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Carrying on with the theme of interviewing the agony aunts, My next candidate is Cum Girl. An author who I find both intriguing and a gifted writer too, I knew that Cum girl wouldn't give me an easy time of it, and she didn't disappoint, so sit back and find out what makes this absolutely amazing woman tick.

Shuggie:...Thanks for doing the interview with us, I'm going to jump in and ask you what most people want to know.

Shuggie.: First tell us something about yourself, like name, age, and some other things we would like to know about you...Let’s call it a short bio.

Cum Girl: Well... my name is Cum Girl. I am 35 years old and live in a very picturesque part of the United Kingdom called the Cotswolds. I am a collared submissive and live with my Master in a large, if somewhat dilapidated, Victorian town house. I am a Works Scheduler for a Property Maintenance Company. I love motorbikes, but being as I’m only 5ft 1” and rather petite I have resigned myself to pillion riding (so if anyone wants to take me out someday drop me an ESmail … hint hint Darkstar).

Shuggie.: Most people prefer to be addressed by their name, yet you prefer Cum Girl. How did you become Cum Girl?

Cum Girl: Master and I had been acquaintances for several years but you wouldn’t have called us friends. Then one sunny afternoon in 2006 we ended up sat in my garden drinking coffee and talking. We were both lost souls at the time, both of us were separated or divorced and both on our own. So we became friends and drinking buddies.

It was nice to have a friend to sit and chat with, to go out with once in a while, to share a few drinks with. Friends are nice things to have. Unfortunately, I’m not much good with friendships; especially with men. I expect them to be after something more, I expect sex to be looming like a dark cloud over the friendship, I got to thinking that all He wanted was to fuck me and leave. On the other hand I needed so much more. It would be fair to say that my life at this point was out of control, that I was clinging on to what I had and needed someone to come along, take control of me and give my life purpose again. So I was changeable.

Sometimes I was happy to accept Him as a friend, sometimes I could see Him as nothing more than another man looking to get a leg over and sometimes I dared to dream that maybe He would take away the hurt and make me whole again. We went to bed; a couple of times. It did nothing for our friendship. It confirmed my worst opinions of Him and all men, and then we fell out. It was nearly three months before we saw each other.

I’d reached a nadir at New Year 2007 and was trying to climb out of the place I’d got myself. I told Him as soon as I saw Him, we made up, were friends again but it was different now. Before we had been equal, our contributions to the friendship passive, now He started to take little bits of control, started to look after me, started to show concern for my well being, started helping me with my life. It was all little things; He had made a decision to get involved, but no relationship. It was a trickle effect. Certainly He had recognized my need for a White Knight, my need for someone to take control of me, for someone to care for me and my hidden desire to submit to someone. I started to defer to Him; we went to see “Miss Potter” and got our first nicknames, my desire for Him to command me encapsulated in the names “Mr. P” and “little miss”. Then we started chatting on MSN.

MSN was liberating; here we could chat beyond the normal boundaries of our conversations, here we could talk about sex, here I could confess my fantasies, here I could be someone I wasn’t in my daily life. He had noted my submissive tendencies, both in our day to day relationship and on the few occasions we had been to bed together. He knew I was ready and I was soon calling Him ‘Master’, soon confessing my dark desires, soon doing as He commanded. That was what I wanted and Master and MSN made it possible for me to be submissive; at least online. Then it became face to face reality.

He gave me some instructions; what time He would arrive, what I was to wear, what would be expected of me. I didn’t think He would turn up so I had a few drinks, climbed into bed and reckoned that would be the end of it. Master was not so easily deterred; I’d left my patio doors unlocked and I was shaken awake to find Him staring down at me. That night I became Cum Girl.

It would be a long time before that was my name, but I called Him Master that night and have ever since. He made it clear who He was, who I was, that He was prepared to take responsibility for me, was prepared to love me and take care of me and that I was to be His obedient submissive. He made it clear that only a D/s relationship would work between us. I was given the choice to accept Him as my Master or return to our friendship. Kneeling before Him I made my choice, accepted Him as Master accepted myself as His submissive. Then for the first time He used me for His pleasure and my fantasies started to become reality.

I would be lying if I said that it has been all plain sailing from then on; it hasn’t. I have had questions, I have had doubts and likewise so has He. We separated once for four days and there have been occasions where we have come to the brink. But this is the relationship that works for us. I need this; not just sexually but in my whole life and so does He. So He is Master and I am Cum Girl and we are very happy together and happy with who we are.

Shuggie.: Why have you chosen to be a submissive? Why have you chosen to have a Master? What do you get out of being Cum Girl?

Cum Girl: I am hoping that throughout this interview you will get little glimpses of what I get out of being Cum Girl and that by the end you will perhaps understand why I have chosen the life I lead. I am not very good on my own.

I find life too difficult, too hard, too much to cope with; not all the time, but often enough. I need someone to share my life with, as do most of us. I spent four years on my own and it left me in a very dark place; life seemed to have nothing to offer me but more hurt and pain and I couldn’t find the way to build much worthwhile into it. I had my family and my work, both of which I loved, but little beyond that. Master has given me so much. He is there for me always. He makes the decisions so that I don’t have to. He takes control of me, leads me to pleasure, and stops me from destroying my own happiness. He has made me more confident, improved my self-esteem, given me direction, advice and support. He has looked after me and shown me love. In return I try my best to be obedient, to always be a pleasure to Him, and return His love a thousand times over.

I am a much stronger person than I was a year ago. Maybe now I could be on my own again, maybe now I could deal with the ups and downs of day to day life. Sometimes when He does something I don’t agree with or He gives me an instruction I don’t want to do I think that I no longer need this sort of relationship; but I do. I love being Cum Girl, I love wearing my collar, I love being owned, I love feeling safe and secure, loved and cared for, I love the fact that He is there to look after me, and I love being sexually submissive to Him. He has made me feel very special. I may be property, but I am very, very special property.

Shuggie.: What are you wearing right now?

Cum Girl: I’m in my favourite clothing. Pinafore dress, over knee socks, diamante collar and nipple jewellery. I’m not sure that readers in the US know what a pinafore dress is but if you look at the photo montage on my Author Profile the picture of me in the top left corner is how I am dressed now. This is me as Schoolgirl Cum Girl.

Shuggie.: What do you like the most about writing erotic stories?

Cum Girl: For me, my stories are a form of diary, a literary blog. They are a record of my relationship with Master that I will be able to read again and again. No matter how aged I get and how poor my memory becomes I have my memories eternalized. There is also the intense satisfaction of writing about something that you have done, finishing it and feeling really pleased that you captured the moment. Often when I reread the stories I find it hard to believe that it is me that I have written about or that I have done the things I’ve done. That is a constant amazement to me. And the very special pleasure of logging on to my computer and seeing the large red flashing words, “You have new private ESmail! Cum Girl.” And the friends I’ve made. There is just so, so much to like. I don’t know why everybody isn’t doing it.

Shuggie.: Does your spouse or significant other know you write, and if so, what does he/she think?

Cum Girl: Now Shuggie, we are in the realm of where the normal questions just don’t really apply. I am a collared submissive. I am owned. I have a Master. He expects to know everything about His Cum Girl’s life. There is not a word that arrives or leaves this computer of which He is not aware. He sees every piece of mail and every word of every story and without His active support I wouldn’t be having this interview today. He tells me that He is very, very proud of me and I am delighted that I have achieved something for Him to be proud of.

Shuggie.: Is it difficult for you to keep your writing life separate from your professional life?

