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Submission Requiredthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:male domination, 3094 words)

Author: Master's babygirl
Added: Sep 03 2002Views / Reads: 1241 / 1008 [81%]Story vote: 8.33 (9 votes)
It is a story about a girl finding her journey back into submission with her true Master. She lost a very important part of herself, and it tok the love of her friend and eventually Master to find it again.

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Submission Required

Time had passed, almost two years since she had felt the stirrings in her belly, she had long since closed that part of her away. She had refused to ever open up and be hurt like that again, but unknown to her someone had other plans for her. Submission could be the greatest gift, or the worst anguish if given to someone who is not a true Master, she learned this the hard way. Through trials and tribulations, of surrendering her submission only to have it turned against her. Her friends knew that she was submissive even though she had denied that part of herself over the years. Some even went so far to try and bring it back out but nothing ever could.

Except for one, a friend of hers she had known for a few years now, she had found out he was a Master and at times she would talk with him about it, asking him small questions here and there. You see he struck at that part buried inside her, there was something about him that made it start to scream to be awake. She tried to fight it, even when he became too busy for her. She knew he just did not have the time, he had slaves, why would he want her? A has-been, a used to be. She watched him quietly from the corner of a room, listening to him speaking with others, dominating them. Oh how she felt the stirrings of longing to be the one he was domming, but never could she find the words to tell him. So once more the beast of submission was pushed back to sleep, only this time it seemed to not hurt as bad. Was she becoming used to such ...

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