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Q. How long have you been publishing at ES?

A. I've been an avid reader at ES for basically as long as I've had access to the internet, but I only just recently published my very first story here, towards the end of 2011. Before that, I'd never really even considered writing something myself, much less letting other people READ what I wrote. I was kind of intimidated by the idea of putting my fantasies out there for complete strangers to read and comment on.

When I finished my first story, ES was the very first place I published it, and everyone in the community was so supportive and encouraging that I immediately knew my worries were unfounded. It's funny, you'd think posting on a site so saturated with sexual content would lead to really gross, obnoxious comments from people, but actually I found that the people here are infinitely more friendly, intelligent, and mature than the people who post on sites dealing with more high-brow topics like politics, news, etc.

Q. What and when was the first story you published here?

A. In November of 2011, I published the first chapter of Bosom Buddies, which I only just recently finished. The story is basically a rose-colored re-telling of my experience in high school, discovering sex and love for the first time. I really was that kid: the un-fuckable, un-date-able "nice guy" with a bunch of really good female friends. Then, my senior year, things started to change, and I went from being "just friends" with all these gorgeous girls in my class to being something that was both a whole lot more awesome and a whole lot more confusing at the same time.

I love using high school as a setting for erotic stories. Everybody at that age is naive and confused and frustrated and insecure about sex, no matter if they're a virgin or if they're getting laid every single day. Every experience is new and bewildering. A quick peck on the lips can be terrifying and horrible and wonderful all at the same time. While we technically get "better" at sex as we get older, we all only get one first time. I feel like, as adults, we spell the word sex: "s-e-x." As teenagers, it's is spelled: "S-E-X-!-!-!"

Q. How many stories have you published since then?

A. Bosom Buddies was originally supposed to just be three chapters. Then I decided to push it to five. Then six. Then eight. In the end, I wound up writing ten installments, totaling around 100,000 words. What started out as a sexy little story I was writing on a horny little whim eventually turned into a bona-fide-fucking-novel. I'm glad to have the whole thing finally done so I can start playing around with new characters and new stories.

As this was my first time writing erotic fiction, I had to figure out everything as I went--like how difficult it is to construct a coherent group sex scene ("She bit down on my nipple" -wait, which "she?" There's HALF A DOZEN "she's" in this scene! Argh!). Going in, I had no idea how tough it would be to write a scene like that, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. I think the final stretch of Bosom Buddies is maybe the sexiest part of the whole story.

Q. When did you begin writing erotic stories -and why?

A. If you'll indulge me, I'd like to answer this question with a story. A true story. It's been 15 years, but I'll tell it as accurately as my memory allows:

Bosom Buddies was the first erotic story I ever wrote, but it wasn't the first one I ever TRIED to write. Depending on your perspective, my first attempt at writing erotica was either a resounding success or a hilarious failure.

I was a 18 years old and killing time at my school library, waiting for my friend "Tess" to swing by and pick me up to drive us to a creative writing class we were taking together at the local junior college. Ever since I'd first met her my freshman year, I had been secretly (and painfully) attracted to Tess--she was fun, artistic, had kind of a naughty sense of humor, and the way her body filled out a swimsuit practically gave me a heart attack every summer when we'd hang out at the pool.

While I was waiting for her at the library, I picked up a copy of what looked like some wannabe Robert Ludlum suspense thriller and started reading--only to discover that the book was positively loaded with the worst kind of cheesy, self-serious sex scenes you could imagine (writing like, "He knew in his heart that a fire like hers would incinerate his soul with untold pleasures.").

But, cheesy or not, I was amazed that there was an explicitly erotic novel in my high school library. So I checked it out and threw it in my backpack.

After our writing class ended, Tess and I went back to her parents' house to hang out for the evening, and I showed her the book. From the privacy of her bedroom, she and I spent the next few hours laughing our asses off, whispering as we read the sex scenes out loud with our most melodramatic narrator voices.

I don't remember if it was her or me that first came up with the idea, but eventually we decided it would be fun to write a deliberately cheesy erotic suspense thriller of our own. So we sat down side by side at her computer and took turns typing, pausing to laugh after every sentence as we described our two sexy protagonists, and then threw them into bed together with the silliest dialogue we could possibly concoct.

