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It was way, way back in February 2009 that Jillbaby last sat down to talk - five long years, during which she insists that the only thing that's really changed is... "I'm a bit older... sob, sob." But I don't believe her. Reading her most recent story, December's "My Date With Santa," and looking at the photo that accompanies her profile, either she's still a teenager OR she has an awfully addled-looking mirror in her attic. But seriously....

JB: It's hard to accept that six years have flown past since my first interview with Shuggie, and I rely can't say that much has changed for me. I've been fortunate to have found some lovely new site friends since then, and I still enjoying writing for the site. I try to post a story every two months.

ES: It's a great place to write for - the best I've found, anyway.

JB: I have to say that I'm very impressed by the number of stories you produce in rapid succession. How do you manage it? How many hours a week do you put in for ES?

ES: Not sure whether it's a matter of hours per week, so much as "I can't sleep" or "I'm bored with TV" or - so far this year, "I can't believe it's snowing again." All of those are my writing time. Or if something happens that just makes me think - ooh, there's a story there. A scene in a movie, a guy on a bus, a girl in a doorway... Whereas, looking at here the majority of your stories fall... which is the more-than-one on-one categories; groups, swinging, and threesomes... I'd imagine you're more likely to be inspired by multiple guys on a bus. Lots of girls in a doorway....

JB: Steady there, Chrissie, I don't want you to think that I'm a dedicated swinger!

ES: You're not?

JB: Regarding my subject matter, my only aim is to please the readers. I feel that there is only so far you can go with one-on-one sex descriptions and readers are flooded with so many repetitive porn stories. I feel that there is scope for providing more arousal with sex scenes involving several participants.

ES: (looks suspiciously at Jill...)

JB: Okay, yes, I have been fortunate to enough to frequently experience the physical joy that a woman can receive from having sex with several men at once. That helps me to try to describe such scenes with what I hope is realism.

ES: I knew it (grins)

JB: Regardless of any moral considerations, it's a simple fact that the female body has many highly erogenous zones. One skilled man can do a lot in love-making - but several can do more! Yummy!

ES: I never have, and probably never will, "swing." Tell us what it is that appeals to you?

JB: Here you go again Chrissie! I'm beginning to think that you're a closet swinger. I note that word "probably." Fancy a night out with me and my friends? :D

Hello...Are you still there Chrissie?

ES: (peeks out from behind a curtain)

JB: But talking about things we've said or written, I noticed in an interview with another author you said: "I've often wondered what it would be like to become a character in somebody else's story, just to see what they have me do." If you were the female characters in one of my MMF sex scenes what would you like to happen to you, Chrissie? Judging by your love of posting Oral category stories, I can guess some of it. :D

ES: Actually I wouldn't go into it hoping for anything in particular. I like surprises! I get enough oral in my own stories; another writer might well find something else I'd enjoy just as much! And that's one of the things I love about your stories is, that you create three dimensional characters with the most delicious one-track minds. Whereas I've written stories where, no matter what I intend my characters to do, they go off and do something else entirely. Again, is this something you draw from your own attitudes and personality?

JB: You've lost me a bit there Chrissie:-D Now you're getting technical! I've just had a vision of you chasing after a lot of strange people as if you were herding cats! Chrissie, you'll have to be firm with them and get them to do what they're told! :D

Now there's a title for a story: "The One That Got Away."

Seriously, I know what you mean. When I start a story, I don't use the recommended method of knowing how it will end (unless it's based on one of my actual experiences - as many of my stories are.) In real life I am very determined when I've made up my mind, and my past has given me a lot of sexual confidence.

However, I am very serious about the plausibility of my characters' motivation - in other words, what makes them do certain things. Nothing spoils a film for me more than when I find myself thinking: He/she would never do that, based on the way the character had been portrayed up until then. Credibility in my stories is very important to me.

ES: Oh, I agree entirely. I was just thinking about those stories where, no matter how much motivation two characters have, they don't act on it. They may not even like one another. I've got several stories where two characters who were meant to go off and have a seriously passionate time together don't even meet. They just run off with other people altogether...

In terms of sheer wanton lust, "Jill is on the Prowl" is probably my favorite of your stories... there's a wonderful "damn the consequences" innocence to it, but also a wanton sluttishness... that line "the lone wolverine was ready for the hunt" is fantastic. I think we've all had those feelings... but what do you think is needed to actually act on them so calculatedly?

JB: Thank you Chrissie. I'm glad you enjoyed that one. Well, I mustn't get on my soap-box, but one of my favourite topics is the way that women are conditioned from childhood as to what is correct moral behaviour and the need to be a "good girl." For example a young man who has loads of girlfriends in quick succession is admired as "a bit of a lad" while a young woman who "sleeps around" is called a slut - often by jealous females as well as by men.

ES: More so by jealous females. A lot of guys mean it as a compliment, no matter how poorly it comes out. Women rarely do.

JB: So to answer your question, the woman has to be free of sexual guilt and hang-ups. She has to believe that she can use her body for whatever purpose that she feels is right for her. Only then can she really enjoy sex as she wants it. I'm not suggesting that such an attitude is easy to develop. I was brought up religiously and as a "good girl." When I developed a very powerful sex drive in my late teens, I refused to let myself be burdened by the guilt that religion and society impose on sexuality. I gave up my religion to be free of it and I have been a very happy woman ever since.

Unfortunately many women remain burdened by sexual guilt and inhibition throughout their life. Sadly it's one of the causes of unhappy marriages.

Sorry about the serious note, Chrissie. What are your views on moral conditioning?

