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The Giftthis story is part of the FanClub (mm:sci-fi/fantasy, 3022 words)

Author: Michael Gouda
Added: Jun 02 2000Views / Reads: 1079 / 817 [76%]Story vote: 8.00 (2 votes)
A Vampire on the loose... searching... searching. And the victim is willing - too willing?

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Kasimir was a stranger to the city yet in some almost instinctive way he knew it well. Although the streets were unfamiliar, the scents were recognisable and somewhere amongst them would be that which sought him out, needed him - as he needed it.

The lights from the flashing neon advertisements lit up the dark blocks of buildings with intermittent washes of red and yellow and white. A brief spatter of sooty raindrops fell from the clouds scudding across the sky. Late night passers-by stepped aside to avoid the dark caverns of doorways which were at that hour already home to the homeless poor.

Kasimir sniffed the air identifying the individual smells - take-away hot dogs, onions and chicken tikka masala. Petrol and exhaust fumes from the cars and taxis temporarily halted at the red traffic lights. Air that had been breathed in and out, used air, tired air. But it was London air and for June it was quite mild. Then one individual smell caught him and he stiffened in anticipation. So many times over the centuries, so familiar, yet always arousing as if it was the first time. Coming closer...

He saw the young man by the light of the street lamps coming towards him. Kasimir stared, taking in the thin, pale face, the brown eyes under the curved eyebrows, eyes which showed so much sadness. The young ...

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