But, after a couple of pages, something unexpected happened. Despite the fact that we were just trying to make each other laugh, we both started to get really, really turned on by what we were doing. While I was describing our fictional heroine's heaving breasts, I kept subconsciously glancing over at Tess's own incredibly rack for a visual reference.

She called me on it, saying, "You want to give her my boobs?"

I turned red and embarrassedly answered, "Well, your boobs are pretty much perfect, so yeah."

When, in the next paragraph she described our fictional hero's eyes, I couldn't help but notice that they bore some striking similarities to MY eyes.

Tess went into the bathroom to change into her pjs, and when she came back I did my absolute best not to fixate on the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath her skimpy little cotton camisole. Instead of sitting back down in the desk chair beside me, she plopped her nice, tight butt down onto my lap and went right back to writing our story.

Only now, everything we wrote was a lot less funny. Without even realizing it, we'd stopped trying to make each other laugh--our silly little story had gradually turned sexier and sexier.

As she typed, I started massaging her neck, innocently letting the spaghetti straps of her top slide down off her shoulders, until her neckline was drooping down past a dangerous amount of cleavage. She pretended not to notice.

I forced myself to shift my gaze to the screen as I took over typing duties from her, wrapping my arms around her soft, warm body in order to reach the keyboard. She adjusted her weight on my lap and leaned forward, pressing her braless breasts against my wrists...

Throughout all the years we'd been friends, Tess and I had never once crossed the line into anything more serious than this. We'd come close on a few occasions--snuggling up together for the night at a mutual friend's sleepover birthday party, and playing one particularly memorable game of spin-the-bottle--but we'd never done anything we couldn't just shrug off the following morning as a case of two friends goofing around.

But sitting there in that chair, with her snuggled up in my lap, writing that absurd erotic story--I wanted her so goddamn badly I knew I was in trouble.

"This is... fun," she giggled nervously. I could tell by the way she'd struggled with the word "fun" that it had been a last minute replacement for what she'd really wanted to say. Her cheeks were now bright red and she was making no effort whatsoever to readjust the shirt that was quickly slipping down off her body.

When I glanced down and saw the shape of her nipples plainly poking out through that shirt, I completely lost my train of thought. Luckily, Tess took over for me, continuing our story right where I'd left off...

And freeing up my hands to wander wherever they pleased. I slipped my fingers up beneath the bottom of her shirt, gently tickling her stomach as she typed:

"And then he swooped around behind her, wrapping his strong arms around her body, his breath hot on the back of her neck."

I sighed a breath of hot air against the back of her neck, teasingly grazing her skin with my lips. Tess's whole body shuddered, and she rolled her head back against my shoulder with an amorous sigh. Her butt squirmed on my lap, driving me crazy.

Her hands dropped from the keyboard to my thighs, squeezing tightly.

I reached around her and started typing on the keyboard again. My eyes weren't on the screen, however--I was just watching for Tess's reaction as I wrote:

"She grabbed hold of his hands, forcing them against the swells of her bosom, crying out as he bit down on her shoulder."

My beautiful friend glanced back at me, her eyes wide. Filled with desire. Plain as day.

While she was facing me, I wrote something else. Tess spun back to read what I had typed:

"Just fucking kiss me, Tess."

All of a sudden, her lips were mashing against mine, hot and messy and out of control with lust. My hands filled with her incredible breasts and squeezed. Our eager, youthful tongues did their best to make sense of each other's mouths.

"Let's get on the bed," she panted. "I wanna, um, snuggle."

No she didn't. But that's okay, neither did I. Laughing excitedly, the two of us scurried over her bed, slid under the covers, and went right back to making out, naughtily groping away at everything there was to grope.

We didn't have some kind of marathon fuck-fest, the stars and the heavens didn't cry out our names as we came, and as far as I know nobody's soul got incinerated by untold pleasures--but for a couple of horny, frustrated kids like us, those few hours we spent fooling around on that bed together were pure euphori


So, like I said, depending on your perspective, that first attempt at an erotic story was either a resounding success (I fooled around with my hot friend for hours and hours), or a hilarious failure (we abandoned the story after only three pages).