Cum Girl: Now I’m going to change this question to the one I want to answer. Is it difficult to keep your life as a submissive separate from your vanilla life? Nobody who I have ever met face to face knows me as Cum Girl and nobody who knows me as Cum Girl has ever met me. I might just be saying the same thing another way there but it did feel different to me. There are people I communicate with regularly who I would dearly love to meet, but that idea is as scary as it is attractive. On the inverse, I would love to tell my sister about my life but don’t feel confident she’d understand. There have been a few ‘mistakes’; I’ve called Him “Master” in front of people a couple of times and I did manage to send a text meant for Him to somebody else in error. As a couple we are fairly playful about who we are and the nature of our relationship and once in a while you’ll find us sat in a pub saying things like: “sex isn’t the same without bondage and latex”. We understand that our relationship is different and would like to be more open about it. In the right circumstances I’m sure we would but when it comes to close family and friends we like to keep ourselves private.

Shuggie.: How did you come up with your ES nickname?

Cum Girl: It is not a nickname it is my name. It is the name Master gave me. It is the only name Master calls me (though it can be quite funny watching Him avoid saying my ‘other name’ when in company). I am very proud of my name. It means a lot to me. Like my collar it is a symbol of who I am. It did take a little while for Master to settle on the name ‘Cum Girl’. He did call me ‘Little Miss’ for a short while (which I still quite like), but I have earned my name and if you read my stories you will understand why.

Shuggie.: What brought you to EroticStories.com? What made you want to stay and become a part of it?

Cum Girl: I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise, but I’d have to categorise myself as part of the BDSM community; though neither Master or I have any active involvement within that community. Initially I used to publish my stories at www.bdsmlibrary.com, but one of the main site administrators died and the site ground to a halt for about a month. I had a couple of stories finished that I wanted to submit so I spent a bit of time looking at other erotic story sites. When I looked at EroticStories.com I loved the Top 100, loved the Author Interviews, loved the Author Profiles and the pictures. So I submitted ‘Tied Up’., which I consider to be my first proper story, just to see what happened. I was amazed at the response; the next time I turned on my computer I had mail, so I replied and got more mail and more mail and more mail; and then someone made me a ‘favourite author’ and I was dumbstruck. So I put the next story on; ‘Learning to Cum’. and the rest, as they say, is history.

Shuggie.: We have noticed that you have a picture on your profile, why that particular picture? Do you have any more that you wish to share? And how do you feel knowing that thousands may be fantasizing about you?

Cum Girl: Shuggie, you haven’t done your research properly with this question. I don’t have a picture, I have a photo montage. Actually, I have four photo montages but the current one seems to be most people’s favourite. I do like to change my picture quite frequently as Master likes to take photos of me. No doubt when Master takes some more there will be a new montage. I also have some photos on my MySpace profile, on my registration at www.slaveregister.com and it’s UK sister site www.informedconsent.co.uk. Before I was Cum Girl I would absolutely refuse to have my photo taken, but when you are a submissive “I don’t want to” often doesn’t get you very far. Very early in our relationship, I once pretended that my camera was broken to avoid having to take photos of myself for Him, but He likes to have photos of me and I’m happy to do it for Him. I do get quite a few requests for more explicit pictures, but there are some things a girl just doesn’t share. As for thousands fantasizing about me … I’m sure they don’t … though it might be nice … “Master, Shuggie thinks there are thousands of hot bloodied boys and girls out there fantasizing about me. Stop laughing, Master, that’s not nice.” Most of my stories have no more than a few hundred readers and I’m constantly writing to Art pleading with him not to delete them; thousands of readers would be lovely.

Shuggie.: What is your favourite part of your body? Why?

Cum Girl: This might sound a bit strange but I love being short. I love being 5ft 1” and having to look up to Master. I love it when I take off my heels and nestle the top of my head beneath His chin. I love walking into a room and being the tiniest most petite person there. I hate meeting people shorter or more petite than me. I love the length of my legs; when I’m wearing my heels they seem to go on forever; yet the rest of me still seems to be in proportion.

Shuggie.: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?

Cum Girl: I don’t want to admit to wanting to change anything about myself but …

“Must buy F Cup Cookies! Must buy F Cup Cookies! I have read customer reviews of them on the web and know that they will not work but I so want larger breasts.

Last night Master alternated between fucking my breasts and my mouth. I sucked and dribbled over His cock till He was as soaking wet as my pussy, then He pulled me toward Him by my hair and nestled Himself between my small breasts. I could feel His hardness pressing into my sternum. He took a breast in each hand and pushed them together to form a cleavage then fucked it with steady even strokes whilst I watched His cock slide back and forth. It was a fabulous sight, His purple head thrusting towards my drooling mouth and then retreating; teasing me with the possibility that I might have my breasts and mouth fucked at the same time. As I watched; saliva trickling down my chin, pressing my body into His, my empty sodden pussy orgasming with each thrust; I so wished that His hands could be elsewhere. I wished to have breasts large enough for Him to fuck without the necessity of Him pushing them together. Then His hands would be free; free to fuck my mouth, free to pull my hair, free to squeeze my neck, free to smack my arse, free to penetrate my anus, free to thrust deep into my shaking, vibrating, orgasming pussy, free to scratch and pinch and stroke whilst His hard cock pummels my wonderful breasts.

Afterwards I asked Master if He thought that my breasts had got smaller and after some consideration He said they were probably larger than when we first met. I asked whether I might have breast implants and was told ‘No’ as He did not wish for me to have large breasts and that He loved them the size they were. I am happy that Master loves my breasts, but nevertheless “Must buy F Cup Cookies”.

Shuggie.: Boxers v Briefs? / Panties v Thong?

Cum Girl: I think by now you probably realise that I do what Master requires and He is very particular about how I dress. The very first instruction I was ever given was to throw away my underwear. I was not permitted to wear any; I was to be available for inspection at any time, any where. I have to this day followed this instruction. I have had some underwear in the last year. I was instructed to buy two Baby dolls for Master’s birthday and these came with matching thongs (a red pair and a black pair). I hoovered up the red pair by accident and thought “Whatever, I’m never going to get to wear them anyway” and then about a week later Master instructed me to present myself in the remaining black pair and then proceeded to cut them to shreds (whilst I was wearing them). Master did at one point buy me three lovely pairs of knickers, but I seem to have misplaced two of them, so the only pair I own is a pearl g-string. No, you couldn’t make this sort of stuff up; that’s why you all love me. So the answer to this question is none of the above for me and if Cum Girl is honest she would rather Master didn’t wear underwear either.

Shuggie.: What’s the question you’ve always wanted to be asked, but have never been asked?

Cum Girl: No way … I recognize you … I know you from somewhere … Just give me a moment … you’re … you’re … shit you’re Cum Girl … aren’t you?

Shuggie.: How long have you been writing now? How did it all get started and what made you write your first story?

Cum Girl: The first story I ever wrote was called ‘Masters Return’. which I have recently re-edited and put on here. I originally wrote it in May 2007. At that time I had been Cum Girl for about two months, lived apart from Master and we were often unable to see each other during the week. We used to spend a lot of time on MSN and He would often give me instructions to complete of an evening. This evening, I was instructed to bathe and make myself presentable and to be on MSN at a specified time for further instruction; this was fairly normal for our relationship.

When I arrived on MSN, He told me that I had 45 minutes to write Him a fantasy story which I was to email to Him and then He would discuss it with me. The story I wrote had me missing Him terribly, bathing, trying to resist the temptation to masturbate but failing and then Him returning, catching me and punishing me. I wonder where I got the inspiration for that from? For a long time I mentally disowned the story as it was a piece of fiction rather than a record of something I’d done, but when I went back to re-edit it I was surprised to find that it was quite a good story and a fairly accurate reflection of our relationship in May 2007. It will never speak to me in the same way that my other stories do, but I’m proud I wrote it.

