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You probably know that many of the authors here get interviewed by Naughty Miranda. But she is also an author. She can hardly interview herself, so here I am. I'm also an author, so we have lots to talk about.

But we have different styles; mostly I write about seduction and dominance and she writes mostly about...well, mostly about sucking cocks. She clearly likes to suck cocks.

Look at her profile picture - she is sucking a cock. I rest my case.

ES: Let's get started. This is less a Q&A session than a conversation between two writers on the site. So I have no idea where this is going to end up. So tell me the basics. This will probably replace your old interview, so tell me who you are, where you live, what you do in real life, how old you are. So we all have an idea whether you are an 18-year old virgin (right!) or a 50-year old corporate executive.

NM: When I first started posting on ES, I remember coyly describing myself as "early-thirty-something." That was in 2004 - do the math. But I still live around Philly; I'm still something boring in publishing... yeah, let's go with an 18 year-old virgin.

ES: OK, little virgin, when you read stories on the site, do you do it to learn to write better or...how shall I say...get turned on. Do you read the stories with your panties on or off?

NM: Panties off, for sure. But is that because I usually do my reading on my iPad in bed? You decide.

ES: I guess you sleep naked!

NM: Or in a very long nightie, of course.

ES: Sometimes, I simply read stories to see different approaches to how to write. I'm an engineer by background, so for writing I'm basically self-taught. Funnily enough, I'm now a technical journalist and I think that even professional writing is improved by writing erotic stories. You get feedback in an immediate way that is hard if I wrote Raymond Carver type stories that nobody would read.

NM: I think most good writers are self-taught. You have to have the ability, and the urge, to write inside you first. All you can be taught is how to then present your writing in a readable fashion, organize your thoughts and so on. And that's one of the reasons I love ES, because you do get to read things by people who are writing purely for the sake of writing; and so what if they don't really know how to parse a sentence or deploy a gerund? There's a rawness there, and an untutored energy that is sometimes as exciting as the action.

ES: Tell me about writing a story. I know from my own experience that I can't just open up the word-processor and start, if I don't already have good ideas already. Or at least good characters that I can let loose. How does it work for you?

NM: I do tend to just start. Something will occur to me, someone will say something or I'll see something that suggests a story, and off it goes. I rarely know what is going to happen until I get there; and when I do think I have a storyline, I usually leave it behind long before I start thinking about resolution. Like you said... you have some characters, you let them loose. They're going to do what they're going to do.

I think that's one of the reasons I don't always publish as many stories as I'd like to. The characters are all busy doing other things!

ES: Yes, I find that my best stories come from imagining a couple of characters (or occasionally more) and seeing where they end up. Of course, these are erotic stories, it is no surprise that their panties all come off in the end, as it were, but the journey can be the reward. Often things happen that I had never considered when I started the story. Plus I like to drive the story with dialog, and you never know where that is going to go.

NM: You try and tailor the action to suit the kind of story you're writing, but there have been many occasions where I've sat down with what I think is a really hot erotic scene in mind, and the story never gets to it - it just goes off in another direction entirely. Obviously, I don't post those ones here!

ES: You love to give oral sex; suck cocks. I don't care how much you say that your stories are not completely true to life, that just comes through. When you meet a new guy, how does it all go? You can't just come out and say 'I want to suck your cock so much' in the middle of dinner if your pussy is telling you he is hot.

NM: Ummm... I did once.

ES: I'm talking about real life here, not in one of your stories.

NM: No, I really did once.

ES: Well that sounds like a story right there! You have to tell us more. Or put a story on the site.

NM: Unfortunately, there really wasn't much more to it than that. And it wasn't technically a first date, because we'd been out a few times with friends... nothing had happened yet, but it wasn't beyond the realm of possibility. So he asked me out one evening, and we were having a burger and he was asking what I wanted to do, go to the movies, see a band, whatever I wanted, and I didn't know, so finally I just said, "actually, I want to suck you off." Which was true. I think we went to see a band afterwards, though.

ES: In your stories, of course, that's always your focus. I'm guessing that you feel the same way about it in real life?

NM: Oh definitely. But not exclusively. I receive e-mails occasionally from readers asking why so many of my stories are about oral sex and I suppose the obvious response is, "because that's the category I'm writing in."

