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I have another two for one deal for all of you. When interviewing Phoebe I learned that her husband, Michael, also wrote stories for ES. He agreed to do the interview as well, so you get to read twice the answers this time.

Tell us about you:

Question: First tell us something about yourself, like name, age, and some other things we would like to know about you...Letís call it a short bio.

Phoebe: Since my husband and I are kind of partner's in crime so to speak, when writing stories, we have decided to do this interview together. Since I'm doing the final edit, my husband Michael will just have to go along with whatever I decide. Yes I'm bossy.

So a little about us: We're both 39, born 2 1/2 months a part. I'm a native Californian, with German/English ancestry. My family has lived in America since the 1600's. Michael's dad was in the military when he met and married his mother. She was the daughter of a major Korean industrialist. His folks came back to live in his home sates of Iowa and that's were Michael was born and grew up.

In my opinion, Michael is one of the sexiest men on this earth. He has all the best features from both Caucasian and Asian ancestry; a beautiful full luxurious head of hair, almond shaped eyes and skin to die for. He also is very well endowed.

Before we met we were both into swinger groups and had a lot of experience with other partners, in fact we met while exploring that lifestyle on a secluded beach called "Little Beach" in Maui Hawaii, which is sort of an unofficial swinger's place to meet.

We fell in love and eventually married in 2002. I know that we might be considered unusual, but I've had over 60 different lovers since my first when I was 14. Michael has been with over 100 different men and women and he lost his virginity at 18. I know that it sounds like we've had a lot of partners, but taken over 25 years and a lot of international travel and social mingling; it's not as strange as it sounds.

Over the past two years we have pretty much settled down to a domestic lifestyle, which includes writing erotica and the occasional threesome or foursome - but only with people we know and love.

Question: What are you wearing right now?

Phoebe: Bikini bottoms and a t-shirt and flip-flops. Michael's not here right now, but I saw him out at the pool and he was wearing skimpy clingy swim-trunks, so I'll assume he still has them on. (It's really hot at home this time of the year. *This interview was done in June*)

Question: Does your spouse or significant other know you write, and if so, what does he/she think?

Phoebe: Michael is the one who started me writing, the little perv! It all started when I caught him beating off at the computer around 2AM one morning, back in 1999. (Before we were married we lived together.)

Anyway, he was caught red-handed reading porn so he had to show me what he was doing and one thing lead to another. We've repeated that episode again and again over the years, although not so much now-a-days.

Michael: Um, to set the record straight - Phoebe was reading porn before I ever did. She and her girlfriend were way into the stuff before I ever read my first written erotica.

Phoebe: Yeah, but we're talking about writing, not reading.

Question: Is it difficult for you to keep your writing life separate from your professional life?

Phoebe: It is an extension of my real life. I hope I don't offend people here, but writing porn isn't some major thing to me, it's just fun and stimulating so I do it occasionally.

Michael: I write about things that actually happened to me, or to someone I know, so I guess the line between writing and real life is pretty fine in my case.

Question: How did you come up with your ES nickname?

Phoebe: Both my husband and I use our real first names. Michael & Phoebe. It's easier than using an epithet, and there have to be a billion Michaels and at least a hundred thousand Phoebes in the world. Right?

Michael: Ditto.

Question: What brought you to EroticStories.com? What made you want to stay and become a part of it?

Phoebe: We had a friend who wrote erotic stories and posted them on the site. She talked us into posting there because of the cool rating system they have. And Art is a dear.

Michael: I concur, Art's pretty cool.

Question: What is your favorite part of your body? Why?

Phoebe: I know this is going to sound corny, but I have no doubt that my brain is my favorite body part. I can daydream whole scenarios, almost another life while nothing in particular is happening around me. I did that just the other day at the DMV and I still can't believe that no one knew how turned on I was. I fantasized about this big handsome Norwegian looking guy standing in line in front of me. And it was all manufactured in my mind.

Michael: My penis is my favorite part. It's a wonderful toy; it keeps me fully entertained even on a rainy Saturday. I'd agree with Phoebe that her brain is her sexiest part, although her tight little breasts run a close second for me.

Phoebe: Okay, I'll admit that as far as Michael's parts are concerned, his penis, (when erect) is my favorite part on his body.

Question: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?

Phoebe: I think I'd like to be black or Asian. I have to work too hard on my tan and if I were black I'd already be tan, and Asian's have such nice skin.

