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There's a lot of great pseudonyms floating around this site, but few are so... shall we say... to the point as Knob Out. A retired police officer, he's been a regular here for almost five years, since when he has posted over eighty stories. So let's begin by asking, who is Knob Out - is there anything you'd like to tell us about yourself?

I'm just an ordinary guy with a wicked sense of humour who uses this site to express my thoughts and feelings on paper so to speak and hopefully others will gain some enjoyment from me doing so. I spent the best part of my working life in the police force and had such a great time with so many varied experiences which I hope are reflected in my stories.

Q. How and when did you begin writing erotic stories?

I've always been excited by erotica in all its forms. The written word is a very powerful media which each and every reader puts their own interpretation on and see's each character in a different way for their enjoyment. I found this site whilst cruising the web and got hooked on the stories.... the rest as they say is history.

Q. Have you published anywhere other than ES.com?

No never felt the need to.

Q. How much of yourself do you include in your stories?

Difficult to answer this one. It depends on what I'm writing and why I'm writing about the particular subject. Sometimes it's from personal experiences but other times it's clearly not.... just an over active imagination most times!

Q. What is it about writing erotica that you most enjoy?

I can express my sexual thoughts and feelings through my stories. Some of the themes I've written about I've never tried and never likely to but I like to see what the reaction of the reader is going to be.

Q. You have published stories in a wide variety of categories, but First Time and Adultery do seem to turn up a lot. Would it be fair to say these are your favourite themes? Or are there others that you prefer?

I try to cover all bases in my variety of stories. First time and adultery are categories that I think hit home with most readers. The first time for anything always stays with us and our first sexual experience whether it be a fumbling in the movies or full blown intercourse never gets forgotten. The same for adultery. Having been in this situation the experience is highly erotic and can be catastrophic at the same time if you catch my drift. As for the rest well I will write about almost anything whether I have had the experience or not and just hope I get it right or near as damn it for the readers.

Q. Is there anything that happens in your stories that you would really like to try in "real life", but haven't yet been able to?

No I've tried most things along the way but hey, who knows what's round the corner right?

Q. Does your partner or any of your friends know that you write? What do they think?

Most people who know me well know I write erotica and at first they were surprised but then they put me and the writing subjects together and the surprise vanished. DOH!

Q. How about in more general terms - how do you feel about the "outside world"'s perception of erotic writing?

Most people with an open mind I'm sure do not have a problem with the subject. The people who complain still take forever to read the material before complaining about it afterwards.... this speaks volumes to me!

Q. One thing that I love about ES is that you very quickly build up a community of fans, who enjoy writing to and hearing from their favourite authors. Do you have any favourite topics that have surfaced in these "conversations"?

Apart from the ones already mentioned not really. People do contact me asking for a story on a particular subject that is dear to them and I'm only too happy to oblige.

Q. How do you feel when you receive negative comments or very low votes from readers?

These are always the downside for any writer regardless of ability. Constructive criticism is always welcome but when someone complains about the punctuation being incorrect or the theme isn't like real life then God give me strength! I think some people forget that these are stories, no more no less. Even if they are built on true experiences these are normally embellished in some way shape or form to enhance their readability. Sorry.... got on my soapbox there for a moment!

Q. What kind of stories would you never write?

Like most people I would never ever consider an erotic story concerning children. I would never write a story that I knew would hurt or cause concern for a particular person or group of people.

Q. And do you read, and respond to, other writers on the site? Who are your favourites?

I enjoy reading erotica a lot but as late can't seem to find the time to do so, but when I do I normally leave feedback. As for favourites there are just too many good writers out there to choose from.

Q. Do you remember the first pornography you ever saw?

Wow this was a long time ago! I know I was impressed with a book on De Sade when I was young but other than that my minds a blank!

Q. What's the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

Had full blown sex on the top deck of a bus one night with a girl who couldn't pay the fare so I took her body instead! I thought we were alone until several heads popped up from the back row and cheered afterwards!!!!

Q. Do you have any fantasies that you would like to fulfill?

Not really.... J.Lo and Beyonce won't return my calls anymore so they are on hold for the foreseeable future!

Q. What is a major turn on for you during sex?

I love oral sex, given and taken and could eat pussy all day.

Q. How about a major turn off?

Bad breath and body odour I reckon, other than that nothing gets in the way.

Q. How do you feel about same sex relationships, both personally and as a writer?

Whatever rocks your boat I say. As for my writing well I've written lesbian and gay stories but have never experienced either. I've always got great feedback from them so I must be doing something right.

Q. Do you explore these feelings, positive and negative in your stories?

I have never had negative feelings towards same sex relationships but when I write about the subject I try to put in to words how I might feel if it were me in the situation that I have outlined on paper.

Q. How long does it take for you to write a story? Could you talk us through the process?

A story can take me a day or a couple of months depending on my work schedule at the time. I don't have a set process for writing or even sometimes a direction to go in. I see something or someone and my mind starts ticking away and a story evolves and that's it really.

Q. Right now, your most popular story is "Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice," a steaming inter-racial tale. Do you agree that this is your best story? And why do you think it struck such a chord?

I enjoyed this story a lot not only the reception it got afterwards but the writing of it as well. Inter-racial relationships in England are still looked upon as somewhat of a taboo subject and not having had a relationship like this myself I wanted to see if I could do the subject proud. Why it struck such a cord I'm not really sure, maybe because it's still a rather risqué subject for some people.

Q. Are you happy with the rules that have been set that govern what your stories can and cannot contain?

For the most part yes. They all make sense but the age limit of 18 years for all the characters is a bit restrictive. Most people I know have experienced some sort of sexual interaction way before that and by the age of 16 years have had full blown sex. I'm not saying for one moment write about children, definitely not but to have an age of 18 for the first sexual experience is a bit too high in reality. I think consideration should be given to lowering it by a couple of years, no more than that though.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview and your fans? Now is your chance...

I cannot thank my readers and fans enough for all of their encouragement, votes and kind words over these past five years or so. Without them I wouldn't enjoy life as much as I do. I try to write from the heart and put my feelings on paper and hope the readers enjoy what I've written. I hope I've never offended anyone by what I've written and if I have I apologise. Writing anything without a response from the person who reads it is almost a waste of time so please take the time to let me know what you thought of the story.

Q. Finally, do you have a website or a blog, where your fans can visit and maybe learn more about you?

No I'm sorry no blog etc; just my e-mail which I always answer so if you've got a comment or just want to chat then please feel free to drop me a line. Thanks.

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