Shuggie.: What categories are most of your stories in? Is there a particular reason for this catagory? What kind would you never write?

Cum Girl: The majority of my stories appear in Male Domination because … well because I am an owned and collared submissive and my stories are all about my life with my Master. I do however like to put them into other categories if I feel that they justify it so you will find a number of stories in Bondage and Romantic and at least one in Masturbation. I would quite like to put them all in Slut Wife to try and boost my reader numbers but … As my stories are records of events in my life it is impossible for me to say that I am never going to write a story about ‘such and such’. However, both Master and I are very possessive and monogamous so the chance of my stories suddenly starting to appear in Group, Threesome or Slut Wife in the near future is extremely unlikely and if you are waiting for my Female Domination Trilogy then it could be a while as I am not a Switch (someone who switches between a topping and bottoming role in a sexual relationship … topping means dominant and bottoming means submissive but refers to the sexual act rather than any lifestyle choices and I don’t know why we need all these different phrases to describe the same thing). The BDSM Community seems to be very big on having lots of words that ‘nearly’ mean the same thing. BDSM itself stands for: Bondage & Discipline. Domination & Submission. Sadism & Masochism.

Shuggie.: You write in the submissive category, for those new readers to the site, can you explain what it is? And what it involves?

Cum Girl: It means never having to buy your own cigarettes. I guess I’ve managed to say that I am an owned and collared submissive a few times and I will try and explain what that means. Firstly, I am not a slave. A slave is considered to have no rights within their relationship. There is some disagreement within the BDSM community as to whether a slave retains their right to leave an abusive relationship or not. Views vary. By saying I am collared and owned, I mean that I wear His collar and accept Him as my owner (the collar is His symbol of ownership of me so I guess ‘collared and owned’ is a bit of tautology). By defining myself as a ‘submissive’ I mean that I accept Him as my Master and will obey His instructions and abide by His decisions and yes, I do consider myself as His property.

Now the fundamental difference between a submissive and a slave. I retain certain rights which have been agreed between Master and me. Most of these are small but quite important things to do with the working of our relationship and the quality of my life. However, the most important right I retain (which a slave would not have) is the right to negotiate the terms of my submission. Therefore, if I am unhappy about some aspect of our relationship then I have the right to discuss it with Him and seek a resolution. This refers to all aspects of my life and is not restricted to being sexually submissive; which if you’ve read my stories or read any of my contributions to The Agony Aunts Forum you will no doubt know I am. There are plenty of people who are either sexually submissive or enjoy being sexually submissive on occasion; my submission is about every aspect of my life.

Shuggie.: On your profile you say that you are a registered slave, for those who don't know about these things, what does it involve and how did it come about?

Cum Girl: Now you’ve slightly misread my profile their Shuggie and from my previous answer everybody is aware that I am not a slave. What I am is registered as a submissive and belonging to Master. There is a web site, www.slaveregister.com (TSR) where any submissive or slave can go and register themselves. You do not need to have a Master or a Mistress; it is a place for subs not Doms. What you then get is a Registration Number; mine is 664-807-035, and a Certificate of Registration. Obviously my registration states that I am collared and owned and belong to Master. I am very, very proud of my registration. My Certificate of Registration is one of my most prized possessions and I use my number daily for a variety of things to help remind me who I am. I would like to have my Registration Number tattooed somewhere on my body as a mark of His ownership and we have discussed that a few times. I expect that to happen at some point this year. TSR is a wonderful place.

A lot of people reading this will consider me “a bit strange” and you can be quite isolated when you can’t talk about your relationship to those near to you. I did not wake up one morning and find myself a fully fledged collared sub; I have had lots of questions and doubts along the way. On TSR those actually involved in BDSM relationships talk to each other about their real feelings, emotions and concerns. Postings are often intense and moving. It helped me a lot to work out who I was and what I wanted. Registering was my way of saying: “Yes, I am ready to do this.” I am also registered at www.informedconsent.co.uk which is the UK sister site, but that is a very different place. Mostly people go there to chat and you are more likely to have a conversation about classic children’s TV or the greatest New Romantic songs than to discuss anything to do with BDSM.

Shuggie.: Which story is your personal favourite, the one you enjoyed writing the most, and/or the one holds the best memories or feelings for you?

Cum Girl: There is a segment in ‘The joy of being Cumgirl’. entitled ‘His Voice’ where I was just sat listening to Master chatter. I love to just sit and listen to Him talk and I very quickly get lost in the sound of His voice. This was the first time it ever happened and I sat in front of Him orgasming contentedly with a huge grin across my face. That would be my favourite memory. The story I enjoyed writing the most was “Ball Gag”. It is only 500 words but at the time I hadn’t written anything for a month and was beginning to think I might not write again. I lay propped up on our bed with my ball gag in front of me and wrote a little ode to mourn its passing. It says everything that needed to be said; nothing more and nothing less. It feels complete. The story I’m most proud of is ‘Schoolgirl Cumgirl’. because it was the most difficult to write. I am uncomfortable with ‘Part 1’ because of what occurs but I feel that in ‘Part 2’ I truly captured how I felt.

Shuggie.: Have you ever gotten so turned on while writing that you had to stop to masturbate? What story was it?

Cum Girl: I am not allowed to masturbate unless instructed. The last time I masturbated was because He was at work all day and I so wanted Him to be home with me. I confessed on His return and was punished. I take my writing very seriously. I think I have improved tremendously as a writer and I am always trying to stretch myself when I write something new. It is not a time for getting lost in sexual ecstasy. However, on Christmas Eve, Master gave me a folder with all my stories in chronological order and a selection of His favourite photos of me. We curled up in an armchair together and started to read ‘Tied Up’.. I was orgasming by the end of the first page … no masturbation required … and we read through the stories one by one and I came and came and came. I wrote a little Vignette about it called ‘Stories’., so everyone can read about it.

Shuggie.: Do you write from fantasy or true stories or a combination of both? Please explain or give an example.

Cum Girl: I don’t really write stories. What I write is a literary blog.

Everything that is described in my stories is as it happened. Everything is true. It is my sexual diary of my life with my Master. There are some very, very tiny amendments but these are either to protect some details of my life that I wish to keep private or simply to make the story flow better for the reader. To give you an example in ‘Dear Master’. (which is a letter to thank Him for our weekend together), He arrives and puts His fingers straight inside me, immediately bringing me to orgasm. In the story this happened on the Friday evening, in reality it happened on the Thursday evening because He was able to stay with me an extra night, so I condensed time a little. Everything else in that story; ice dildos, wax, naked tied to a drainpipe; cumming in USC’s changing room is exactly as it happened. Sooner or later Shuggie, we need to deal with the ‘Cuming on Command’ question. I cum at His command. He says ‘cum’ and I cum. Nearly everybody at some point says: “you can’t really do that can you”. So this is my interview and I can’t see where it is going to fit into any of the questions so I am going to talk about it here. Orgasm Control is a big, big thing in the BDSM community, but mostly what is practiced is orgasm denial. This is where a sub will be given a daily list of sexual activities that they are to complete but throughout they are not to achieve orgasm; the Dom will then release them when they choose. There are loads of stories particularly of this ilk. Orgasming on Command is one of the Holy Grail’s of subdom.