Michael: I'm pretty satisfied, but maybe it would be fun to be a woman so I could feel what it's like to be made love to. Also it would be fun to seduce guys. I think that if I knew as a woman, what I know as a guy, I'd be the hottest women in the world.

Question: Boxers v Briefs? / Panties v Thong?

Phoebe: I've done panties and thongs, but I think I'd like boxers too.

Michael: Don't wear any of those.

Writing Habits:

Question: What do you like the most about writing erotic stories?

Phoebe: I like to send my stories to friends. I get a kick out of their reactions. Michael has actually printed and bound some of my longer stories (not on the internet) and sold them at swap meets and craft fairs. I even did a book signing once at a craft fair (out of town) just for kicks. It's funny to see the reactions you get. We sold the "books" for $19.95 and once the word got around the grounds we sold all 24 copies in the first 4 hours. Pretty neat huh?

Michael: Yeah, that was fun. But for me I like the charge I get out of the writing process. I too sit down and try to write the first draft right through. I'm drained at the end of the effort and if possible I hunt down Phoebe and we make love, sometimes we pretend we're in the story.

Question: How long have you been writing now? How did it all get started and what made you write your first story?

Phoebe & Michael: It was around the same time we began reading erotica on the internet. We knew a girl who ran an erotic story website and we struck up a friendship, we even got together in real life and she eventually talked me (Phoebe) into writing about my experiences and posting them on several web mags and on her site, this was in 1999.

Question: Which of your stories is your personal favorite, the one you enjoyed writing the most, and/or the one holds the best memories or feelings for you?

Phoebe: Sexual Restraint. It's about this Goth girl who's a little world weary and takes up with this guy who talks her into a restraint-gangbang. It didn't get very good reviews, but it's something that in my daydreams I'd love to do.

Michael: I like them all, but I guess "Voice from the Dark" would be the one that means the most to me. It really happened to me. The only fiction in the story was the name I used for the girl. The story's about losing my virginity and how unexpected it was. My other favorite story is fiction about a hooker who is cheated by her john and takes her revenge on him. Something similar happened to a friend of mine in high school. That taught me to never mess with hookers.

Question: Have you ever gotten so turned on while writing that you had to stop to masturbate? What story was it?

Phoebe: Always! Every story I've written. And then again when I come back to edit it a few days latter.

Michael: Me too. What Phoebe said.

Question: Do you write from fantasy or true stories or a combination of both? Please explain or give an example.

Phoebe: Hmmm, well obviously the "oral guides" were written from personal experience, and I suppose that there are elements in my stories that I have personally lived. If I were to give an example of a combination of fantasy and reality a good one would be Sexual Harassment. I did have sex with a co-worker, who was in a subordinate position, but I didn't get caught and he wasn't all that harassed.

Michael: As mentioned before, I like to use real life scenarios, even though I fictionalize them completely.

Question: Are the characters in your story based on real people, did you make them up, or are they a combination of both?

Phoebe: All my characters are make-believe. Michael on the other hand uses real people he knows as he's mentioned. I'm careful not to do that.

Question: What parts of "Yourself" do you put into your characters?

Phoebe: My attitude and my sexual appetite. And a neck and backache, if it's a long story.

Michael: I try to put my personality and personal outlook into my stories. If you knew me you could recognize me by my stories and the way I write.

Question: If there was one trait you could take from one of your characters in your stories, and put it in place in your real life, what would it be and why?

Phoebe: I rewrote this paragraph several times before letting it go. In the final analysis, in real life I wouldn't need to take anything from my characters. I have done most everything in my life that is comparatively safe and sane to do. And the things that I haven't done, probably shouldn't be done in real life. No regrets.

Michael: Fearlessness.

Question: How long does it take for you to write a complete story? How does the process go?

Phoebe: Anything that I have submitted to ES, at least the first draft was written right through within a few hours, unless I was interrupted. I come back several days later and edit it, I tried getting Michael to edit my stories but he's horrible at it. I have some longer stories that took weeks and weeks and a noel that has been in the making for two years now.

Michael: Humph.

Question: How do you come up with your story titles?

Phoebe: I always try to be descriptive with my titles. I feel it should tell the reader what the story is about if possible.

Michael: Same as Phoebe, I like the title to mean something.

Question: What is the hardest part of writing a story?

Phoebe & Michael: The sitting down and the doing.

Question: Have you ever done research for a part of a story you didnít have any knowledge about or maybe for a sex scene?

