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Next up is Just Plain Bob. Just Plain Bob has the honor of being the person that has posted the most stories on EroticStories.com. He currently has well over 200 stories posted as well as being on the Top Authorís list. Read on to learn more about himÖ **

Tell us about you:

Question: First tell us something about yourself, like name, age, and some other things we would like to know about you...Letís call it a short bio.

Just Plain Bob: The name is Bob and Iím married to my fourth wife. Iím divorced from my first and second wives because they cheated on me with other men (notice I said ďmenĒ and not man). I divorced my third wife because she cheated on me with an idea. Despite what you might infer from my stories I do love the ladies, even whores and sluts, just not the ones who lie to me and sneak around behind my back.

Question: What are you wearing right now?

Just Plain Bob: A pair of socks and my briefs. It is 2 AM in the morning and I have to be to work by 3 AM. My habit is to get up at 1 AM, spend an hour and a half on the computer and then get dressed and go to work.

Question: Does your spouse or significant other know you write, and if so, what does he/she think?

Just Plain Bob: She knows and she puts up with it.

Question: Is it difficult for you to keep your writing life separate from your professional life?

Just Plain Bob: Iíve never had a problem keeping them separate.

Question: How did you come up with your ES nickname?

Just Plain Bob: There are several other authors who have Bob as part of their name and I wanted to stay Bob so I looked for something no one else was using and came up with Just Plain Bob.

Question: What brought you to EroticStories.com? What made you want to stay and become a part of it?

Just Plain Bob: A reader who saw one of my stories on another site sent me an email asking why I didnít post on ES. I pulled it up, liked the look and started sending in stories. What I like best about ES is that if I send a story in today it will be up for view tomorrow unless Art finds something he doesnít like about it. Other sites Iíve used can take anywhere from a week to a month to put up a story.

Question: What is your favorite part of your body? Why?

Just Plain Bob: My mind. It is just so perverted that I have to love it.

Question: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?

Just Plain Bob: My eyes. Iím near-sighted and I would love to have 20/20 vision.

Question: Boxers v Briefs? / Panties v Thong?

Just Plain Bob: Briefs and as for the other it doesnít matter as long as they are in the process of coming off.

Writing Habits:

Question: What do you like the most about writing erotic stories?

Just Plain Bob: It turns me on. As simple as that.

Question: How long have you been writing now? How did it all get started and what made you write your first story?

AuName: Iíve been cranking out stories for about ten years now. On a dare I started sending in letters to magazines like Galley and Penthouse letters. A couple were chosen as Letter of the Month. I got on the Net because I was a cheapskate. My favorite stories are cheating wife stories and my biggest turn ons are high heels, nylons and garter belts. Magazines fed my cheating wife jones and Leg Show magazine fed my high heel jones. One day Leg Show ran a review of a site that catered to cheating wife stories, I pulled it up and found that it was a pay site, but they had a policy of giving you free membership if you contributed five stories. I did five stories, got good feedback and I was hooked.

Question: What categories are most of your stories in? What kind would you never write?

Just Plain Bob: Most are in Adultery and Slut Wives. I wonít say that there is a category that I will never write a story for, just some that I probably wonít because I lack the knowledge in those areas to be credible. Bi-sexual and SM/BD for example.

Question: Which of your stories is your personal favorite, the one you enjoyed writing the most, and/or the one holds the best memories or feelings for you?

Just Plain Bob: Mary, Robert and the Prom. Because it pretty much mirrored that time of my life (the nerd part) and I did take a girl to the prom under somewhat similar circumstances but, unfortunately, all that good sex didnít really happen in my case.

Question: Have you ever gotten so turned on while writing that you had to stop to masturbate? What story was it?

Just Plain Bob: I have gotten so turned on by a couple that Iíve abandoned the keyboard and gone looking for my wife. Usually it happens during stories that feature gangbangs. Only three times have I stopped to masturbate and all three times were recent. A woman asked me to write about her and what had made her become a Slut Wife. She sent me two photos and looking at those photos while I typed Becoming A Slut Wife: Christina caused me to take it out and go to town.

Question: Do you write from fantasy or true stories or a combination of both? Please explain or give an example.

Just Plain Bob: A combination of both. The story Out of Thin Air is a true story up to the point where I have sex with the waitress. Mary, Robert and the Prom. was true up to the point where the girl asked me to take her to the prom. The Hitch Hiker: Amy was true except for the sex part.

Question: Are the characters in your story based on real people, did you make them up, or are they a combination of both?

Just Plain Bob: Again, it is a combination of both.

Question: What parts of "Yourself" do you put into your characters?

Just Plain Bob: My wishes and desires. There is a lot of ďI wish I would have/could have/should haveĒ in my stories.