Flash forward fifteen years, and Tess is still a mutual friend of my wife and I. When she came to stay with us for a few days near the end of 2011, it brought back a lot of old memories. Her brief visit made me think of all my horny misadventures in high school, and my single aborted attempt at an erotic story.

I thought it might be fun to give it another shot, and here we are today.

Q. To begin with, what can you tell us about yourself? Three or four points that will help your fans get to know you a little better.

A. First off, I'm a total romantic. I absolutely believe in true love because I'm lucky enough to have found it. My wife is my best friend and the best choice I ever made. We're one of those absolutely sickening couples who can't stand being apart from one another for more than a few hours.

Second, I'm a huge nerd. Always have been. I'm a grown man who loves comics and Star Wars and dinosaurs and ninjas. I can't tell you how jealous I am of nerds today; in the post-Peter Jackson era, being a nerd is a goddamn status symbol. When I was in school, liking IRON MAN wasn't normal, it was an excuse for someone on the football team to toss your ass in a dumpster. I can't decide whether I should be bitter about it or happy for the kids today.

Let's go with happy. Happy usually tends to work out better for everyone involved.

Third, I'm not exactly a goof, but I generally try not to take myself too seriously. I don't think I'm ever gonna write something that's particularly grim, or dark, or tragic. While I believe every good story needs conflict, at the end of the day, I'm writing to entertain, with the hope that people enjoy the experience.

Physically: Early 30s. Average height. Average cock. Circumsized. I try to keep in pretty good shape. Women tend to like me for my eyes, which are kind of exotic-looking since I'm mixed race (like, SERIOUSLY mixed. I'm what happens when they put all the DNA from Europe in a blender with all the DNA from South America). My wife says the sexiest thing about me is my "sensual touch," whatever that means. I think it's probably just her way of tricking me into giving her a back massage.

Q. Tell us about your first truly memorable and exciting erotic experience - who was it with, what did you think, what did you do?

A. This is probably more funny than sexy, but it was during summer vacation one year in high school, and I was with my first real girlfriend. She was this tiny, tiny, tiny, petite little genius girl I'd known since elementary school. Less than five feet tall, weighed about as much as my cat, sharp as Stephen Hawking. We'd only JUST decided we were a couple, and as a result our relationship was chaste in the Victorian sense of the word: holding hands, long walks, totally innocent stuff like that.

After a few days, I built up the nerve to finally kiss her--and when I did, it was amazing. Fireworks in my brain, the whole shebang. I would have been happy spending the rest of the night just making out with her, but, unbeknownst to me, this girl had been harboring a massive crush on me since like the dawn of time. While I'd been screwing up the courage just to kiss her, she'd spent years fighting the urge to rip my clothes off with her teeth.

Anyway, the second I finally kissed her, what little remained of her restraint just disintegrated and she attacked me like some crazed Beatles fan. All these pent-up erotic fantasies poured out of her:

"Oh my god, you're so beautiful--you've got such a great body--take your clothes off, I wanna see you naked..."

She was always so clever and articulate, but all of a sudden she was just a moaning, muttering mess of hormones, yanking at my shirt. I'd say it was an ego trip, seeing a girl who was so into me, but I was way too nervous to be feeling any kind of ego whatsoever.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a guy and I was horny, but I was also totally terrified and inexperienced. It was probably a kind of hilarious visual: she was SO much smaller than me, but she was so horny and I was so petrified that she wound up calling all the shots and doing all the work.

She ripped off my shirt and threw it in the bushes, and just started kissing and licking all over my chest. Then she grabbed my hand and forcibly crushed it against her adorable little breasts. A second later, my shoes were gone, my pants were around my ankles, and my eyes were practically bugging out of my head as she slipped my erection into her mouth.

I was too nervous to come, but the pleasure of her tongue on my shaft at least got me excited enough to start participating. After a few minutes, I tore her off of me and hoisting her back up to her feet. Even on my knees, I was still mouth-level with her tits, so I hiked up her shirt and started licking and kissing her nipples through the tiny lace bra she had on.