Phoebe: If there is something I don't know about I fake it. After all, this is all about erotic fantasy. Right?

Michael: Since I take my story scenarios from real life, I guess you could say that I've done the research.

Question: Do you have any secret stories you donít want to publish for the public? Do you publish your stories on other sites besides EroticStories.com and if so, why? Have you ever been published on paper?

Phoebe: No secret stories. I have a site at Kristen's Archive and one at Eroticstories.com and one at Storiesonline.com. I started posting at Kristen's site first because we were friends. I have also written several sex based articles for internet magazines and have contributed to the Learning Center at the request of Dr. Andy. I'm also writing a novel about prehistoric sex, but we'll have to see how that goes.

Michael: It's a secret.

Question: When you receive negative comments do you just ignore them, build from them, or let it put a negative image over the story itself, and let it hinder your writing?

Phoebe: I'm not sure that I have received really negative comments. But I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't care all that much since I haven't invested too much of myself into the porn that I write.

Michael: I want to $#@#$^ when I get bad reviews. I especially get hot under the collar when I am getting good scores and some sleazy so and so %$@#^& hits the one button. But then probably everyone who writes feels that way.

Reading Habits:

Question: Do you also enjoy reading erotic stories? Which categories do you enjoy the most? Do you like true stories or fantasies?

Phoebe: Okay, here's were I might get myself into trouble. I started reading erotica in 1999 and a person can only read so many stories before they begin to pall. So I haven't actually been reading "stories" for quite a while. But, when I was into that, I liked exhibitionist stories, and wife cheating stories best.

As far as true and fantasy, I guess I like true, or stories that are written like they're true. I have a hard time letting credulity go when some hot wife takes on a group of men at her husband's poker game when up until that moment she'd been just a normal house wife. That kind of story seems so unreal to me.

Michael: I still read erotica from time to time, but I generally do a google back in time. The old stories are the interesting ones to me. The ones written when the Internet was new.

Question: Do you vote on other author's stories? How do you decide what score to give when you do?

Phoebe: I haven't voted in a while. The last time I did, someone had written a beautiful love story that made me want to know the author. For the life of me I can't remember who he was, but I gave him a 10 and I told him that if I wasn't married I would've wanted to have his child.

Michael: No. I download the stories so I can read them later and I never get around to logging back on and finding the story again and then scoring it.

Question: Do you send other authorís comments or feedback on their stories?

Phoebe: See above.

Michael: No

Question: Do you have a favorite author on ES? What makes them your favorite?

Phoebe: I like Shooter3704, although he could write something not interracially related for a change. I also like Kristen's stories, especially Rose Lane because I knew the people involved. The author that got me in the very beginning but he isn't at ES, was The Warthog. I know that's a horrible name, but he could make the sluttiest girl seem innocent even when she's getting gangbanged while her hubby secretly watches the whole thing.

PleasureKitten4u, SeeApe, CarolS31, Kristen and MacDuke. You'll find that each author is different in their subject matter, but the realness is what I like. I can believe that what they wrote might have happened.

Question: When you read a story do you: A. Touch yourself and come around the same time one of the characters do? B. Touch yourself but wait for the end to come? C. Touch yourself but wait until after you finish the story to come, such as after going to bed? D. Not touch yourself until you are finished and then continue thinking about the story and come? E. Any other variation you may do? (Please tell us what it is)

Phoebe: All of the above. But when Michael and I were in our avid reading stage, what would generally happened was: I'd read a story aloud, sitting in Michael's lap while he diddled me. That worked both ways of course. Also, I really enjoyed writing a story and then masturbating Michael while he read it. That really got me hot too. We haven't done that in a while, but I might now that I've thought about it again.

Michael: Phoebe said it all. :)

Sex Habits:

Question: Do you enjoy the visual side of erotica, as in porn movies or pictures? If so, do you have any favorites?

Phoebe: I've seen so many images and movies over the years that they all meld together. I can say that in movies, if the participants look like they're into it, I feel that those are the best. When their all just humping each other and looking like they've done the same thing a thousand times before, well that just puts me to sleep.

By the way, I don't know if your readers have ever given this any thought, but it is damn hard making a porno film. I know that many of the movies look cheesy, but try to imagine having sex with two of three guys standing around with lights and cameras telling you every few minutes to suck harder or get up and ride him facing the camera. Think about it, it isn't easy to look like you're enjoying yourself under those circumstances.

