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An orgasmic Intrusionthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:bondage, 1037 words)

Author: Moi
Added: Nov 23 2002Views / Reads: 5035 / 3851 [76%]Story vote: 8.17 (12 votes)
A stranger invites themself into my bedroom and gives me a much needed release of tension. I wake up in my bed with my wrists bonded to my headboard.

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The vivid light form the evening moon shone through my sheer, lace bedroom curtains as I disrobed the day's coverings onto the carpet beneath me. This was a nightly ritual, eleven PM every night I would prepare for my slumber and await another horrifying day at the law firm I worked at-putting in long hours thus giving me no time for the social life other 25 year old women were used to.

I went into my bathroom, which was attached to my bedchamber and turned on the hot water-my only key to unlocking the stress I often carried on my shoulders. I stepped in and preceded with my ritual-lather, rinse, repeat, the water hosing the suds I had applied to my perky 34-C breasts and the rest of my petite body.

My body refreshed and my dark brown hair clinging to my shoulders, I removed myself from the bathtub and wrapped myself in the nearest towel to my grasp. I casually made my way back into my bedroom, and looked through the top drawer in my dresser. I pulled out a pair of my finest. Silk, black, panties and slid them on. My Sleeping ensemble was complete.

I stood in front of my vanity mirror in my panties and towel dried my hair-noticing a strange movement in the mirrors reflection. I turned around and glanced about the room. Everything was in its place.

I shook the hallucination from my mind and slipped into bed, covering ...

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