Question: If there was one trait you could take from one of your characters in your stories, and put it in place in your real life, what would it be and why?

Just Plain Bob: I guess the answer to that would be that I donít take traits from my characters, I give them my traits.

Question: How long does it take for you to write a complete story? How does the process go?

Just Plain Bob: Anywhere from a day to three. I get an idea and start writing. I write at the restaurant when having breakfast, I write in the doctorís office waiting for my appointment, in the cafeteria at lunch time and during slack periods at work. The writing isnít the hard part. The part that takes the time is entering it into the computer. At any one time I will have up to twenty stories waiting to be typed. As Iím answering this question I have fourteen waiting to be entered.

Question: How do you come up with your story titles?

Just Plain Bob: Something in the story will lend itself to the title.

Question: What is the hardest part of writing a story?

Just Plain Bob: Just getting it into the computer

Question: Have you ever done research for a part of a story you didnít have any knowledge about or maybe for a sex scene?

Just Plain Bob: No, and I have received some very pointed feedback because of it. Research is great if you are doing a full length novel, but it is a waste of time for a story of the type I write. The research would take three times longer that the time it takes to write the story and then you would get it wrong anyway. Case in point: I did several stories where I described the divorce the character went through. I got email from a least six people taking me to task because ďIn Colorado the law statesÖĒ or ďThat is just plain stupid Just Plain Bob. In TexasÖ..Ē I got all three of my divorces in Michigan and the way I described the divorces in the stories was true of the divorce laws in Michigan. And even then that was open to interpretation because the divorce laws in Michigan in the 1960ís and the divorce laws in Michigan today are different.

Question: Do you have any secret stories you donít want to publish for the public? Do you publish your stories on other sites besides EroticStories.com and if so, why? Have you ever been published on paper?

Just Plain Bob: I donít waste my time on a story idea if there is no place to post it. I do publish on three other sites; two because they allow content that ES wonít and on one because I owe them a debt of gratitude. The only time I have been published on paper is when I sent in letters to magazines. As I mentioned above, I do have several Letters of the Month to my credit.

Question: When you receive negative comments do you just ignore them, build from them, or let it put a negative image over the story itself, and let it hinder your writing?

Just Plain Bob: My basic philosophy is that I write for my own enjoyment and then I offer to share. If some like the stories fine and if some donít that is also fine. When I wrote the story I satisfied the target audience - me!

Reading Habits:

Question: Do you also enjoy reading erotic stories? Which categories do you enjoy the most? Do you like true stories or fantasies?

Just Plain Bob: Cheating wife stories and I prefer not to know if they are true or fantasy.

Question: Do you vote on other author's stories? How do you decide what score to give when you do?

Just Plain Bob: Yes and no. If I like the story I will give it an automatic 10. If I donít care for it I wonít vote on it at all. I wonít give any author a low score no matter how much I might dislike the story because that author had the guts to do the story and then put it out there to be seen. I personally know what the author went through to do that and that alone earns him something more than a low score that will just drag his average down.

Question: Do you send other authorís comments or feedback on their stories?

Just Plain Bob: No. Since I donít care what anyone else thinks about what I write I donít think I have any business commenting on some one else.

Question: Do you have a favorite author on ES? What makes them your favorite?

Just Plain Bob: My favorite is an author who hasnít put up anything in quite a while. I like ďgreendogĒ because he had a feel for cheating wife stories that not many others have come close to matching.

Question: When you read a story do you: A. Touch yourself and come around the same time one of the characters do? B. Touch yourself but wait for the end to come? C. Touch yourself but wait until after you finish the story to come, such as after going to bed? D. Not touch yourself until you are finished and then continue thinking about the story and come? E. Any other variation you may do? (Please tell us what it is)

Just Plain Bob: I rarely do any of that. The exception is when I get an email from a woman asking me to write her story and who includes her picture. I will sometimes look at that picture as I type her story and get really turned on and take things in hand so to speak.

Sex Habits:

Question: Do you enjoy the visual side of erotica, as in porn movies or pictures? If so, do you have any favorites?

Just Plain Bob: Anything that features high heels, nylons and garter belts.

Question: Do you remember the first pornography you ever saw? Tell us about it?

Just Plain Bob: I was seven or eight and I was snooping around in my parentís bedroom. I found a deck of playing cards that had very graphic sex scenes on the cards.

Question: Have you ever participated in erotic photography? If so, please tell us about it. If not, would you rather be the photographed or the photographer?

Just Plain Bob: No, never have, but if I were to I would rather the one taking the pictures than the one posing.

Question: What do you wear to bed?

Just Plain Bob: : I sleep naked.

Question: Do your sex life and writing have any correlation with each other??