One post I read said: “everybody knows somebody, who knows somebody who says they can do it, but nobody has ever met them” or something like that. Master wished us to explore it, so we both started reading posts on the subject. The main response was that x might have done it once or maybe twice but that it wasn’t really possible. Then Master found a post where a Dom talked very casually; so casually that you knew it was true; describing what he and his slave did and I found a post where a sub described a ‘countdown method’ that her Dom used. That was it. We went to bed. He started at 10 and I came on 0. We did it again and again and again and every time He got to 0 I came. We did it with Him sexually stimulating me and with Him just whispering in my ear. He got me to countdown myself and I came on 0. It was Pavlovian Conditioning of my body. Since then He has largely dispensed with countdowns and uses a single command word; usually ‘cum’. He also uses non-verbal instruction; a squeeze of my wrist is the normal one. One evening I had to cum on the word ‘Master’ and then couldn’t stop afterwards and continued to cum every time I uttered that word. I have ‘cum’ from a text instruction, stood in pubs, in the checkout queue at Tesco’s, and in a crowded car. He commands me daily and I cum for Him as He commands. So, I am very committed to writing the truth in my ‘stories’. I have an unusual and interesting life which I don’t need to exaggerate and if I start making things up then who knows what is the truth and what is fiction.

Shuggie.: Are the characters in your story based on real people, did you make them up, or are they a combination of both?

Cum Girl: There is Cum Girl. There is Master. We are both very real.

Shuggie.: What parts of "Yourself" do you put into your characters?

Cum Girl: What you read in the stories is me, or as much of me as I feel that I can share.

Shuggie.: If there was one trait you could take from one of your characters in your stories, and put it in place in your real life, what would it be and why?

Cum Girl: The Cum Girl in the ‘stories’ is me at my best. I can only write when I am centered and happy and obviously what I write about are the experiences I’ve had that continue to amaze me. The stories celebrate my relationship with Master. Unfortunately, I am not always a happy person, I lack confidence, I get scared easily, I worry that all this happiness is going to be taken away from me. Sometimes Cum Girl is a 5ft 1” redheaded ball of fury and anger and definitely not a pleasure to her Master. I wish I could be the me in the ‘stories’ all the time.

Shuggie.: How long does it take for you to write a complete story? How does the process go?

Cum Girl: I could talk for hours about story writing Shuggie, and probably will but don’t worry because I’m not going to have a lot to say about masturbation later on. Generally I write two different types of stories; short stories of approx 1,700 to 4,000 words and Vignettes of 500 to 1,000 words. So I’m going to start by explaining why that is.

I wrote two stories back to back, ‘Spanked’. and ‘School Girl Cum Girl’.that were both very difficult. ‘Spanked’. is two stories covering the same evening attempting to show two different perspectives and it was very hard trying to show the similarities and the differences whilst keeping the story moving along and interesting. Spanking itself is a largely repetitious act, so the challenge of describing it happening for a whole evening was always going to be difficult. ‘School Girl Cum Girl’. is the most complicated piece of writing I’ve ever attempted. It is a monologue, part internalized, part spoken. However through that monologue you have to describe the actions of both Master and Cum Girl, any dialogue between them and the internalized emotions and physical sensations that I was experiencing. It was extremely challenging to write which is why I’ve shied away from writing Part Three.

At the end of those two stories I was emotionally and creatively exhausted. I didn’t write a word for a month and couldn’t face starting a new story. Then Master suggested the idea of Vignettes. This was perfect as there were lots of moments in my life that I’d wanted to write about that didn’t justify a full story (Tax Disc for example is about five minutes of my life) and now I could see how to write about them. This is how the writing process works for me.

I have a story list usually with a half a dozen different experiences I want to write about. I wait and usually the words and the voice will start to form in my head. My stories don’t use the same voice all the time, sometimes it is distant from me (like a 3rd person narrator) and sometimes it is right deep down inside me, sometimes it is playful, sometimes emotional, and sometimes serious. Finding the right voice for the story is often the hardest part. Once I know the voice it’s going to be written in, the words start to tumble into place. For a full story I will probably know the first two paragraphs word for word before I start to write. Many of the Vignettes just move directly from my head to the written paper. I can’t write on the computer; I write in my writing pad, usually lying on our bed. I write the words just as they appear in my mind. I don’t worry about punctuation or sentence construction or trying to do anything clever. Vignettes I can usually write in an hour, short stories take longer. I once wrote four Vignettes in a day, whilst ‘Cumming on Command’. took forever and ever. Only once have I not completed a story once I’ve started it. Sometime later Master and I will sit down and He will read and I will type. We do a basic edit together and then I print it off. I will then sit and read it on paper and make notes and scribble all over it before amending it on the computer. We will then go through it together line by line. Sometimes that is all it takes, sometimes we get to the end and know it isn’t right and I have to go away and work out what needs to be changed. ‘Cumming on Command’. was the worst example of this and went through endless rewrites and even then never seemed to be quite right. In the end I gave up on it and published what I had. Then I submit and have the anxious 24 hour wait before the first feedback comes in.

Shuggie.: How do you come up with your story titles?

Cum Girl: I don’t try to do anything clever with the titles. They have a reference word or two on my ‘to be written’ story list and that rarely changes. Occasionally the writing will suggest the title which happened with ‘Tremulous’.. “The Joy of Being Cum Girl” was originally going to be called “20 Orgasms” but unfortunately I got bored after eight and “8 Orgasms” didn’t have quite the same ring.

Shuggie.: What is the hardest part of writing a story?

Cum Girl: Editing is hell. Forget what I said about the voice. Editing is the worst bit.

Shuggie.: Have you ever done research for a part of a story you didn’t have any knowledge about or maybe for a sex scene?

Cum Girl: Everything in the ‘stories’ I did, so no research required.

Shuggie.: Romantic escape. If you had a chance to take your significant other anywhere? where would it be? and how would you make it a break that they would never forget?

Cum Girl: Castles. I love castles. Huge castles with huge rooms. I would take my Master to a very big castle with a log fire and a four poster bed. We would explore and get lost. I took Him away for His birthday and we stayed in a castle tower in North Wales. It was most definitely a weekend I’ll never forget and I hope that someday soon I’ll write a nice little story about it.

Shuggie.: what best defines your life? fancy restaurant with champagne and roses or cuddles up on the sofa with a video and bottle of wine? something else?

Cum Girl: I love being taken out, being wined and dined, being ensconced in a dimly lit restaurant with candles burning on the table. A romantic tete a tete for two is delightful. Unfortunately circumstances often dictate otherwise but I am very happy cuddled on the sofa or curled up by His feet whilst He plays with my hair and strokes my neck.

Shuggie.: Do you have any secret stories you don’t want to publish for the public? Do you publish your stories on other sites besides EroticStories.com and if so, why? Have you ever been published on paper?

Cum Girl: I would dearly love to be published on paper. My ultimate ambition is for there to be a published book with some small piece in it written by me that I can keep on my bookshelf at home. Then I can take it down from time to time and say: “Look, see, I am a published author.” So if there is anybody out there who wants to publish literary blogs by a collared submissive then drop me a line. Since I started writing on EroticStories.com I have stopped publishing elsewhere. I very much enjoy being part of this site and feel at home here. I have one story I probably won’t publish; it is called “Goodbye?” and was written when I was on the verge of leaving Master and being Cum Girl no more. It has no sex in it. It is 1700 words of emotion, pain and indecision. I wrote it for myself, thought I might publish it to show the other side of me but in the end decided that it felt too personal. It will stay on my computer for now. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day.

Shuggie.: When you receive negative comments do you just ignore them, build from them, or let it put a negative image over the story itself, and let it hinder your writing?

