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Billyjack's first story was published here less than a year ago, since when, he has published more than 20 tales. To begin with, who is Billyjack? Tell us a few things about you - name, age and so on.

I am Billy Jack, and I wish I could say I was 32, but truth be known, I am 58.

Q: How and when did you begin writing erotic stories?

I've always enjoyed reading, especially erotic stories. Most people tell me I have a perverted mind, while others are more kind and tell me that I have a hell of an imagination. What other than sex can a conversation last for days? So I sit back and let my imagine take me places where I would like to go.

Q: I'm sure readers have their own vision of what you look like, and who you are - how much of yourself do you include in your stories?

Almost every story I write has some truth to it, but like all writers, I add to enhance it and make it more readable and enjoyable.

Q: What is it about writing erotica that you most enjoy?

I really love to know that people read them and like them, and when I get votes and responses, whether good or bad, it pushes me to write more and better stories.

Q: Do you write from experience or fantasy? Or maybe a combination of the two?

I put in a little of each. I look back at some of the sexual experiences I've had and build on that.

Q: Is there anything you have written into a story that you would really like to try in "real life", but haven't yet been able to?

I put a lot of love into most of my stories, not just wham bam thank you ma'am. Until recently I really didn't know what love was all about, but I finally met my soul mate and now I have the joy of knowing more about what I write about.

Q: Does your partner or any of your friends know that you write? What do they think?

My best gal knows about it, but she isn't too happy about it, but she supports me because it is something I enjoy doing.

Q: How about in more general terms - how do you feel about the "outside world"'s perception of erotic writing?

I think that most people read it, but for some odd reason most deny it. All our stories are is a telling of an event, whether true or made up, and it is intended to entertain.

Q: One thing that I love about ES is that you very quickly build up a community of fans, who enjoy writing to and hearing from their favorite authors. Do you have any favorite topics that have surfaced in these "conversations"?

I have many fans write me and ask me to tell their story, or about a specific topic. I try to please them, but for some reason I can not write about male on male.

Q: How do you feel when you receive negative comments or very low votes from readers?

I try to find why they feel that way, and try to improve. Not everyone likes my stories, and I understand that, but some are just plain cruel in their comments or emails. But constructive criticism, I welcome it.

Q: What kind of stories would you never write?

I can not do male on male. It makes me feel cheap to write about something I know nothing about, nor interested in.

Q: And do you read, and respond to, other writers on the site? Who are your favorites?

Yes I do. My favorite is Jillbaby. She always manages to get the old blood pumping, among other things.

Q: Have you ever been filmed or photographed having sex?

Yes. when I was in the lifestyle we did it once. It was pretty hot, but not a good idea putting anything like it on film. It could come back one day and bite on the ass.

Q: Do you remember the first pornography you ever saw?

Wow, I've seen so many. The first was on reel to reel, no sound, except in my room. The first one I saw, my elbow was sore for a week.

Q: What's the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

I guess I am square. I like light bondage.

Q: Do you have any fantasies that you would like to fulfill?

I am living my fantasy with my best gal now.

Q: What is a major turn on for you during sex?

I love performing oral sex on a woman. My goal is always to try to get her to squirt, and I have succeeded more than not.

Q: How about a major turn off?

I guess a finger up my ass is about the only one I can think of.

Q: How do you feel about same sex relationships, both personally and as a writer?

Personally I love to watch girl on girl. Male on male is not one of my likings. I don't care what others do, but myself, I love it with me and another woman.

Q: Do you explore these feelings, positive and negative in your stories?

Yes I do. I try to put myself in the place of the character I write about. It makes it more realistic.

Q: How long does it take for you to write a story? Could you talk us through the process?

Well, normally three to five hours. I come up with a story line I would like to explore and then I let my mind wander as I type. I try to imagine it as it is happening, and how I feel, and the response from my partner.

Q: Right now, your most popular story is Write Me A Story, with an average vote of 9.59. Do you agree that this is your best? Why do you think it struck such a chord?

Wow, I was amazed that it rated so high. It was hard for me to write that one. I was proud of it when it was done, but it took a lot of imagination.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview and your fans? Now is your chance...

I would like to thank all of those who read my stories and vote and send comments. Without them, I don't think I would try to strive so hard to make them so good and hot.

Be sure to check out Billy Jack's stories.

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