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We have another top author here that has given his time to answer all my questions. You will find Miltone on the 'Top 100 Best Scoring Authors' list as well as the 'Top 100 Favorite Authors' list. Read on to see what Miltone has to say...

Tell us about you:

Question: First tell us something about yourself, like name, age, and some other things we would like to know about you...Letís call it a short bio.

Miltone: My given name is David, Iím 55, and live in Northville, Michigan with my dog Zoe. I have a B.A. in English and a Masters in American Literature. Iíve worked variously as a stock exchange clerk, a musician, a waiter, a cook, a teacher, an electronics technician, in production supervision and sales and marketing. Iíve loved and lost a few times, been happily married and then experienced the sad disintegration of that relationship. Iíve written and published fiction and poetry. Iím tall and trim, with green eyes and sandy brown hair, and love jazz, fine dining, classic automobiles, and sexy willing women.

Question: What are you wearing right now?

Miltone: Cotton sports shirt, khakis, boxers, and topsiders

Question: Does your spouse or significant other know you write, and if so, what does he/she think?

Miltone: Most of my girlfriends usually find out at some point and tend to get off on the idea, except for a couple who werenít really readers, but then they didnít last too long.

Question: Is it difficult for you to keep your writing life separate from your professional life?

Miltone: In a general sense, seeing that I write a fair amount professionally, you could say that writing is a large part of my life so Iím not concerned about keeping it separate. The stories that I post here at ES are sort of like my playthings, just a little something to have some fun with.

Question: How did you come up with your ES nickname?

Miltone: Itís actually a nickname given to me a long time ago by a good friend when I was in a rock Ďní roll band. BTW, itís pronounced as, ďMILL-tone,Ē and has nothing to do with Milton, either the name or the Classic author.

Question: What brought you to EroticStories.com? What made you want to stay and become a part of it?

Miltone: I had posted a few stories at a smaller erotic story site under the name of Goodman and then as Miltone at Literotica.com. When I sort of stumbled onto ES by accident, I thought it would be fun to see what another audience would think. Iíve been very pleased with the readership and overall encouraging environment here at ES.

Question: What is your favorite part of your body? Why?

Miltone: My brain. All personal interaction, the sensesóeverything reallyógoes through there before it gets anywhere else. Iím not saying that the rest isnít importantóIíve been blessed physicallyóbut everything begins with the brain.

Question: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?

Miltone: About the only thing that God has pissed me off about is my thinning hairline, otherwise Iím pretty happy, healthy, and fortunate.

Question: Boxers v Briefs? / Panties v Thong?

Miltone: My underwear drawer has a little bit of everything so it usually comes down to what Iím wearing on top. With tight blue jeans I prefer briefs; for looser fitting slacks and shorts, boxers are the best. I feel very sexy wearing silk boxers. For kinks I have worn a thong at the request of a girlfriend. As for what I like to see on my lady, I really have no particular preference and gratefully tip my hat to the lingerie designers of the world who have invented the sexiest ways to present a womanís beauty. Skimpy little thongs can be really sexy, lacy boy shorts are also very delectable, and is there anything that spells sex more than a dainty little g-string that barely conceals its prize? But then, there are certain asses that look indescribably delicious in a simple pair of panties.

Writing Habits:

Question: What do you like the most about writing erotic stories?

Miltone: What I enjoy the most is coming up with a story that the readers really enjoy, with believable characters and a storyline that takes them to some special place of their choosing, either alone or with a partner. One thing that I try to do is write erotic stories, not just explicit sex. There is certainly a time and place for a short, hot sexual story, but I prefer mine to reflect my own sexual nature, something that presents character and context, something that touches all of the senses, incorporates interaction between the characters, what they are thinking and feeling, and not just the specifics of what they are doing.

Question: How long have you been writing now? How did it all get started and what made you write your first story?

