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Of all the writers we've interviewed at ES, one of the most glaring omissions has to be the singularly-named Lisa. An avowed FF specialist, she's been contributing stories for seven years, and we've never talked before. Finally, however, we pin each other down... and if you think that sounds fun, read on!

L: Thank you. Well, as I'm sure you guessed, my name is Lisa. I am now 30 years old, 5'5", around 112 lbs, and a natural red head with green eyes. My breasts are 32b and yes, I do keep my pussy nice and bare.

NM: You sound perfect!

L: And I'm currently taken by my wonderful girlfriend.

NM: Dammit! But I guess that also means you have a good handle on your choice of story material!

L: (laughs) Yes, I'd say it's a very accurate reflection of my own interests. For the record, I am a lesbian. That said, I have nothing against men. But when it comes to a relationship or sex, they just don't pique my interest.

NM: One of the things I love about your stories is, you create these wonderfully three dimensional characters, all of whom have such deliciously one-track minds. Whereas I've written stories where, no matter what I intend my characters to do, they go off and do something else entirely. Is this singlemindedness something you draw from your own attitudes and personality?

L: I'd have to say yes. My characters are based a lot on me, especially if I use my own name. I take it from the point of view of what would I do, and how would I react, no matter how far fetched a scenario my characters are in. Or, I will take incidents from my own experiences, or others I have encountered over the years.

NM: Which brings us to your tale "My Best Friend's Little Sister." In terms of sheer wanton lust, that's probably my favorite of all your stories. There's such a sense of abandon there, at the same time as it's all very innocent. I'm certain everyone reading this can identify with those feelings... but what do you think is needed to actually act on them so calculatedly?

L: I think it all comes down to the situation or the mood of it all. Are all the signs right, or are you reading them right?

For me, it's a huge leap of faith... the excitement of actually trying. And I would have to agree with you we have all felt that thrill... that 'screw it, I'm going for it and let's see where this takes us.' It was certainly like that for me and my current girlfriend.

NM: It's great when it works - although there's also a lot of times when it doesn't. Which we don't get to read so much about here, thank goodness. Although... there's a thought. A sister website called UneroticStories-dot-com. Where we can write about our most embarrassing failures.

Back to reality, though. "My Best Friend's Little Sister" also has one of the best pussy-eating sequences I've ever read.

L: Thank you. When I wrote that, I'll admit i was really turned on, and I might have dipped my hand in my panties a few times while I thought about how to put things into words....

NM: It shows! And the lead-up to it as well, I really enjoyed that.

L: That is probably my favorite situation to write about, the build up just before the sexual acts happen. I like to try to make it so you can almost feel what they are going through, turning the reader in the same way as the characters are. I don't \0x0Aknow if I pass or fail at that, but that's what I try to do. What do you think?

NM: Oh, you do it, don't worry about that. I was wondering, though, is that something you've learned as you've been writing? Or is it something you've always been able to do? Tell us about your earliest erotic writing.

L: I was a reader first, like most people, I think. I was young, with no real sexual experience, and I had a silly thought while I was reading a story... or a least I found it silly. Which was, maybe I should write a erotic story. All through school, I had a knack for creative writing; I could always come up with a story. So it didn't seem far fetched to me to try, but it was silly because I had no idea how to even start an erotic story.

At that point in my life, I had only had sex maybe a dozen times, so the first story I ever wrote was about how I masturbated. Which, looking back now, I kind of cringe because of how inexperienced I was, even at that. But at the time, I thought I knew a thing or two about how you can play with yourself....

NM: At least you knew what you were writing about. My first stories were written (and published) from the male perspective, and I'd already written a bunch, half a dozen or so, when I suddenly realized I didn't have a clue what I was talking about! Everything I take for granted... knowing what a cock tastes like, how it feels when he cums inside you, what it's like trying to fit a fat dick into a tiny hole... writing as a guy, I couldn't talk about any of those things, not realistically, and it dawned on me that those are the things I wanted to write about.

L: When I write, I know I'm on the right track when I have to stop writing and pleasure myself, because I can't think straight anymore. And sometimes, that will even happen while I'm writing the build up. You could say my mind gets ahead of my fingers and then my finger goes elsewhere....wink wink

NM: My boyfriend once told me he always knows when I'm writing a really hot story because he gets the benefit when I get stuck. I told him he was just a research tool, and if I could Google what I want to know, he'd never get laid again.

L: When I write, I start with whatever idea pops into my head, and go from there. Whatever it takes to complete it! That being said, I'm always open to suggestions on future stories - although I reserve the right to put my own flavor on it.

NM: I love receiving suggestions. I don't always act on them; in fact, a lot of times, I encourage the writer to do it himself, and always feel a special thrill when someone actually does it. But every so often, there'll be an idea that I just think "wow, why didn't I think of that?" Or someone will say something in a letter, and that little light goes on....

L: It has to start with the idea, wherever it comes from. Is it creative or original, or if it's something that other people have written about, what's your personal twist on it?

But the feel of the characters is very important as well; can we relate to them, or understand them? And, of course, my favorite part, the pre-sex build up. As far as I'm concerned, my panties should already be wet before we get to the actual sex. I want to get lost inside the story, so the flow of it is also important.

NM: Well, I certainly do... and I've flowed a bit as well while I read them. I hope there'll be another one soon.

Thanks to Lisa for taking part in this - please go read her stories, and if she's not already one of your favorite authors, then click the link on her profile and she will be. And look out for another conversation soon!

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