One of the newer porno stars I think is pretty hot, it "Gauge" she's quite a little actress. What makes her special is that she can let herself go in the sex act and forget all about the camera and people, and it shows in her work.

Michael: I've always been big into exhibitionism. I did some nude modeling back in college and that got me into exhibitionism in general. Nothing better than showing off to a willing stranger.

Question: Do you remember the first pornography you ever saw? Tell us about it?

Phoebe: I think I was twelve. I don't remember the actual piece, but the person who had it is still indelibly inked in my mind. I had a girlfriend whose brother was a senior in high school and he liked to take pictures of his erect dick and then go around the neighborhood and slip the picture in pretty girl's car windows.

My friend's house was the first time I ever saw a boy's erection. And as you can imagine someone like that had lots of other stimuli, so I got to look at years and years of Playboy, Penthouse and Nudist Digest.

Question: Have you ever participated in erotic photography? If so, please tell us about it. If not, would you rather be the photographed or the photographer?

Phoebe: Yes. For a time Michael and I belonged to Bliss Couples, a swingers group in the bay area. Everyone who joined had to have a "portfolio" of naked images, posing and action shots. It was a lot of fun, but that was when I realized that those professional porn stars had to work for it.

Question: What do you wear to bed?

Phoebe & Michael: Nothing. Ever.

Question: Do your sex life and writing have any correlation with each other??

Phoebe: Only when I interact with other people. If I'm alone, I write, I get off, then later I come back and edit the work, get off again and then I forget all about it.

Michael: Yes.

Question: How would you rate your willingness to try new things in bed?

Phoebe: I've never said no to anything in bed.

Michael: Eager.

Question: Whatís the kinkiest thing you have done in your life?

Phoebe: I fulfilled one of Michael's fantasies by letting him make love to me on a public beach in the LA area. The deal was that we would get totally naked (under a very big beach towel) and make love to completion. Michael has never cum as fast as he did that time and we left shortly afterwards with our beach neighbors giving us the ogle eye.

Michael: Back a long time ago between high school and college, I visited an anonymous sex club. The place was set up were you paid to get in then you could do pretty much whatever you wanted, whatever someone would let you do to them. It was dark and you had to go pretty much by feel. Looking back it was a foolish thing to do, but since I came away from the experience unscathed, I'm glad I did it at least the once. ( I had sex with 6 different people that evening and never knew who any of them were.)

Question: Do you have anyfantasies that you would like to fulfil?

Phoebe: Both Michael and I have the reoccurring fantasy of having anonymous restrained sex with a crowd of strangers, both men and women, where we're restrained and gagged and can't stop them from doing whatever they want to us.

I've had that fantasy ever since I can remember. I don't know if it was sexual back then, but I can remember "feeling funny" even when I was a little girl in grade school when I fantasized about being stuck in a hole in the fence or someplace similar and then some boy would end up finding me there and begin touching me in places that I knew he wasn't supposed to, and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

Especially in this day and age I would never do something like that, but it has given both Michael and I some great fizzys playing that scenario out with some really close friends over the years.

Michael: Okay Phoebe, don't delete this. I live my fantasy whenever I can. I enjoy cumming on other guy's skin. My favorite thing is for the guy to be on their hands and knees while I jack off cumming all over their back. It's only fun if I've saved up a big messy load. Then afterwards I like to smear my cum into his skin.

Sounds strange I know, and don't ask me why it turns me on so, but for some reason it's very therapeutic for me and I enjoy it immensely.

Question: What is your opinion about sex toys? Do you have any toys yourself and if so, do you like to use them?

Phoebe: Like em', every kind. I have a collection of toys that would rival Imelda Marco's shoe collection.

Michael: I've been known to enjoy some of Phoebe's collection from time to time. She can get a little rough too by the way...

Question: What do you think about solo sex?

Phoebe: I enjoy it, especially when I get caught late at night while lying in bed next to a lover fingering myself.

Michael: I'm an expert at it. I have made an art out of squeezing every last drop of pleasure out, during masturbation. I can experience two levels of orgasm during one event, the pre-cum and the full orgasm. This technique is so much more intense than any love making, but of course making love to a woman has its own attractions.

Question: What are your favourite; and least favourite positions?

Phoebe: I like the "butterfly", "froggy" and "doggy" positions equally, because they all allow deep penetration. And by the way, they are all nicely enhanced with a "do me" chair which is one of my favorite toys. As far as least favorite position, I've never been a huge fan of backdoor sex.

