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Karla from Workthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:one-on-one, 1905 words)

Author: Mr Will
Added: Jul 31 2002Views / Reads: 2250 / 1847 [82%]Story vote: 8.75 (4 votes)
Karla and I went on a first date. This is how easy she was.

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Karla from Work

I had met her on the job. I know all the horrors of sleeping with someone from work, but since I don't go to the bars and I never was the classic Herculean-build, I didnt have many other areas to meet attractive women.

While she sat at the central area, which housed the copy machine, time clock, and office mailboxes, I worked down the hall by the rest rooms and the break room. Our locations made it convenient for us to flirt.

Her name was Karla, and she was easy on the eyes. She was very petite, with long, straight auburn-colored hair that reached her waist. She stood 5 feet tall, and was thin with small breasts, probably a healthy A cup. She was not going to win any bikini contests, but she certainly was attractive. Her one distinctive feature was a tattoo of a strawberry on her shoulder. She certainly wasnt a stringbean, and she had shapely hips.

One conversation she initiated discussed her relative lack of experience with men. I found this hard to believe, because I certainly thought she looked exceptional. She told me how she was embarrassed when a guy ...

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