Her legs turned to water and she collapsed into my arms. I kissed her some more and she took the initiative to unbutton her jeans, then grabbed my hand and slid it down below her waistline, below the little blue panties she had on. I couldn't believe how hot she felt down there. Couldn't believe this was all really happening to me.

She grabbed hold of my penis again as I kinda-sorta started awkwardly rubbing her pussy--

And seriously, she came in like fourteen seconds. Sometimes anticipation is the mother of all aphrodisiacs.

I didn't even come that night, but it's definitely something I'll always remember.

Q. What do you look for in a lover... and what do you look for in a one-night stand?

A. I'm a male feminist, so I'm all about equality in the bedroom. I've met women who think the man is always supposed to initiate sex, always supposed to be on top, etc, but honestly it's a huge turn-on for me when a woman is willing to take the initiative. I love self-confidence in women, it's unbelievably sexy. I want a woman who's comfortable enough with her own body to really enjoy herself. In a lover, I want a partner. Not a master, not a slave--an equal.

As for one-night stands... I've only had like two and I regret them both. Random hookups aren't really my cup of te

A. That said, if I were looking for a one night stand, I'd want it to be with someone funny, approachable, and not "putting it out there" too obviously. No matter how beautiful she may be, any woman that's begging for attention is an instant turn-off. For example, I know some guys think it's hot, but when I see two obviously straight girls making out with each other at a party, I just roll my eyes and move along. I don't see a potential threesome, I see two insecure women desperate for validation from their male audience.

That said, the idea of a one night stand that ended with me bedding two lovely women who actually WANTED a threesome is certainly not unpleasant.

Q. What's the kinkiest thing you have ever done? And what did you think about it afterwards?

A. When we were younger, my wife and I loved getting each other off when there were other people in the room with us. Not, like, as a show of exhibition, but in secret, hoping we wouldn't be caught. Sitting on the couch beside our friends, with a blanket draped over us, trying to hide our orgasms from them as we discreetly stroked each other. Or in college, waiting until the common areas in or dorms were empty, and then pulling up a chair and fucking in plain sight, knowing that at any second a random person might come waltzing in and find us.

Once, we screwed around in front of others without even trying to hide it. We were on a double date with two close friends, and while watching a movie, she and I just started pawing at each other. We didn't take our clothes off, but we were obviously stroking each other off in full view of them. After a few minutes, they started going at it too, right beside us. It was a lot of fun in the moment, but turned out REALLY awkward afterwards. We never did anything like that again.

Then there was the time my wife and I were stuck in a traffic jam and horny as hell, and she unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, and started fisting me. I gripped the steering wheel and tried to control my expression as I came all over her hand. It was broad daylight, and there were cars packed all around us, filled with people. Anyone who looked our way would have easily been able to see what she was doing. It's funny--on the surface, my wife seems like she's the sweetest angel in the world, but she's got this devious streak. Way more than I do. I still wonder if any of the people in those other cars saw what she was doing...

Q. What is the strangest place you have ever had sex?

A. Berkeley.

Q. Big tits or small? Legs or ass?

A. Her smile. I know, I know, anyone who's read my story is gonna call bullshit, since I spend like half of the page count describing a bunch of tits, but it's true. Every girl I've ever gone for has had an amazing smile. That's the number one most important physical attribute for me.

As for my other preferences... definitely big tits. I'm a "tit man," all the way, and I prefer women who have a certain degree of softness to their figure. Curves, in general, are great.

Legs or ass? I say ass. You can bite it, you can grope it, you can smack it; asses are nonstop fun in the bedroom. Unlike breasts, I don't really have any strong predilections for a woman's derriere; big, small, firm, soft--any ass can be beautiful as long as it's attached to the right girl.

Q. Have you ever been with a girl who couldn't fit your cock in her mouth? What did you do instead?

Lame answer: No. I've got a pretty standard-issue set of equipment down there, nothing that wouldn't fit in an adult human mouth. Even my very first girlfriend--who, as I said, was about the same size as the Keebler elves--could at least get her lips around me.