Miltone: I wrote my first fiction in my teens and the first erotic one when I was maybe 16 or 17. Exactly what made me get started is hard to explain because it seems to come naturally to me. Iíve always been something of a storyteller and the process is kind of a part of me. Most of my writing begins with envisioning the characters and their surroundings and then formulating the description of it as I put it into words. When either observing or involved in a real-life situation, I often conceive of character and plot and dialogue and action in literary terms. Many times when I read a book or watch a movie I envision how I might have done it better or differently.

Question: What categories are most of your stories in? What kind would you never write?

Miltone: Probably most fit the one-on-one straight sex category, although some could be placed into other slots. Iíve written stories in just about every category but post only the best and those seem to be the ones that have two strong often unlikely characters who somehow discover each other intimately.

Question: Which of your stories is your personal favorite, the one you enjoyed writing the most, and/or the one holds the best memories or feelings for you?

Miltone: Thatís like asking which of your children is your favorite. Each story is special to me, either because of the people itís about or the way they work through their conflicts, or simply the satisfaction of having told a good story. For instance, The Trouble With Emily was written about a very dear friend who has a very special place in my heart. The Neighborís Brat is a complete work of fiction, but won a ďBest OfĒ award on that ďotherĒ site. I enjoyed the challenge of writing a full-length erotic crime novel last year when posting A Little Game Of Murder. Worth Waiting For was my first attempt at writing a story completely from a womanís point of view. The Opening Act, My Favorite Student, The Cellist, and of course my latest, The Girl Next Door, probably round out the list of my best work, but Iím honestly proud of all of them, even the ones that Iíve taken off the site or posted elsewhere.

Question: Have you ever gotten so turned on while writing that you had to stop to masturbate? What story was it?

Miltone: I type with both hands and donít like to stop once Iím on a roll. But seriously, there have been a couple of times when I did become pretty aroused going through the process of visualizing what was happening between the characters and putting it all down into words, but I have never had to stop in the middle to jerk off. Now what goes on after the story is saved on the computer can be quite another story. While writing a sex scene I will use my own arousal as a sort of sexual barometer: if Iím getting turned on, then thereís a pretty good chance that the readers will too, and letís face it, thatís a big part of why they are here. I will admit to having used successful masturbatory fantasies as the inspiration for a given sex scene, but, Iíve never become so aroused that Iíve had to stop and relieve myself in the middle of the process.

Question: Do you write from fantasy or true stories or a combination of both? Please explain or give an example.

Miltone: Most of my stories are a mix of truth and fantasy, some are more real than imagined, while others are more fanciful than real. It depends. The people might be real and the situation is imagined, or the situation is real but the people are fictional. For example, My Executive Assistant is pretty much based on real people and real situations, just sort of compressed for the sake of brevity. Worth Waiting For was completely fictional and written at the request of a faithful reader, a teacher who wanted a story written about her seducing the father of one of her students. The Apartment is probably the closest to being autobiographical; the character of Rich Parker in The Collectors has none of my character at all. Since the readers would probably get tired of reading about the same character in every story, I try to create different characters with each new work.

Question: : If there was one trait you could take from one of your characters in your stories, and put it in place in your real life, what would it be and why?

Miltone: The ability to come up with snappy lines on cue. Writing a story I have all kinds of time to develop witty repartee whereas in real life you have to go with what your mind comes up with right on the spot.

Question: How long does it take for you to write a complete story? How does the process go?

Miltone: Most of my stories have been written over a period of several weeks. The last one I posted here, The Girl Next Door, took me about 90 hours at the keyboard alone, not counting the time spent ruminating over it away from the keyboard, you know, waking up at 3 AM with some great idea of something to add or change in the story. I usually start with an outline of some sort, a description of the characters and where I want to take them. I like to complete a first draft from beginning to end first, then go back over and edit it once or twice more, fleshing out characters, maybe adding a subplot, deleting unnecessary dialogue or action, and generally tightening up the storyline.

Question: How do you come up with your story titles?

