpress.com and read a bit there...

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