Cum Girl: Generally I build from them. The first feedback I ever got praised the story but criticized my use of ampersands. At the time I had no idea what an ampersand was (it’s the symbol &) so I dutifully went and changed them all. My next story was criticized for its failure to maintain a single tense in its descriptive writing (I was switching from the present to the past tenses) the next one for grammar misuse. This feedback, plus Mr Paperclip’s helpful hints have made me a better writer and I am always grateful for insightful commentary. On the other hand I am always prepared to defend my writing if I feel I have been unfairly criticized, and am happy to explain what I was attempting to convey if I feel the reader has misunderstood the essence of the story. Readers are entitled to their opinions.

Another author did give one of my stories a 1 vote and commented “this is a sick big fat 1” so I took the time to read her latest offering; I found her moral code disgusting and her standard of writing abysmal but hey she’s entitled to express her view … and anyway I’m in the Top 100 and she is never ever going to be. The thing that does annoy me is people who vote but never write to you. There is somebody who reads every single one of my stories within 48 hours of them being published and always gives them a 5 or 6 vote. Why? I don’t mind the vote but if you think that I can do better as a writer please tell me how I can improve. As an author I do really like to hear from readers; I like receiving feedback whether it is positive or negative (but please be gentle because I take criticism personally).

Shuggie.: Do you also enjoy reading erotic stories? Which categories do you enjoy the most? Do you like true stories or fantasies?

Cum Girl: Honestly? No I don’t really enjoy them. I don’t enjoy sitting at my computer reading. I find it difficult to concentrate. I much prefer reading on paper. I’m very sorry Art; this is a fabulous site and I’m proud to be on here, but I’m not much of a reader. I am very exacting in my standards and it doesn’t take much for me to be disappointed so I often don’t get much past the first couple of paragraphs. Erotic fiction does have a tendency to use lots of clichés, so if you open by telling me that her name is Debbie, she’s a 19 year old cheerleader or a 37 year old MILF, who is 5ft 7” with strawberry blond hair and 36C breasts then I’m gone. There are some excellent writers on this site. Writers who think about the writing as much as the content, but unfortunately they mostly write fiction and I really have a thing for true stories. Whenever I start reading a story the question I’m always asking is: “Did they do this?” What I do enjoy reading are Blogs, especially those from the BDSM Community. They are often informative, sweet, entertaining and funny. For example, I read a delightful one by a sub whose Dom bought a huge roll of Clingfilm. She mocked him for his lack of household nouse only to find that the item to be wrapped was her. They can also be terribly moving as you know that the emotional pain, doubts etcetera isn’t contrived for literary purposes. I also enjoy the casual way they are generally written; it shows people happy and comfortable with their lives. I like that.

Shuggie.: Do you vote on other author's stories? How do you decide what score to give when you do?

Cum Girl: Generally, I will only read another authors work if we have exchanged ESmail. I consider it common courtesy that if an author has read your work and written to you about it then you should take the time to read something of theirs. I always try to be considerate of the author’s feelings when voting on stories. I appreciate the amount of work it takes to produce a story and that all the authors on this site are amateurs and that they have taken the time and effort to produce the story I’ve read. My vote always reflects this.

Shuggie.: Do you send other author’s comments or feedback on their stories?

Cum Girl: If I am voting on a story I will always provide some feedback along with it. I try to ensure that my feedback is positive and encouraging. I don’t criticize other authors; I might suggest where improvements can be made. I have been asked on a few occasions to look over stories and provide feedback prior to publication, which I am always happy to do (time allowing). I approach this as I would a draft copy of one of my own stories and apply the same standards. I have to be very careful not to “Cum Girl ise” it. I have quite a distinctive voice and writing style and I have to make sure that when looking at someone else’s story that I don’t try to re-write it the way I would have written it. My feedback tends to be very detailed and authors often receive a return draft covered in red. Sorry, but if you ask me for comments that is what you can expect.

Shuggie.: Do you have a favorite author on ES? What makes them your favorite?

Cum Girl: Now that’s a silly question Shuggie. I’m my favourite author. The best story I ever read was about a sub that was having a rendezvous with a Dom. It was excellent throughout, but about half way through he collars her and her description just blew me away. I have tried so many times to find the words to explain how that moment feels and never ever seem to be able to capture it. She had and although the story itself was fiction I had no doubt that at some point in her life she had been down on her knees with her Master fixing his collar round her neck. Sadly, I don’t remember the Author’s name or the story title, but it was fabulous. As you will now know from my previous replies, I have not read many authors work. There are nearly 6,000 authors on ES and I’m sure that many of them deserve recognition. However, I should single out my good, good friend (dark, dark, dark) KristenS. Her writing is always excellent and like me she has her own distinctive voice … and she’s my friend, she has the top bunk in our cell because she’s just that little bit taller than me and will make me eat my meals out of a bowl on the floor if I don’t mention her.

Shuggie.: Collaboration? would you like to write with another author on this site? if so Who? and what would the story be about?

Cum Girl: All my stories are collaborations as Master is heavily involved in the writing process once the 1st draft is completed and in the case of “Spanked: Master’s Version” He wrote the 1st draft. I would quite enjoy collaborating with Dirk Diggler. Dirk and I have exchanged the occasional ESmail over the months and I have read a few of his stories. I admire his writing style which because of its minimalism is the exact opposite of my own which tends towards lengthy repetition. Our subject matter is also diametrically opposed; Dirk writing ‘slut wife’ fictions whilst mine are ‘male domination’ true lives. So Cum Girl meets Dirk Diggler; what could be more interesting than that?

Shuggie.: I see that you are one of the agony aunts for the forum on the website; firstly could you explain what it is? how did this come about? and do you enjoy the role of being an agony aunt?

Cum Girl: As I understand it, the idea for an ‘Agony Aunt Forum’ came from Naughty Miranda who approached Art. I hope this isn’t going to shock our readers Shuggie, but Authors talk to each other and there are little Author cliques hidden away out of sight. Miranda, Jenny (Swallows), Kristen and I are all MySpace friends and have little conversations both on ES and there. KristenS and I have a lot of commonality in our writing and are good friends, we keep in touch and chat once in a while by IM when our schedules and the international time difference allow. So, the way I understand it, Miranda needed some names for Art, KristenS recommended me to Miranda, Miranda asked me and I said “yes” and if that isn’t how it happened then I’ve no idea how I became an Agony Aunt. I think the idea for the ‘Agony Aunt Forum’ was to provide a place where site members could come and ask questions and there would be five Aunts/Voices available to provide their views.

I don’t think any of us had any idea what it would be like before we started, had no idea what we’d be asked, or if we’d be asked anything at all. What I’ve been really impressed about is the way that other people have got involved. If you post a question there you are not just asking the Agony Aunts for their views, you are asking the whole community. A number of users have made plenty of valuable contributions to the Forum; you Shuggie, PaleHeat, Indulger2005 and my very good friend LeeR have all added excellent advice.

I have been enjoying my Agony Aunt responsibilities tremendously and I hope that is reflected in my individual answers and my overall contribution to the forum.

Shuggie.: What is it like to discuss some of the grittier side of sex as an agony aunt? Do you enjoy working with the other agony aunts? what do you feel you all bring to this project? and do you think the readers will get to see a side of you that they don't through your poetry?

Cum Girl: I really, really hope they see a different side of me to that shown through my poetry, because if they’re reading my poetry they are in a very strange alternative reality. So Shuggie, would you like me to be Jenny for this question or should we change that word. Right I’ll start this answer again. I think the idea of having five Agony Aunts was to ensure that there was a breadth of experience and views. There is not much point in having five voices all saying the same thing. My life and my experiences give me a very different perspective from the other Aunts and I hope that is reflected in my responses. I feel strangely liberated when I log in to the Agony Aunt Forum.