Michael: I like butterfly best because I get deep penetration and am able to fondle my partner's front to my heart's content, it's a very open position and you can see everything.

Question: Do you believe in one night stands?

Phoebe: Yes. In brief relationships you find a variety that you'll never have in a committed relationship. It's an excellent way to "get it out of your system" before settling down. I've had many one-night relationships and now I don't have to wonder what it would be like. This probably sounds a little harsh, but in my opinion it's true.

Michael: If you're single, or if you have a partner who likes to hear about it, then go for it. If it will wreck your relationship with your steady, then pass it by. But it really does help to be happy with what you have when you've experienced enough sex to compare your sex life with other peoples.

Question: What makes someone sexy to you?

Phoebe: That's simple and probably universal. The mind. A partner with the ability to anticipate and be inventive is something to behold, be they male or female.

Michael: It's the mind.

Question: What is a major turn on for you during sex?

Phoebe: I like lots and lots of foreplay. Also if my partners will act the submissive and give themselves to me, that turns me on more than anything and I make sure they get everything I have to give.

Michael: I like having my balls squeezed by one woman while I'm plowing another. I especially like it when the ball squeezer leans over my back as I'm humping my sex partner and whispers dirty ditties in my ear.

Michael: I'm not into big women or big guys. I like my partners to be the same size or smaller, otherwise, there would be nothing I wouldn't do that was safe to do.

Question: Sex-talk. Do you like or dislike talking during sex?

Phoebe: Like! I don't really like lots of vulgar stuff, but I enjoy being told what is going to happen to me next and I like doing that to my partner too.

Michael: Like!

Question: In bed or on the kitchen table?

Phoebe & Michael: And in the pool and in the backyard and in public places. I also have done it in school, in church at the mechanics and at the grocery store.

Question: What is your favourite or most memorable moment in bed?

Phoebe: The first time I experienced a threesome. I was 24 or 25 and my boyfriend had been at me about doing it. It was a really big deal having sex with two guys at the same time and I was so nervous that I thought I'd faint.

But as it turned out all three of us ended up having a great time and we stayed together for almost a month that summer vacation until school started up again. We are still special friends even though we have all moved to different states and haven't seen each other in years. (We're Christmas Card Buddies now.)

Michael: Besides my first lovemaking session with Phoebs, I'd say it was the very first time I was involved in a bi-sexual threesome. (Funny how we're both noting threesomes)

That experience stayed with me and formed the rest of my sex life. It wasn't planned other than we were two guys with a very willing woman who didn't mind being taken by two guys at once. She was actually the instigator, talking me into letting the other guy plug my ass. I got a blowjob from her while I was being screwed by my buddy.

In the end I realized that I'd had a fantastic time and that I'd cum maybe 5 times during the course of our sex session, more than I'd ever done in one evening before that time.

And Last but not least...

Question for Phoebe: You have two guides posted with your stories on ES, Phoebe's Oral Sex Guide: The Pleasure of Fellatio and Phoebe's Oral Sex Guide: The Pleasure of Cunnilingus. What made you want to write them?

Phoebe: I wrote those and a few others a while back to publish in a self-help web magazine. A few years ago I updated the oral guides and posted them on the Learning Center and at ES. The reason I wrote them originally was that I was asked to do it. I've had a lot of experience in that department with a lot of different kinds of guys and I wanted to share my experience.

The article out there in the ether that I've gotten the most feedback questions on is my article "Sex with the uncircumcised penis". It's amazing how many women have never seen one and how apprehensive they are about it.

Question: Is there anybody on this site, who you would like to see interviewed? Why?

Phoebe: Art?

Michael: Art? :)

Question: Do you notice any differences between the "younger" writers on here, and between the "older writers" of this site?

Phoebe: Sorry, as I mentioned earlier, I haven't been doing much reading lately so can't answer that with any real knowledge. But I do believe that practice makes a difference and so does experience.

Michael: Mostly errors. It's not fair I know, but newer writers generally have to go through a learning phase. It's funny how many people don't know that quotation marks go after a punctuation mark.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview and your fans? Now is your chance...

Phoebe: Just my motto: Have sex early and often.

Michael: Ditto

- - - - - - - -

Hope you have enjoyed reading this interview. Don't forget to send Phoebe and Michael a comment letting them know what you thought.

Thank you Phoebe and Michael for taking the time to do this!

Happy reading!


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