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The last time we caught up with Shayla, four years ago in September 2010, she was just about to post "The Contractor," a fabulous tale in which one of the construction guys working on her building innocently asks if he can use her shower; and then, equally innocently, borrows her robe, and gives her a glimpse of....

Well, you can guess. Suffice to say, what follows is one of the most seductive teases I've ever read here, as Shayla's character spends the evening lost in fantasies that will eventually come to pass, but not until she (and, I'm guessing, the reader) is already extremely hot and extraordinarily bothered.

Oh, I love stories like that. But just a couple of tales later, Shayla vanished. Her profile was still there, with its so alluring photo. But weeks, months, years passed by without another word dripping from her delightful fingertips. Until earlier this year when she bounced back with a story you just have to read. It's called "Public Transportation," and I couldn't wait to ask her about it. But first... hey! Where the hell have you been all this time?

S: I got married, and divorced again. It lasted a couple of years, but ended like all of my relationships do. I didn't have much adventure within my marriage, so it really was a writing dry spell for me. I always find it odd that the men in my life love the fact that I am a nudist, until the time comes when others get to see me too. Then they get all possessive and try to control me.

ES: Oh don't worry. You don't need to be a nudist for that to happen. I've known guys who love the fact I write stories... until the time comes when others get to read them too. But yeah, I can see some guys not being happy about that, even if they are happy to reap the benefits for themselves.

Your story "A Little About Me" probably answers a lot of reader's questions about you, but I was wondering, how much of what you write is based on actual personal experience, and how much comes from other places - fantasy, imagination, curiosity etc.?

S: All of my stories are based on real events. There may be some embellishment to fill in gaps in my memory and things I didn't get to actually witness due to being blindfolded, but it all happened.

ES: I really enjoy your occasional references to Wicca - I think because you definitely seem NOT to adhere to the "fluffy bunny-harm none-and here's a bad drawing of a tree" approach that has crept into it over recent years. Would you be comfortable talking a little about the sexual aspects and roots of the faith?

S: I was raised Catholic, and when I turned twelve I got interested in other paths, which led me to Wicca. I think most people understand that the roots of the rituals used to be sexual in nature (and I have had sex plenty of times while performing rituals), but have mostly evolved to simply represent certain aspects now.

ES: For instance, a real wand and cauldron replacing the actual physicality they represent... I remember once being told that if you are naked in an empty room with your partner, you already have all the tools you need for most workings and rituals. Now you can spend a small fortune on all the odds and ends you allegedly "need" in order to become a witch, and you are still only tapping a fraction of your potential.

S: Exactly. I think it was done as a way to be more family friendly, so children could be brought into our religion, and it's great that it brings in a new generation. But those old circles from my early years as a witch sure were a lot more fun.

ES: Your story "Spring Mysteries" really struck a chord, I must admit, for the obvious reasons, but also for the sheer sense of adventure you feel the first time you attend something like that. Walking into a world that you couldn't, in those days, just buy a book about. You needed teachers, you needed partners... and you also needed to shed a lot of the inhibitions that "conventional society" had spent your entire life instilling into you.

We have to be careful talking about "early" experiences - the "no under-18s" rule makes it sound like everybody spent their entire adolescence in a convent, and then went absolutely crazy the moment their birthday arrived. But it would be great if you could talk some about your early thoughts and experiences of sex.... all of which, of course, took place after you turned 18.

S: Well, my first anal sex was while I was still in school. The guy was also the first black guy I had ever been with. We flirted a lot and I had a big crush on him, so I was really excited when he asked me to go to his house after school. In my excitement and arousal, I just wanted to please him. I was pretty naive and let him do whatever he wanted when we started making out.

Ten minutes later I was naked with a big black cock stuffed in me. When he turned me over into the doggy position, I was horny and game for anything, so I relaxed and followed instructions as he put his cock against my asshole and pushed. It hurt a little at first, but soon I was having a powerful orgasm, then another, and from that day on I was hooked.

ES: Yeah, I could tell a similar tale about my introduction to, shall we say, certain favorites. Does your interest in BDSM, which also features heavily in your writing, also date from that kind of time period?

S: I discovered my submissive nature in my teens, and really delved in deep after college when I was owned as a slave for a couple years, while being formally trained.

ES: I laughed out loud at "Public Transportation" - I don't think many writers... female, at least... would be able to write so good-humoredly about a situation like that. Or, to be honest, would have been so willing to get butt-fucked by a homeless dude!

S: I don't care what a person's standing is in society. If I am attracted to them, or I'm very horny, we're going to fuck. If they have talents that fit well with my submissiveness, even better; we'll probably fuck many times. That particular story came from an interesting ride home on the bus during one of our many recent snow storms.

ES: Those snow storms have a lot to answer for. I've had so many snow days this year, I've probably written a novel's worth of short stories. Not to mention half a novel as well. Most of which seem to have involved being stranded, or at least thrust into an unexpected situation, with strangers. So which do you think is the most arousing - a scene between friends, lovers, people who know one another, even if they've never slept together; or a scene between total strangers? And why?

S: All of the above are fun for their own reasons, but for me, sex with strangers is the most arousing. I'm a submissive and it's almost the ultimate submission. I don't know what they will do, their likes and dislikes, their kinks, etc., yet I give myself to the act and whatever is in store for me, good or bad, painful or pleasurable.

ES: Again, it's the trip into the unknown, isn't it? I mentioned your story "The Contractor," and how a glimpse of his cock set your mind racing. But sometimes, when you don't get a glimpse, that can be even more exciting. That moment when you see it for the first time, and ... at least if you're lucky... you get that sudden thrill of, "it's beautiful AND it's all mine!"

Which is a thrill I hope I never lose, because in many ways, it's the impetus behind a lot of my writing. It's the fantasy behind the fantasy, which is an area that I often notice many writers struggling with - not only here at ES, but in print as well. The difference between a situation seeming "real", and one that plunges headlong into wild fantasy, purely to get the reader, and the writer, off. Not that that is a bad thing (at least if it's handled correctly), but do you think believability should be sacrificed for sheer erotic madness... or vice versa?

S: Fantasy takes the reader to places they cannot go or to a reality other than the here and now. I read some of that stuff, and it can be fun at times. Kind of like tentacle porn. You can't do it for real, but it can be fun to imagine it happening.

ES: You know, one of the main reasons I signed up for Second Life was because somebody mentioned they had tentacle porn there. And yeah, it's a lot of fun imagining.... But it's interesting that you bring up realities that aren't our own, because you've posted a couple of stories that were written ABOUT you, rather than BY you. Which is a very intriguing approach.

S: I think some of the stories about me written by others capture my nature and essence the best. I suspect it's because I am too close to the content to be able to describe some things. An observer is better able to capture my nature than I, because they see what I cannot; or they notice little things I do without even thinking about them.

ES: Is it weird to read about real life events you've participated in, but not to be the person telling the story?

S: It can be, but it's also, like I said, interesting to see how someone else sees something you're doing. Has nobody ever written about you?

ES: Not that I'm aware of. You know, I'm feeling a little cheated now! I may have to start taking some of the other ES writers up on their very kind offers to ... uh, "introduce me" to some of their private fancies!

S: (laughing) You definitely should, you might be surprised! I have been. And the rest of time, I write about my life. All too often there isn't much to talk about (or write), but when things get exciting for me, I record it as a story, so I can experience those things again. It excites me to share my tales for others.

ES: Good, because it excites us as well.

Thanks to Shayla for taking part in this - please go read her stories, and if she's not already one of your favorite authors, then click the link on her profile and she will be. And look out for another conversation soon!

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