My writing is very precious to me for so many reasons and every story I submit has to be factually correct, emotionally correct and of a good literary standard. None of those things apply in the forum. In the forum I can let my hair down and play a little. I think that some readers would regard my life as a very serious affair where I spend all my time either being sexually used for Master’s pleasure or trussed and left in a corner till He has a use for me again. Actually, our relationship is very lighthearted, we are very comfortable with who we are and don’t take ourselves overly seriously. If Master wants me trussed and bound in the corner that is delightful, but more often He prefers to have His Cum Girl pouring the wine and delighting Him with her ready supply of witty anecdotes. Okay, I’m not really a witty anecdote sort of person but I think you get the picture. It is this lighter, more relaxed, playful Cum Girl that generally appears in my ESmail and is the tone I use in the forum.

The ‘grittier side of sex’ … bring it on Shuggie … I think it’s a bit late for me to play the startled vestal virgin now.

Shuggie.: When you read a story do you: A. Touch yourself and come around the same time one of the characters do? B. Touch yourself but wait for the end to come? C. Touch yourself but wait until after you finish the story to come, such as after going to bed? D. Not touch yourself until you are finished and then continue thinking about the story and come? E. Any other variation you may do? (Please tell us what it is)

Cum Girl: I think we’ve pretty much covered my reading preferences and the fact that I don’t masturbate unless instructed so this is a fairly redundant question. I could tell you about cumming as He reads to me but that is all about Master’s voice and the way it resonates through my body shaking me to my core.

Shuggie.: Do you enjoy the visual side of erotica, as in porn movies or pictures? If so, do you have any favorites?

Cum Girl: I think this is the perfect place to differentiate between erotica and porn. On occasion Master has instructed me to find pictures that I find intriguing or arousing or has given me a selection of pictures and told me to select my favourites and explain why. My preference is for full body black and white photographs usually with some form of BDSM referencing such as blindfolds, corsetry, light bondage or submissive positions. I do not like explicit photography, especially that showing close ups of genitalia or BDSM scenes. I prefer my erotica to be gentle, subtle, artistic and to leave lots to the viewer’s imagination; porn is generally the antithesis of this.

Shuggie.: Do you remember the first pornography you ever saw? Tell us about it?

Cum Girl: I was 14 at the time and on my way home from school with a couple of girl friends when one of my friend’s elder brother stopped their car and gave us a lift to their flat (which was on the way home). I remember being sat on the sofa in the front room and the brother’s flat mate putting this porn video on. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know where to put myself and left as soon as I possibly could. Don’t ask me what the film was about; it is something I have deleted from my memory.

Shuggie.: Have you ever participated in erotic photography? If so, please tell us about it. If not, would you rather be the photographed or the photographer? would you participate in video?

Cum Girl: I would always rather be the photographer than the photographed but that is no longer my decision to make. I am getting increasingly used to Master taking my photograph and always try to complete His instructions to the best of my ability. Some evenings He has me pose for a variety of shots in a specified outfits, some evenings He just photographs me as He uses me. Though I continue to feel awkward and embarrassed about this, I am always eager to see the results (though usually I peek through my fingers as He views them on the computer). Master’s camera was also able to film 3 minute movies and could record a total of 9 minutes of film before the memory card was full. He has used that to make a few short films of me at various times. Obviously 9 minutes is rather restrictive so I bought Him a video camera for Christmas so that He may make longer movies. I am both entranced and appalled at watching myself on video but generally the entrancement wins over and it is lovely to sit with Master and enjoy everything all over again. And no, don’t write and ask me for a copy of any of them because you are not going to get one. There, I think I’ve made that clear.

Shuggie.: What do you wear to bed? Do you dress for sex? or go to bed au natural?

Cum Girl: I wear my collar to bed. Master bought me a beautiful diamante permanent collar for Christmas which I wore continuously for about a month but I seem to have some form of allergic reaction to the metal. So once again, I am wearing my black leather ‘dog collar’ with studs. I have had this since March/April 2007 and it has shaped itself to my neck. It is extremely comfortable to wear and I feel incomplete without it. Master collars me each evening and there it remains until I get up in the morning to go to work. Once in a while Master will leash me to the bed head and occasionally my wrists or ankles may also be bound. I am not allowed to wear any clothing to bed; unless specifically instructed.

Shuggie.: Do your sex life and writing have any correlation with each other??

Cum Girl: I think I’ll just go with a “Yes” on this one Shuggie.

Shuggie.: is there anything that you have written about in a story that you would love to try in real life? if so what? and why?

Cum Girl: Everything I’ve written about in my ‘stories’ is exactly as I tried them in real life.

Shuggie.: How would you rate your willingness to try new things in bed?

Cum Girl: Low to moderate. In the last year I have experienced the following, all of which were new to me: Butt Plugs, Vibrating Eggs, Gags, Bondage, Spreader Bars, Public Display, Ice Dildos, Wax Play, Spanking, Cropping, Flogging, Asphyxiation, Orgasm Control, Various Insertions, Breast Torture, Pussy Torture and probably quite a few things I’ve can’t think of at this moment. So I guess low to moderate pretty much sums it up.

Shuggie.: What’s the kinkiest thing you have done in your life?

Cum Girl: I don’t know Shuggie. What is kinky? Is it kinky to be lead naked, collared and leashed around the village you live in beneath the stars? Is it kinky to stand in a crowded pub and cum because He has commanded it? Is it kinky to find yourself naked, tied to a drainpipe, covered in wax and cum as the sun comes up? Is it kinky to slobber your obedience over His feet and cum from the sheer pleasure of doing it? Is it kinky to be tied and spread with a butt plug in your arse and a vibrator buzzing in your pussy whilst you cum helplessly? Is it kinky to be cropped or spanked or flogged and cum from the pleasure of it? Is it kinky to have Him press His fingers into a bruise and to cum repeatedly from the pain? Is it kinky to want a cage to sleep in when I’ve misbehaved? I am who I am. I accept who I am. I accept how I want my life to be. I don’t consider myself to be kinky. I don’t consider my sex life to be kinky. Kinky is a subjective judgment.

Shuggie.: Do you put you partner’s preferences first? Your own? or a combination of both? How far would you go to please your partner sexually?

Cum Girl: The simple answer here is that I am a submissive and that I always put Master’s preferences first; and that is true. But a D/s relationship is somewhat more complicated than that. My objective, my mission statement if you prefer business parlance is “to be a pleasure to Him”. In our sexual relationship I will always aim to achieve that. Coupled with that is the fact that I have no say in what we do, when we do it or how we do it (not completely true because I can say “No”, though I rarely do) so He is completely free to use me for His pleasure; which He does. However, a D/s relationship is symbiotic and if I didn’t get something out of it why would I want to do it in the first place. I have needs that would not be fulfilled in a ‘vanilla’ relationship. I have a need to be used, a need to be abused, a need to be cared for, a need to be loved, a need to be cherished, a need to be humiliated, a need to be amazing, a need to be worthless. Master understands my needs and makes sure that I get to feel all of those things at the right times, in the right ways and in the right quantities. He must constantly manage our lives on behalf of both of us. So whilst I very much put His preferences first, I know that He is ensuring that my preferences are being more than adequately fulfilled (mind blowingly so).

Shuggie.: Do you have any fantasies that you would like to fulfill?

Cum Girl: I recently wrote a short story about this in response to this exact question on the Agony Aunt Forum; it is called (Not So) Forbidden Fantasies. Just for the record the fantasies I explored were: Being recognised.