But yeah, in real life (and I think in more stories than people realize), "the other stuff" happens - of course it does! Is oral my favorite? Yes, and at some point in the evening (or morning or afternoon or whenever), it'll probably take place. But not always, and not always "all the way" either.

My stories generally idealize actual events... I focus my writing on the moments that I enjoy the most, and enjoy writing about the most, because for me, that's the fun of writing. And I usually end up with a cock in my mouth because it's so much fun to write about. And to do, of course.

The funny thing is, I rarely sit down and say "I think I'll write another blowjob story." It's just that that is where my characters... particularly if I'm writing in first person... usually end up.

ES: How much feedback do you get? I love getting emails from people (especially girls, OK, I'm a guy) but I especially love getting feedback in the stuff below the story. That everyone else can read too. Sometimes it seems to build on itself. When 50 people comment like that it is special. Do you like that too?

NM: Oh, me too, although I don't seem to get as many public comments as other writers, I don't know why. E-mails, though, are great, and there's a few people who I actually consider friends... in as much as you can be friends with someone whom you know only through writing back and forth on a porn site :)

I was thinking about this the other day. In and around the friends, the writer-y comments and the people who just want to chat, I do get a lot of "I want you to swallow my load" ones, which probably most female writers here will recognize.

But I also get - and these are my favorites - ones from women saying my stories make her want to swallow her man's load. "You make it sound so much fun!" was one I will always remember, and of course, it is. To wander off the point just a little, I've never understood women who are reluctant to at least have him come in their mouths, or even suck him in the first place. Even when I was a virgin, never been touched and barely been kissed, it was the thing I wanted to try the most.

ES: When I had a lesbian alter ego (whose profile pic was a cute ex-girlfriend's breast) I used to get the "i want to cum all over your nipple" ones. As a guy, I don't get equivalent stuff from women, since that isn't how women work.

NM: No, I must admit I've never written a letter like that! But yeah, like I said, I get a lot of letters like that...and I like them, because it shows that the story had an effect.

Every writer wants to know that their writing makes "a difference" to people, and erotica, more than any other field, not only does that, but it also encourages people to let you know. Most writing feeds the mind, erotica feeds the body as well, and people want to share that experience. I love it when someone writes to say "your story made me so hard" - or even sends a photo to prove it! I can tell you from experience, you do not get that response from writing historical biography.

ES: I have had a few emails saying that some story is disgusting and I should be ashamed writing about women betraying their marriage vows. There should be consequences.

NM: Oh, those. I used to receive a lot of emails from women condemning me for being a cocksucking slut whose attentjon to detail is disgusting, and who has sent women's sexuality back to the stone age. As though the mark of a truly modern woman is a refusal to do something that makes her partner feel so good. But I've not had many like that for a while; they seem to have given up on me. I guess they realized I'm a hopeless case.

ES: Well,erotic stories are fantasies, not how people behave in real life.

NM: I'm not saying anything.

ES: Probably the most explicit feedback emails ("you made me so wet" etc) I have ever had are from married women who are so turned-on by...stories about married women betraying their marriage vows.

NM: That's not an area I've gone into too often - haha, I guess I'm a little old-fashioned in that respect. But I can definitely see the attraction.

ES: So talking of women's fantasies, you only have to read a couple of the racier Mills & Boon type romances, or Nancy Friday, to see that when some people say women don't like to lose control and just get taken (at least sometimes), those people need to get out more. What do you think of the fact that the way many women are in their fantasies is not exactly what the stereotypical feminist SJW says they "should" want?

NM: It goes back to me being a cocksucking slut, really. Stereotypical feminist SJWs tend to be full of shit. I'm sorry, but I hate any group that raises itself up as a "spokesman" for an entire gender or culture or whatever. Everyone is different, and everyone has their ideal of how people should behave, and how they want to behave. Particularly in private. Trying to inflict that ideal on other people, no matter how pure or good your intentions are, it's essentially a form of fascism. Conform or die.

And sexuality, whether what people do, or how they approach it, is such an easy target because there is that sense of "I'm being naughty" that we're all brought up with from a very early age, and that's what these groups prey on. It's a cliche, but if more people minded their own business, society would be a lot happier place.

ES: So 50 Shades of Grey made like a bazillion dollars for EL James. And I think you and I (and lots of the other highly ranked authors here) write better than her. What are we doing wrong? How do I get a movie deal for Panties?