Miltone: They either come to me while writing the story or are simply the working title with which I began.

Question: What is the hardest part of writing a story?

Miltone: Actually the hardest part for me is writing the sex scenes, making it seem real, being consistent in the tone but varying the language so that certain key words arenít repeated over and again. There are some stories where Iíll encounter a roadblock to the storyline and will have to take some time working my way around it or writing myself out of the corner, but itís usually the sex thatís the most difficult.

Question: Have you ever done research for a part of a story you didnít have any knowledge about or maybe for a sex scene?

Miltone: Iíll do that often to ensure that the setting is correct or has the right feel. Since Iíve done pretty much everything that I include sexually, I havenít had to do much research in that department. Of course itís always a great pickup line when you can tell a comely young lass that you need her help researching your latest work of fiction.

Question: Do you have any secret stories you donít want to publish for the public? Do you publish your stories on other sites besides EroticStories.com and if so, why? Have you ever been published on paper?

Miltone: Nothing really secret. I have some stories that will see the light of day eventually. I have posted stories on other sites, Literotica mostly, because they keep the stories available to everyone without requiring a membership. I have been published in book and magazine form, but that is under my real full name.

Question: When you receive negative comments do you just ignore them, build from them, or let it put a negative image over the story itself, and let it hinder your writing?

Miltone: I donít pay much attention unless they at least write specifically about what they didnít like about the story. Any idiot can write, ďUr story sux!Ē But if they write, ďYour story sucks because the guy character isnít believable,Ē and provide an example, then Iíll pay some attention. Otherwise I ignore it. Iíve sometimes thought that any vote should be accompanied by a comment to the writer, but that would obviously inhibit some readers and keep them from voting their honest opinion. Personally, I donít think itís egotistical to say that my stories are among the very best on this site. But for the life of me, I canít understand why there are some out there who would vote a 5 on any one of them unless they are maybe a jealous writer or an overzealous fan of someone else. For example, one of my best overall stories, The Cellist, received 83 votes with a very nice average vote of 9.45 (thank you, kind readers!). What I prefer to keep in mind are the seventy-six readers who voted a 10 or 9 and donít bother trying to please the one who voted a 6. Bottom line is Iím not out to win a popularity contest. Iím just trying to tell some entertaining stories and believe I do a pretty good job of it.

Reading Habits:

Question: Do you also enjoy reading erotic stories? Which categories do you enjoy the most? Do you like true stories or fantasies?

Miltone: Actually I donít read all that much, I donít have the time really. What I look for when I have the time depends on my mood and I donít really have a special category. If the premise seems promising then I may take a look. Iím always a little skeptical when a writer prefaces their story with the old ďthis is a true storyĒ disclaimer since the tale usually turns out to be pretty farfetched. Not that there is any deceit involved because reality is often stranger than fiction. My preference when reading is for am unusual situation with interesting characters thatís easy to read, has proper grammar and correct spelling and a hot storyline.

Question: Do you vote on other author's stories? How do you decide what score to give when you do?

Miltone: If I happen to read a story that impresses me, I always vote. If I had the time to read every story, I would vote on each one according to how well it was written, and use the entire scale from 1 to 10. There are some that have a good premise, but the execution is sadly lacking. Iíve stumbled across some stories that are pretty much unreadable; one long paragraph with the dialogue all jumbled together. Those I would probably vote a 1. There are some stories that show promise, but the use of language is poor or there are numerous misspellings or typos or lousy grammar that I would vote maybe a 4, 5, or 6. But because I post my own stories here, Iím kind of sensitive about the voting and donít want to skew it according to my own tastes, so I usually end up voting only when I read a really good story.

Question: Do you send other authorís comments or feedback on their stories?

Miltone: I like to encourage young writers whose work seems promising and if I read a very well written story by a newcomer or an old pro Iíll certainly let them know.

Question: Do you have a favorite author on ES? What makes them your favorite?