Living by The Code d' Odalisque

Being caged

Secured and used in a box

Being a ponygirl

Public display in the town I live in

Performing before an audience

Having a girl fucktoy to use for His and my pleasure

Meeting my ES friend Lee

The list wasn’t exhaustive and the story itself had some deeper meanings that were meant to hint at the things that are important to me. I subsequently posted an explanation as an addition to the story.

Shuggie.: Do you feel your sex life has improved with age? if so, how? and is there still room for improvement?

Cum Girl: I think my sex life has improved through meeting the right person for me and through understanding my own desires better. Master understands my needs, He takes care to ensure that I am fulfilled; He shows me inordinate love, care and attention. It is this happiness that I think has lead to my sex life being what it now is; i.e. fantastic. Sexual relationships shouldn’t stand still. There is so much that I have done that has been new to me in the last year. Plenty of those things I would love to do again and again and again. I have particularly found that when you open a door, when you enter a new room, explore a new experience, what you find is that there is another door staring you in the face with a door handle begging for you to use it. Not doubt Master will want to see what happens when we enter some of those rooms and I hope that I will be confronted with yet more amazing sexual experiences.

Shuggie.: Do you have any funny stories of has anything strange happened during sex that you would like to share with your readers.

Cum Girl: It is a quiet evening and Master and Cum Girl are relaxing in their front room. It is a cold and frosty and I have prepared a fire which is now blazing away warming the room. I have lit candles and we are snuggled on the rug, warmed by the fire, lit by candles and enjoying a chilled glass or two of white wine. Now, in such perfect surroundings it is natural that Master’s hands would begin to explore Cum Girl’s body and that after a little time her clothing might become an encumbrance and that Master might instruct her to remove them. And once He had explored that body for a little while might His attention not turn to the plentitude of candles burning brightly along the fireplace. Surely He would notice the molten wax pooled in the tops of these candles and consider how pretty His Cum Girl would look covered in droplets of wax. As the droplets of wax splatter across her body, surely Cum Girl would writhe in pleasure and wriggle to avoid the sharp pain as the hot wax hits her flesh and it would be necessary for Master to grab her by the wrists and try to hold her still as he trickled the hot wax across her body. The fall of the wax is incessant and Master moves the candle closer to Cum Girl’s body so that now she can feel the heat of the flame as well as the burning sensations across her torso. She wriggles, trying to get away, but only succeeds in exposing new flesh for the wax to splash across. Cum Girl is orgasming, out of control, her body shuddering with pleasure and pain. She is bucking uncontrollably, wax splattering across her unbelievably sensitive shoulders, her head comes up, her breath trapped in her throat, her eyes wide, she is going to …

Fuck … my hair … put it out … put it out … my hair.

The hair I have been growing for so long for Him burning like the thatch on a cottage. I was a very, very, very angry wax covered Cum Girl. Fortunately the damage wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t long before Master and I were laughing about it. Twenty minutes later Master had a new candle and I was back on the floor writhing in ecstasy as the hot wax once again scorched my skin.

Shuggie.: What do you think about solo sex?

Cum Girl: Is this another masturbation question, Shuggie? Solo sex is fine. I have very much enjoyed having solo sex at many points in my life, but not any longer. If I masturbate it is because He has instructed me to. I have a nice little story about this called ‘Masturbation Training’. which covers this topic rather well, so why not give it a read.

Shuggie.: Threesome, foursome or more, Does the whole group thing turn you on or off? would you share a bed with more than one? if so in what circumstances would it happen?

Cum Girl: “Master does not wish to share His Cum Girl and Cum Girl does not wish to be shared”. I’ve said that quite a few times, so it has become a bit of a mantra. Nevertheless the core sentiment is 100% true. We are very happy with each other, very committed to each other, very devoted. Neither of us has any desire to be involved in any group activities. I have written two segments where another woman is brought to our bed, but these are very much fantasies and I know that I would feel far too threatened and vulnerable to ever want this in reality.

Shuggie.: What are your favourite; and least favourite positions?

Cum Girl: I love pretty much everything He does to me and couldn’t possibly choose a favourite position (though I’m fairly certain that I should be saying ‘The Obedience Position’ as the answer). I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with being left. Sometimes it can be fabulous to be tied and left and just have to await His return; anticipation is always a major turn on. Sometimes, however, it goes wrong and I feel deserted. The example that springs to mind was He left me on all fours, wrists tied to the bed, ankles in a spreader bar, butt plug in my arse, vibrator in my pussy, gagged and blindfolded. I was cumming and cumming but gradually it all became too much, so I tried to push the gag out of my mouth, but couldn’t, tried to push the butt plug and vibrator out, but He’d secured them with rope around my waist. Gradually, I got increasingly dissatisfied with my situation so that upon His return He discovered a very grumpy Cum Girl indeed.

Shuggie.: Anal sex, Turn on or turn off?

Cum Girl: I think I was very turned on by it late last night,

Shuggie.: Fetishes. is there a particular fetish that inspires you? something you would love to try? something that you would avoid at all costs?

Cum Girl: I love rope. I love being tied. I love the variety of ways I can be secured, the multitude of positions that He can place me in. I love to be exposed, helpless and vulnerable. Anything that builds on that; gags, blindfolds, corsets, spreader bars; all gets a huge ‘thumbs up’ from me. I can’t think of anything that I am desperate to try; mostly I am just happy to follow Him. I can’t see me ever wanting to experience the more extreme forms of BDSM. My pain threshold is very low and I certainly wouldn’t enjoy extended torture of any part of my body … and I hate gimp suits and straight jackets; none of that thank you.

Shuggie.: Do you believe in one night stands?

Cum Girl: I have had a few one night stands in my life before Master and they gave me what I wanted at the time, so the answer is “Yes”.

Shuggie.: What makes you feel sexy? What would you do to look sexier for your partner?

Cum Girl: Master makes me feel sexy. He dictates how He wishes His Cum Girl to be and she is delighted to do as He desires. I have a strict dress code as I am to be presentable and available at all times, so; no underwear, heels, overknee socks or hold ups, skirt or dress above the knee, and tops that may be unfastened to reveal my breasts without having to be removed. Additionally my pubic region is to be kept naked, I’ve had my nipples pierced for Him, I am growing my hair as He wishes to be able to tie me by it and later this year I will have my TSR registration number tattooed on my arse. Being Cum Girl, being a pleasure to Him, makes me feel incredibly sexy.

Shuggie.: What makes someone sexy to you?

Cum Girl: I did think about writing ‘rough and ready’ but that isn’t really accurate. Master is stylish and sophisticated and unbelievably sexy. I am attracted by a sense of danger and a feeling of unpredictability. I like it that I have no control and that almost anything could happen and there is nothing I can do about it. The first time that Master and I ever had any sexual relations, whilst we were still just friends, I ended up with a swollen lip from where He’d bitten it, a mouthful of cum I hadn’t wanted or expected and blood dripping from my pussy where He’d cut me with His finger nails. This was my nice, pleasant, well mannered, well spoken friend who was suddenly something very, very different and I didn’t know what to expect from Him, and still don’t to this day. He was and still is incredibly sexy. What more could I possibly wish for?

Question Dressed or undressed? What inspires you the most? Revealing with the promise of something? or naked with nothing left to the imagination?

Cum Girl: I’m very big on dressed. I love leather and Master has a fantastic leather jacket that I love the feel and smell of. Leather trousers would be good, leather underwear, leather corsets, dresses; skirts, leather, leather, leather … I think you get the idea. Master also has a long black Edwardian style frock coat that He wears with shiny black winkle picker shoes. It makes Him look very … well, masterful and I am delighted to be lead around with Him looking like Master and me tripping behind in my heels and short skirts looking like the Cum Girl that I am.