ES: Very much the same as you. Some of the most interesting conversations I've had with readers on ES, male and female, have been about attitudes towards different sex acts... you can probably guess the one I hear the most about... and it just astonishes me that so many women, married women, after years with their partner, just won't do certain things. Not because they don't like doing it... they've never even tried. Just "because." And a lot of that, I think, goes back to things that were said, or maybe happened, when they were younger....

Whereas I was - I guess lucky. I wanted to try everything, and then decide if it was yukky or not. Which in turn opened me up to writing about it. Tell us about your early experiences writing erotica... We all have our own reasons for writing our first stories, what were yours?

JB: I started when I stopped modelling and began work at a private casino as club secretary and hostess. At that time, the job involved some late night/early morning work with time off during the day. To fill in time I started browsing erotic sites on the net.

Eventually I found ES and was very impressed by the site.

I had always enjoyed writing essays at school and college, so I submitted a couple of stories and was thrilled when I became an author on the site. I realised that I had a lot of erotic experience to drawn on, and I became hooked on writing for ES.

Okay, Chrissie, I'll be honest...I also found that writing porn really arouses me! That's the icing on the cake.

Does writing erotica turn you on? Is that why you do it?

ES: Oh, totally! Although it's not the only reason - I love writing, full stop. Combining the two just seemed to make more sense. Does writing come easy for you?

JB: We all have good days when the words just flow and days when it's a struggle. I have no illusions about my writing and so long as I can continue to produce material that people tell me has aroused them, then I'm happy. I suppose my main hope is that I don't become bored and disillusioned. Giving up my scribbling would leave a big gap in my spare time and I would miss the generous thanks I receive.

I've often wondered if there is a reasonable income to be made from publishing stories online, or if it's just a "labor of love". I know that you have a large number of stories for sale online so perhaps you can guide me from your experience.

ES: It's a bit of both. I've had a couple of books that have "done well"... one in particular, "The Nympho Librarian," has essentially paid my electricity bill for the last two years.

But it comes down to people knowing the book exists, which is even more time consuming than writing it - and that side of things has never interested me.

"Nympho Librarian" was lucky, it got a very high profile review on one of those magazine sites that gets picked up by dozens of other sites. But mostly, reviews on other blogs and things ... you're just one book among dozens that get reviewed every week, so you have to really get creative.... And I'd rather expend the energy on writing. I figure if every book I publish sells ten copies a month, I'm doing okay. It's only pocket money, but pocket money is fun to have!

The main thing, though, is that you enjoy it. That way, everything - the reviews, the money - are just a bonus. Oh, and the exchanges with people who write and say "I can't believe you sell this book in the 'erotica' section because it's just pornography." I love letters like that.

JB: When I was starting to write, I read an online discussion thread on the subject of "what is good erotica," and that did include the old favourite on the difference between porn and erotica. It seemed to go on forever, with conflicting arguments being put, ranging from the intellectual to the crude. Of course it got nowhere, and the thread petered out.

It seems pretty clear to me that all the arguments are a waste of time. Porn and erotica both have one simple purpose - to sexually arouse the reader. Something described as erotica might be more artistically presented or written, but it has the same objective to produce a sexual reaction.

Of course there is also a big following on here for well-written romantic stories with some discretely described sex. Those readers probably don't bother to read my stories, so ES provides a wonderful variety of choice.

Your question on what is "good" erotica could refer to whether a story does arouse the reader or not. I'm sure you'll agree Chrissie, that as readers, we all seem to have different tastes. The same story will arouse one reader and leave another unimpressed.

ES: Oh, don't I know it.

JB: When starting up ,I decided to go unashamedly for "stroke stories" with tight writing and no unnecessary detail.

As I said earlier, I think that the sex has to be credible and realistic for most tastes. All those male orgasms within a few seconds and 10 inch cocks can be off-putting. Other than that, it's down to "different strokes for different folks."

I continue to be kept very busy with requests for me to write stories to order. They come from readers who have difficulty in finding their own particular favourite subject covered in online stories, and I am able to provide that. For them that is "good erotica"

ES: So you aim stories at what you know your own fan club will enjoy?

JB: I do know that some authors like to write what pleases them and gives them satisfaction. That's not the case with me. Apart from the sensual thrill I get from describing sex scenes, I can say honestly that I write to please the readers of stroke stories. It follows that if a reader becomes a fan, they must like my style, so the saying: "if it ain't broke don't fix it," applies.

I have to say that without the wonderful fans on ES, the site would be just like the numerous inferior writing sites online. The fans make the site what it is by creating a bond with the writers, and encouraging them to continue. I've researched the net and I'm sure you'll agree that it is that link and feedback that makes ES so superior and attracts good authors.

ES: Without a doubt. A few times I've found another site and given it a story or two, and - I can honestly say, if my first stories at ES had been met with the same deafening silence, I'd have retired long ago.

JB: Without the fans, we authors are nothing. Obviously, like so many others, I regret the fact that the stats show that so very many readers of the site stories don't bother to contact authors or become fans. That's life I suppose.

ES: But to those who do - we thank you!

JB: Sometimes I struggle to find time to write for the site, and it is the wonderful praise I receive from my readers that keeps me going. Chrissie, those are not ass-licking sentiments for my fans; I really mean that. I am so very, very lucky to receive the wonderful support that I do and it makes me very happy.

I also appreciate the support they give to my own little web site for my non-ES stories.

ES: Which you can find at - www.jillerotica.com

Okay, well I'll let you get on with your day... thank you so much for this, Jill, and just a reminder to everybody, go read Jill's stories right now, and if she's not already one of your favorite authors, then click the link on her profile and she will be. And look out for another conversation soon!

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