NM: That book really was the worst thing to happen to erotica. When it first started to take off, I think we were all expecting the genre to explode and finally enter mainstream publishing - instead, all publishers were interested in was 51 shades of grey, 52 shades of grey, 53 shades of grey.

Editors I'd been working with for years were suddenly turning stories down because their own bosses were demanding Grey. I had one story rejected because the lead characters weren't middle class enough - literally, those were the words the editor used.

ES: So being a billionaire and flying around in a helicopter is middle class these days?

Okay, middle class and up. The idea has taken hold that erotica can only be enjoyed if it's glamorous. Dallas with dicks. It's become an extension of the culture of famous people - society has always been fascinated by the "rich and powerful," be they Hollywood stars, rock stars, high profile businessmen, brainless heiresses, whatever. And suddenly erotica has been absorbed into that same culture, as if sex is only worth reading about if the people doing it are rich.

Fuck the rich, and I do not mean that literally. I want to read about normal people, poor people, people for whom sex offers some kind of respite from the grind, or the horror, of normal life. One of my favorite stories I've written was "The Girl in the Doorway" - and yeah, there's that Cinderella element of an at least reasonably well-off guy "rescuing" the girl from a life on the street, but the focus of the story is on her life, the things she did to survive, and the things she did to forget. That's what interests me, the fact that sex can make the most unfortunate person in the world feel like a king or queen. I don't care whether Mr Moneybags has a diamond-encrusted dildo in his private jet.

So going back to 50 Shades; I've been in publishing since I left college... and yes, I'm on the academic side, rather than fiction (or "fun" as my friends put it), but I read the trade papers, attend the conferences etc, and I have never seen a case of tunnel vision like it.

ES: Wow, being in a different business I go to different conferences. I had no idea it was like that. All I can say is that the next time someone has a hit like that, about the only thing I'm certain of is that it won't be like 53 shades of grey. It'll be a hardcore version of Wuthering Heights or something.

NM: I hope you're right. It will fade, but it's going to take a long time for the genre to recover, I think. So, in answer to your original question... if you find out, let me know!

ES: I think all of us who write here use a mixture of imagination and experience. None of us has a hundred genuine stories to tell, but of course it is hard to write about stuff you have not even tried. How do you balance that stuff?

NM: I guess I try it! No, I think ... for reasons you mentioned before... I do tend to be fairly single-minded when it comes to writing erotica, so there's very little that happens in my stories that I've not done. In other words, I'm not much more experimental in real life than I am on paper!

As for telling "genuine" stories, most of mine have some basis in reality, whether it's location, action, characters or just moods and emotions, or a combination of them all. The trick is to then build an equally believable reality around it. So... to take one example from a story... I've never worked in a glory hole. But there was one particular party when I was at college where... well, let's say I got a fairly good idea of what it might be like. And it was fun! I probably wouldn't do it for a living, but there again, if I was really in trouble and needed the money, it's probably better than a lot of jobs.

Other times, I'll take a single experience and just play with it... "that was great, but what would have happened if we'd been some place else"? For example, my story "Bumpy Roads are Best" is very much a straightforward retelling of something that really happened, but I've taken that same event - the mood, the excitement, etc - and replayed it in various other stories, and it comes out differently every time.

Even the guy I mentioned earlier, the "what do you want to do" guy; that was really the inspiration behind "The Penis Diner."

ES: I love to write stories as people I'm not. A woman, obviously. Or a lesbian. Or a committed Christian. A teenager with Aspergers even. Do you like to do that? Write as a man or whatever?

NM: I've switched gender a few times, with mixed results... in my opinion, anyway. Lesbian scenes aren't too difficult, because - well, there's that basis in reality that I mentioned before.

I think my biggest stretches have been the homeless girl, older women, and various historical/mythological characters - I know it's not one of my most popular stories in terms of views and votes, but "Viking Funeral" is one of my personal favorites, simply because the entire set up, and the lead character herself, were so far removed from anything I'd ever written before.

ES: I love pussies. OK, I'm a guy, we all do. But why does nobody describe them in erotic stories? Perhaps because girls don't even know what their own looks like.

NM: That's what little hand-held mirrors are for!

ES: Now we're all imagining you lying with your legs spread taking a peek! And, of course, we are all imagining what yours looks like. Well, I am.