Just Plain Bob: Only to the extent that I draw upon my memories a lot.

Question: How would you rate your willingness to try new things in bed?

Just Plain Bob: Iím open to anything that does not involve pain for me.

Question: Whatís the kinkiest thing you have done in your life?

Just Plain Bob: I took part in a gangbang at a wedding reception (and no, it was not the bride).

Question: Do you have any fantasies that you would like to fulfil?

Just Plain Bob: For a couple of years now Iíve wanted to do Laura and the Bush twins while George watched.

Question: What do you think about solo sex?

Just Plain Bob: If that is all you have to work with, go for it.

Question: What is your opinion about sex toys? Do you have any toys yourself and if so, do you like to use them?

Just Plain Bob: We have two that my wife just loves to make part of our playing.

Question: What are your favourite; and least favourite positions?

Just Plain Bob: Favorite is doggie and I have no least favorite. If the lady is willing, Iíll give it a go.

Question: Do you believe in one night stands?

Just Plain Bob: I certainly did when I wasnít married.

Question: What makes someone sexy to you?

Just Plain Bob: There is a fine line here that you need to be aware of. There is Ďsexyí and there is Ďappealingí. A woman could have great legs, a sexy ass, marvelous breasts - all things that make her sexy looking - but is she appealing? Thatís the first thing I look for and to find that you go to the face and the eyes.

Question: What is a major turn on for you during sex?

Just Plain Bob: The woman urging me on.

Question: What is a major turn off for you during sex?

Just Plain Bob: The woman just lying there waiting for it to be over.

Question: Sex-talk. Do you like or dislike talking during sex?

Just Plain Bob: I cater to my partner. If she wants it I give it to her and if she doesnít I keep quiet.

Question: In bed or on the kitchen table?

Just Plain Bob: Both (Assuming you mean sex and not talking about sex).

Question: What is your favourite or most memorable moment in bed?

Just Plain Bob: The night my current wife asked me, just seconds before I came, if I would like to see her with another man. I came so hard Iím surprised I didnít blow a hole in her. It has always been a fantasy of mine, but I had never mentioned it to her so to have it come from her was mind blowing. And to forestall the next question, no we havenít and I donít expect that we ever will. Some fantasies are best left that - just fantasies.

And Last but not least...

Question: : I recently asked Art which authors had the most stories on the site. You currently have the most stories of any author posted on ES. How does that feel to have a grand total of 265 stories currently posted on the site? **

Just Plain Bob: That isnít a distinction of note. That just means that I post more often than some others.

Question: You are #6 on the ďTop 100 favourite authorsĒ list. How does it feel to know you have 313 people that have favorited you? **

Just Plain Bob: That makes me feel good. I have no illusions when it comes to my talent as a writer. Iím a hack and I know it. I try to get better as time goes on, but you can only go so far with an eighth grade level education in English. To know that that many people like my stuff enough to wade through it has to make me feel good.

Question: Is there anybody on this site, who you would like to see interviewed? Why?

Just Plain Bob: Greendog. Iíd like to know why he stopped writing, especially since a couple of his better stories said, ďTo be continuedĒ and they never were.

Question: Do you notice any differences between the "younger" writers on here, and between the "older writers" of this site?

Just Plain Bob:The older writers seem to have a better grip on the language than the younger ones and of course they have longer memories and more experiences to draw upon.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview and your fans? Now is your chance...

Just Plain Bob: Just remember that it is only a story and that it takes place in StoryLand. Nothing bad happens in StoryLand unless the author wants it to be part of the story. Couples can have as much unprotected sex as they want because there are no social diseases and no unwanted pregnancies in StoryLand unless the author wants. The authors descriptions of legal or medical situations are the valid ones in StoryLand even if they differ from what you think or know they should be in your world. In StoryLand relationships are what the author says they are and why not, it is his or her story. If you want it to be different write your own story and make it different. Your point of view in your story is as valid as my point of view in mine. Remember, it is only a story.

** Please note the statistics noted were current at the time of this interview was done in May. Statistics can change daily, even hourly, so these may not be the exact numbers that you will find on the site when you read this interview.

At the time this interview was posted Just Plain Bob currently has 298 stories posted on the site, and is currently at #5 on the Top Authorís List with a total of 338 people that have favorited him.

- - - - - - - -

I want to thank Just Plain Bob for answering the questions for us. I hope his fans enjoyed getting a peak inside of him. Donít forget to drop him a message and let him know what you thought about the interview.

Send any questions, comments, or thoughts my way. I really want to make the interviews great and I want to give the fans what they want. If you have any questions you would like to see authors answers let me know. Plus please let me know of anyone you would like to see interviewed, or if you are an author and would like to answer the questions, message me.

Thanks for reading! PleasureKitten

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