Miltone: Having collaborated with xtcnymphette on a couple of interactive stories posted here and elsewhere it should be no surprise that she is my favorite. Her writing style is hypnotically erotic. Of course the fact that she is a beautiful, sexy young woman doesnít hurt either. But there are several other writers Iíve enjoyed reading, Gary Johns, Lady Grey, and Thesandman foremost among them.

Question: When you read a story do you: A. Touch yourself and come around the same time one of the characters do? B. Touch yourself but wait for the end to come? C. Touch yourself but wait until after you finish the story to come, such as after going to bed? D. Not touch yourself until you are finished and then continue thinking about the story and come? E. Any other variation you may do? (Please tell us what it is)

Miltone: As with writing or chatting online for that matter, I donít sit at the computer and masturbate. Just seems uncomfortable to me. I may fantasize over a very hot storyline at a later time either with a partner or when alone, but not while at the keyboard.

Sex Habits:

Question: Do you enjoy the visual side of erotica, as in porn movies or pictures? If so, do you have any favorites?

Miltone: I enjoy it from time to time but not as a regular thing. Sometimes I browse the pictures and videos here or at other sites, but Iím really picky when it comes to turn ons, and prefer classy, tasteful erotica. When I was younger I used to keep a wall of my dining room covered with pictures of attractive women, most of whom were in some state of nakedness, but purely for the artistic merit you understand.

Question: Do you remember the first pornography you ever saw? Tell us about it?

Miltone: I remember seeing a copy of Playboy when I was maybe 11 or 12 and that made a BIG impression on me, even though in those days they hardly showed a nipple and not even a hint of what was down below. There was a cheesy black and white ďstagĒ movie that I saw in my early teens, but it wasnít all that arousing. Iím sure the average kid of 12 today has seen more naked women or men than I ever saw before the age of 21.

Question: Have you ever participated in erotic photography? If so, please tell us about it. If not, would you rather be the photographed or the photographer?

Miltone: Iíve taken a few and been in a few, but nothing for public consumption. Personally, I prefer to be the photographer. Nothing beats being able to pose a lovely naked woman and later prove to her just how sexy she truly is.

Question: What do you wear to bed?

Miltone: As little as I can get away with, although there have been a few occasions when the blue silk pajamas helped set the scene.

Question: Do your sex life and writing have any correlation with each other??

Miltone: Yes, pretty much everything Iíve included in my stories Iíve done at least once.

Question: How would you rate your willingness to try new things in bed?

Miltone: Very high. With the right girl, there isnít much that I will not try.

Question: Whatís the kinkiest thing you have done in your life?

Miltone: Iíve experimented with bondage and light whipping, handcuffs, blindfolds, food fun, that sort of thing, on both sides of the equation, giving and receiving, though I definitely prefer to be the one in charge. But I draw the line at water sports or anything that induces pain. I would much rather bring pleasure than pain.

Question:Do you have anyfantasies that you would like to fulfil?

Miltone: At my age, I think Iíve fulfilled every one. There are some that I might want to revisit again Ö and again Ö and again.

Question: What is your opinion about sex toys? Do you have any toys yourself and if so, do you like to use them?

Miltone: Personally, I donít keep any in the nightstand but I donít mind using them with a partner if they are available.

Question: What do you think about solo sex?

Miltone: Seeing that good old ďMr. HandĒ was my first sex partner (and will probably be my last) I guess youíd have to say I approve. For obvious reasons I prefer being with a willing partner but when all else fails going solo can help take the edge off.

Question: What are your favourite; and least favourite positions?

Miltone: Donít have a ďleastĒ favorite. Any position that brings mutual pleasure is my favorite, 69, girl on top, spooning, doggy, the crab, the pretzel, up against the wall, in the shower, even missionary Ö they all work just fine for me!

Question: Do you believe in one night stands?

Miltone: Iíve had a couple if thatís what you mean, but I found that sort of behavior somewhat unfulfilling. I prefer a longer-term in-depth intense relationship where you can explore more of your mutual needs and wants and desires.