Shuggie.: What is a major turn on for you during sex?

Cum Girl: In our sexual relationship I am always the centre of attention and that for me is an incredible turn on. Everything revolves around what He is going to do to me, how He is going to use me, what He expects of me right there and right then. This might sound strange from a submissive, but it is all about me. Last night, for example, we were to spend some time reviewing my answers to this interview. We had a bottle of wine and were going to sit in front of the computer and go through this line by line. In order to do this He instructed me to get my collar, a gag, some rope and to change out of my pinafore dress into a top. I returned wearing a waistcoat, overknee socks and heels and He tied my ankles to the outside of my chair leaving me totally exposed. I was collared, my bit gag sat on the computer table before us, He photographed me, we reviewed my answers, He played with my hair, caressed my thighs, stroked my naked pubis and then He fucked me with His fingers till I had soaked the chair and was breathless with pleasure. Then we had coffee and went to bed. He places me at the centre of His world. He makes me feel sexy and important and wonderful. What could be more of a turn on than that?

Shuggie.: What is a major turn off for you during sex?

Cum Girl: I’d need to think about this question Shuggie.

I’m still thinking about it.

Still thinking about it.

No, nothing is coming to mind.

Shuggie.: Sex-talk. Do you like or dislike talking during sex?

Cum Girl: I love sex-talk. Master often has a lot to say during sex and often requires me to say a lot as well. It probably isn’t your normal sex-talk, but it certainly works for me. Asking for permission to cum is a massive turn-on. Often I will cum simply from being made to ask, even if I wasn’t about to cum. Master will sometimes have me endlessly repeat the same phrase over and over again; “this slave is sorry” was one I had to repeat once when I had misbehaved and the thought of me as His slave and how badly I’d behaved pretty much sent me wild. Master talks a lot about me; my breasts, my nipples, how wet I am, and I really, really love every word.

Shuggie.: In bed or on the kitchen table?

Cum Girl: Is this really a question or a statement. Yes, in bed or on the kitchen table. Cum Girl is expected to be ready and available for Master’s pleasure at all times … and she is.

Shuggie.: Have you ever had sex in a public place? Where is the most interesting place you have had sex? Would you like to try sex in public?

Cum Girl: Yes I have, and being tied to my favourite tree was probably the most memorable; it was certainly the coldest. For me, it depends a little on what your definition of sex is; I regularly cum with little or no physical contact beyond a kiss, the touch of His breath across my face, or being held in His arms. I can do this without any direct sexual stimulation and there have been many, many occasions where He has whispered ‘cum’ into my ear and I have been delighted to fulfill His instruction regardless of where we are, but I covered a lot of this earlier.

Shuggie.: What is your favourite or most memorable moment in bed?

Cum Girl: You know that moment where you are warm and snuggled down beneath the duvet, the feel of Master’s arms wrapped around me, my eyes just closing down and then sleep. That is my favourite moment in bed. Bliss. I really can’t tell you how much I enjoy sleeping.

Shuggie.: Is there anybody on this site, who you would like to see interviewed? Why?

Cum Girl: Actually Shuggie the person I would most like to see interviewed on this site is YOU. You have a substantial canon of work, you contribute both as an interviewer and as a forum regular, you have lots of interesting experiences and I feel that if anybody deserves an interview it is you. And if there is nobody available to interview you then I would be more than happy to offer my services.

Shuggie: You see, I can’t really interview myself, but I’m sure that if I got a proposition that was too good to refuse then I’m sure that I would be more that happy to let someone delve into the Abyss that is my mind, now there’s a thought five lovely agony aunts, naked in front of me asking all sorts of weird and wonderful questions about sex…..oh well I can dream…..now where was I?

Shuggie.: what is more important to you? a good story with a little sex? a story full of sex with almost no story? or a mixture of both?

Cum Girl: I don’t care how hot a sex scene you are writing about, if you can’t find the words to convey it then it won’t work. The story and more particularly the quality of the writing is the most important thing. As a reader I really have to be interested in the characters and their situation and that only happens for me if the author is capable of taking me inside the story. Beyond that it doesn’t matter to me, the story can have a lot of sex or hardly any at all.

Shuggie.: Pet hates, is there any particular traits that annoy you when reading stories? what do you enjoy about other stories? is there any way that writers can improve their stories on this site?

Cum Girl: Time to get on my hobby horse; time for me to rant about non-consensual tales in all their various forms. Below is something I posted on The Agony Aunts Forum it pretty much sums up how I feel. “I'm going to take the time to explain why I have a problem with this type of storyline. I hope you've all realised by now that I am a submissive and part of the BDSM Community.

I started publishing my 'stories' because I grew increasingly angry at how people like me were portrayed in BDSM erotic fiction. Most of it is male fantasies where a usually successful woman is taken and degraded and degraded until she is no more than a piece of meat to be used by all and sundry. Often the stories are misogynistic, usually they involve some form of compliance device and at some point the woman has to start to enjoy it ... otherwise it would just be a torture story (and what red bloodied male wants to admit that is what they really wanted from the start). I am not suggesting Anonymous that your story is any of these things, but for me the word ‘consensual’ is very important in all erotic fiction and in sexual relationships. My hackles immediately start to rise whenever I feel that the act of consent is undermined. In my life I consent to things that without my consent would be considered as assault. I consent because it is what I want. I know all this isn't really about your story or your question; I just felt the need to explain myself a little. As an author writing fiction you have enormous power. You can have your characters do as you please, so let me ask you ... do you need the Viagra at all?”

Shuggie.: Do you have any advice or tips on writing that you wish to share with any budding authors?

Cum Girl: There are four pieces of general advice I would like to give.

Read as much as you can. Read lots of different published authors and pay attention to how they use words, sentences, paragraphs and dialogue. Sometimes when I read I find my breath taken away by the sheer beauty of the language used. Even ‘pulp fiction’ is often incredibly well written and you will often find prose diamonds in unexpected places.

Find your ‘voice’ as a narrator. It is important that you believe in what you are writing, whether fiction or true life. If it isn’t you, if it doesn’t ring true to you, if you don’t believe in the characters, the plot, the dialogue or the sex then the chances are that nobody else will either.

Think of your story as a present. Presents are made more special by being wrapped, tied with ribbon and with a nice hand written tag. The act of opening a present can be almost as enjoyable as the present itself. I use quite a few ‘tricks’ to wrap up my stories to make the unraveling more enjoyable. If you read some of the stories, why don’t you see if you can spot the ‘tricks’? Then write to me about them.

The first and last paragraphs are always the most important and you should pay particular attention to what goes in them and their construction. You should grab the reader at the start and leave them feeling that the story is complete (but still wishing for more).

See Shuggie, I did say I could talk about writing for ages and ages.

Shuggie.: You are #87 on the “Top 100 favourite authors” list. How does it feel to know that 89 people have marked you as one of their favourite authors?

Cum Girl: I do hope this is updated for publishing. I feel extremely honoured that anyone takes the time to read my ‘stories’. It is incredibly flattering when readers give them nice votes or when they write to me and unbelievable that 89 of them have made me a ‘favourite author’. I would like to say thank you to everybody for making me feel welcome on Erotic Stories and for all the lovely things that readers have written to me since I became a part of it. I am of course totally brilliant and deserve every last piece of praise that I get (or so Master says).

Shuggie.: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview and your fans? Now is your chance...

If you have made it this far I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my interview.

Thank You.

Cum Girl: If you would like to ask me any further questions or just want to send me a comment I am always delighted to hear from people and always do my best to reply.

Cum Girl x

Be sure to read Cum Girl

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