NM: Imagining is good. Stick with it! Going back to your original point, though, not many writers describe cocks, either. Not in the kind of detail that I think you're talking about. "It's big, it's got a purple head and pendulous balls" - yeah, we could probably guess that. Very few writers go into detail though, and I'm as guilty of that as any one else.

And a part of the reason, I think, is... when I write about blowjobs, the actual mechanics, the "I did this, I did that" - yes, I usually have a specific guy.or moment, in mind. But I also have the reader in mind as well. I don't want him to just sit there thinking "she's sucking off a random guy," I want him to think "she's sucking off me." A POV video for story readers. Going into too much descriptive detail... "well, he has a dimple here and it curves to the right, and I wonder if that little scar is an old bite mark?"... takes away from that.

ES: I think that depends. A lot of my stories are pretty explicit about who the cast of characters are: an Icelandic blonde, a Chinese student, an ex-tomboy, a rock-star with a long tongue. I don't really think that it makes it too hard for people to identify with and the story would certainly be less interesting with generic characters who go undescribed. So, yeah, usually I go all the way and describe it all. Even cocks and pussies. Usually if I write a story in the first person I don't describe myself, which should make it easier for readers to identify with (and when I write in the first person I don't always write as a man, so girls get their turn too).

NM: Personal characteristics are different, and so are those that actually impact on the story. If I'm writing about a guy with a massive cock, then there's no point in pretending it's anything but massive. If he's German, he's German. And yeah, beards, muscles, blue eyes, long tongues... they create the person you're writing about. And so does his cock or her pussy. But I don't describe the beard or the eyes or the accent in detail, either.

ES: You are more about cocks. Do you like describing how appetizing they are? How much you want to suck? Tell me about your most memorable cock.

NM: Now, that's an altogether different question. The most memorable was probably the first, as you'd expect. I'd spent however many years building the experience up in mind, wondering how it would be and what it would be like, so when it finally happened, I was all but taking notes!

As for those other things... well, obviously I like writing about it because if I didn't, I wouldn't. If you're asking what it is I like, or why I like it, we could be here all night, but the short answer is in probably every story I've written. For me, it's the most intimate act there is... oral in general, not just blowjobs, because all of your senses are at play, which is such an overwhelming experience.

It's also one of the few times that a guy doesn't, or shouldn't, worry about his "performance." He might wonder if she'll swallow, or deep throat, or lick his balls, or whatever, but even when he's on top and fucking your mouth, you know that all he's thinking about is coming.

No guy has ever then turned round to me and asked "so, how was it for you?" Well, a couple have, but they mean it in a different way. You're getting him undiluted by anything apart from his own pleasure, which means you can then get on with what you want to do.

ES: Do your friends know you write erotic stories? I guess you do it more professionally than me, so it is probably less secret. Or do you keep that side of your life walled off from "real life"?

NM: Well, it's not something I spread about, but it's nothing I hide, either. My mother thinks it's hysterically funny, my dad has never said a thing, so I don't know if he's aware.

At work, it was quiet until I had a story included in Best Women's Erotica a few of years back, at which point one of my coworkers (who did know) got a little over excited (as did I!) and told a bunch of our other friends. And there's been a few other points where I got a little more attention than I expected. Especially when there was that talk about the Miss America movie. Which ultimately fizzled out, but there was a few weeks of phone calls and meetings, so I had to tell my boss what was going on, simply as a courtesy.

So yeah, it's got around, and generally people are fairly sensible about it. Yes, I write erotica, but I also edit, and sometimes contribute to, what could be described as very dry academic books. So, am I an insatiable nymphomaniac or an avid Civil War scholar? Who knows?

ES: And if you have male friends who know, do they all wonder when you are going to suck them?

NM: Oh, who knows what goes on in the male brain? I'm sure it's probably crossed a few minds, but the one time I dated someone who knew about my writing, it did not go well. He expected... well, you can guess what he expected, and he wasn't too subtle about letting me know. Which, to be honest, ensured that it was now the very last thing I wanted to do, and he was the very last person I'd want to do it with. We broke up and he really did ask me "why aren't you more like your stories?"

What can you even say to that?

ES: I guess this has gone on long enough that people want us to stop. Or for you to suck mine. Hey, we should write a story about that!

NM: You start.....

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