But here's the thing: for me, and I think for a lot of guys, the visual component of oral sex is every bit as stimulating as the actual feel of a girl's mouth on my cock. Just the lewd sight of her planting big, wet kisses up and down my shaft, or tracing her tongue along the underside of my crown, can make it the greatest thing in the world. A creative, enthusiastic blowjob will blow my mind way more than just having some girl relax her throat and take me all the way.

Q. Tell us some of your sexual preferences.

A. Giving pleasure is maybe my single biggest turn-on. Feeling her get wet against my touch, hearing her moan, watching her come; nothing gets me more excited.

I tend to over-fixate on my woman's breasts in bed. My favorite sex position is cowgirl, because it gives me the best view of her tits as they bounce in my face, and puts me in an excellent position to suckle her nipples while we fuck. While she's going down on me, I like to grope at my wife's breasts, squeezing harder or softer to let her know whether I want her to up the intensity on her blowjob or take things slower.

My biggest fetish is sliding my cock between a nice, big, juicy pair of lubed-up tits. It's an added bonus if she likes it when I blow my load and make a mess all over her cleavage.

Q. What is it about writing erotica that you most enjoy?

A. It's unbelievably arousing spending hours at a time visualizing other people having sex and trying to get inside their heads to describe what's going on. I get so horny while I'm working on a story, it can actually be a pretty bad distraction. I'll make myself come several times while writing any given sex scene.

From a creative standpoint, erotica is really liberating. Us guys think about sex every five seconds or something, so trying to write a piece of fiction where it isn't an absolute constant in our inner monologues always feels artificial. I love the Harry Potter books, for example, but they're the most inaccurate representation of a pubescent boy's innermost thoughts that you could possibly imagine. He's a rich, popular jock who can turn invisible to sneak out of his dormitory and do wherever he wants--yet all he ever worries about is passing his damn potions class. I know it was written by a mom, but come on.

The nice thing about writing erotica vs. "adult romance" (or whatever they call it), is that erotica actually treats sex like what it is. In real life, when I desire someone, I don't fantasize about her "euphemizing my hot, throbbing euphemism." Erotica is for grown-ups, and grown-ups are allowed to use the word "cock." I've read arguments that, unlike romance, erotica isn't literature because it doesn't come up with flowery ways to describe nut sacks and buttholes, and I find that train of logic to be utterly absurd. The art is in coming up with characters and situations that the reader cares about, not coming up with some new absurd way of saying "cunt." Just call it a cunt, call it cum, call it fucking--use the words human beings actually use--and move on with the important part of the story.

Also, as a genre erotica requires more audience participation than most, since, you know, the reader is supposed to come at some point if you do your job. In addition to laughing and crying, erotica writers also get to make people come. That's awesome.

Q. What's the secret to writing a really hot sex scene?

A. For me, it's all about context. The who and the why. The most important part of any sex scene is how they get there in the first place. The most vividly described sex can only be interesting to a certain point if the motivation for it goes no deeper than two attractive people anonymously walking into a room and jumping on one another. It's why, dumb as they are, porn films still have scripts. There's no such thing as "just sex." People need to feel loved or wanted, or they need to feel powerful, or they just want to do something nice for the other person. Sex is always a means to an end, it's never the end in and of itself.

Also, pacing is major for sex scenes. The reader should feel like he or she is experiencing the scene as it unfolds on the page. When the action speeds up, the writing should speed up to match it.

Lastly, I always try to throw in some detail to make what's happening feel more realistic. Some little moment of awkwardness, where things don't go 100% perfectly. Even though it might be a fantasy, it's always hotter when there's something human you can relate to (i.e. one character's arm falling asleep trapped beneath the other's body, struggling to remove a certain piece of clothing, smacking your head against the bed's headboard, etc.).

Q. Does your partner or any of your friends know that you write? What do they think?

A. My wife knows, but that's it. Since so many of the characters in my story are based on real people, I sometimes wonder if any of them have read it, and if so, if they recognize themselves. My wife is totally supportive as long as I stay anonymous. She thinks it's really fun, and it's a great "primer" for us when I read something I've written to her while we're in bed together.