Question: What makes someone sexy to you?

Miltone: Funny thing, it can be just a look, the way she walks, the sound of her laugh that makes her sexy to me. Not that a great rack or a terrific pair of legs and a sweet ass or a lovely woman dressed in some exotic lingerie (my truest fetish) cannot entice me, because they have been proven to work their magic. But I find that true eroticism begins in the brain and it can often be something very subtle as a wink or a smile or a simple licking of the lips.

Question: What is a major turn on for you during sex?

Miltone: Again itís nothing specific, just knowing that she wants me as much as I want her, the way she tells me verbally and the way she exhibits her own arousal through the response and motion of her body.

Question: What is a major turn off for you during sex?

Miltone: Pain of any kind experienced by either partner, and Iím not talking about the ďhurts so goodĒ kind of pain. Iíve experimented with BDSM and found the SM portion had an adverse effect on my arousal.

Question: Sex-talk. Do you like or dislike talking during sex?

Miltone: Letís just say that it can get pretty loud in my bedroom.

Question: In bed or on the kitchen table?

Miltone: I prefer her bent over the back of a kitchen chair but the kitchen table will do, especially if itís right after breakfast and the pancake syrup hasnít been put away.

Question: What is your favourite or most memorable moment in bed?

Miltone: Duh! I mean really, is there any doubt? After a long seduction and a lengthy session of lovemaking, that big O is the best, especially on those occasions when the orgasm is truly simultaneous.

And Last but not least...

Question: You are on the "Top 100 best scoring authors with more than 5 stories online, and an average vote higher than 9.0" list with an average vote of 9.45. How does it feel to be number 4 on the list? **

Miltone: Itís quite gratifying to know that readers think that much about my work and have voted so generously. I know that I write some pretty damned good stories and love to read comments from readers, good and bad. I just wish that the reader or readers who predictably vote a 5 or 6 on my stories would tell me why they voted that way. But overall it gives me a sense that Iíve successfully completed my objective of telling a good story well.

Question: You are #15 on the ďTop 100 favourite authorsĒ list. How does it feel to know you have 199 people that have ďfavoritedĒ you? **

Miltone: Although Iím not really out to win any popularity contests, it is very nice to know that so many people have thought that much about my contributions to designate me as a favorite. I acknowledge that there is a certain significant part of the readership that prefer to read erotic stories written by sexy young women and that they tend to lead in the rankings, so itís gratifying that a randy old fuck like me can maintain some pretty high ratings.

Question: Is there anybody on this site, who you would like to see interviewed? Why?

Miltone: I think any of the top authors on either best authors list (most popular or high average vote) would be interesting. As a writer I always like to find out about how others work, their motivations, etc.

Question: Do you notice any differences between the "younger" writers on here, and between the "older writers" of this site?

Miltone: What I notice is the relative maturity of the writer. There are some younger writers who are very good and post very stylish and entertaining stories. I think overall however the older writers tend to have a maturity that makes their stories more captivating and meaningful. But nothing beats a good well-written story whether the author is young or old.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview and your fans? Now is your chance...

Miltone: I would like to thank the readers at EroticStories for their wonderful support and generous comments over the years Iíve been posting here. As Iíve responded to many of their messages, I put a lot of thought and effort into crafting my stories and itís very pleasing to know that these crazy images and ideas that spring out of my head and are carefully shaped into words can bring them so much pleasure. I truly appreciate their votes and their feedback and hope that I can continue to keep them entertained in the future.

** Please note the statistics noted were current at the time of this interview was done in May. Statistics can change daily, even hourly, so these may not be the exact numbers that you will find on the site when you read this interview.

- - - - - - - -

I want to thank Miltone for doing this interview for us. I ask the authors many questions so I know they spend plenty of time working on these for us. I hope you have enjoyed this interview as much I have. Please be sure to let Miltone know what you thought about his interview.

Thanks for reading!


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