Q. What is your favorite category to write in, and why?

A. Hmm, either "First Time," or "Group"/"Threesome." I love writing about younger people, because the joy of sexual discovery is so overwhelming and so emotionally complicated. And stories about a man with multiple female partners really turn me on--probably because I've been in a monogamous, committed relationship for ten years. For me, there's a certain "road untraveled" allure to writing group sex stories.

Q. How much of yourself do you include in your stories?

A. In Bosom Buddies? A lot. That story is basically all autobiographical. I took some dramatic liberties, obviously, but it's more or less a true story. The narrator "Ian" has a lot in common with teenage me, and the girls all have a lot in common with actual female friends of mine.

That said, I plan to reach outside of my own experiences and comfort zone a bit more with future stories. The one I'm working on now, for example, is told from a woman's POV. So I'm definitely not writing about myself.

Q. Is there anything that happens in your stories that you would really like to try in "real life", but haven't yet been able to?

A. Going back to my whole "breast fetish" thing--in Chapter 3 of Bosom Buddies, Ian gets a double tit-fuck from two voluptuous beauties. Much as I love fucking my wife's spectacular big tits, I would go absolutely nuts if I could have another woman there with us as well, smushing her breasts around me at the same time.

Q. One thing that I love about ES is that you very quickly build up a community of fans, who enjoy writing to and hearing from their favorite authors. Have you ever gone further and started IMing, texting or even met any of your fans?

A. I haven't met anyone in person, but I have tried to respond to every single person who's reached out to me. I was totally blown away by how friendly and supportive the community is at ES, and I love exchanging comments and emails with people. Before I published, I was a reader only; I never really contributed to the social aspect of the site because I never really understood it. Getting in touch with so many great people has been the single most welcome side-effect of writing my own stuff.

Speaking of which, anybody reading this who wants to drop me a line, I would love to hear from you! And please don't be shy about going into explicit detail in your comments :)

Q. How do you feel when you receive negative comments or very low votes from readers?

A. Criticism is important for any writer, especially one who's fairly new to this stuff, like I am. I think my writing has improved quite a lot since I started writing a year ago, and part of that is due to comments I've gotten from readers. I have actually edited the story a few times since first publishing it, to adjust things people have pointed out to me. Really, any sort of feedback is welcome and appreciated.

As for low votes--when you're dealing with topics as diverse and personal as people's sexual preferences, there's just no way to please everyone with a given story. As an author, I'm writing to entertain and arouse people, so as long as I'm generally accomplishing that, low scores don't really matter to me. As a reader, I think voting should be done as often and as honestly as possible, since it really helps guide you to the better content on the site.

Q. What do you think is the best story you have published here?

A. I think the best installment of Bosom Buddies is probably Chapter 7. A lot of the drama finally comes to a head in that part of the story and it's definitely one of the hottest chapters. Passionate lovemaking in a rainstorm, and some good times skinny-dipping in a hot tub.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview and your fans? Now is your chance...

A. Geez, I never thought I'd have "fans!" That's crazy. I'd just like to say thanks so much for reading my story and for all your feedback and encouragement. I never in a million years expected to get such an incredible response from so many incredible people. I really hope you like what comes next!

And for anyone out there who likes to read erotic fiction but hasn't tried writing it, I highly recommend you give it a shot. It's fun and arousing, and it feels great to share your fantasies with the rest of the world and know you're giving readers pleasure in the process. There's no risk and the community is great.

Q. Finally, do you have a website or a blog, where your fans can visit and maybe learn more about you?

A. For fun, I made a Facebook page devoted to Bosom Buddies, which I try to update daily with a sexy picture and an excerpt from the story:


Also, because some people requested it, I self-published a kindle edition of the book:


It's pretty much the same as the story on ES, but with a "Jump to the 'steamy' parts" feature that allows you to skip straight to any of the sexual encounters in the text.

Anyway, thanks so much for interviewing me, I'm really flattered! If you have any other questions, or if you'd like me to go back and revise any of my answers, please just let me know.

Please read BOSOM BUDDIES's stories!

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